Calgary Cruise Calendar for 2019

The Calgary Cruise Calendar is now taken over by Quick Times magazine for 2020 and beyond. Suggest you contact them for further information through their website: or Facebook page.

The 2019 Calgary Cruise Calendar is now available online here:

Calgary Cruise Calendar (AB, BC, SK in Canada, WA,OR,IL, MT in USA)

Start planning your car show season now!

You can click on the month links or click on the “Full Adobe PDF Version” link to get the entire calendar.

Hard copies will be available soon at your regular pickup locations if they aren’t there already.

Thanks to all those that made the Calgary Cruise Calendar possible for many years.


9 thoughts on “Calgary Cruise Calendar for 2019

    • darrylsdrivein says:

      I’ve emailed to site admin for the Calgary Cruise Calendar. If you click the link for the cruise calendar pdf “CCC2019.pdf” it does bring you to the cruise calendar.

      • Quinton Slate says:

        Ok thanks it use to bring up the list for the shows before . No worries thank you for replying

  1. Chris says:

    Any idea what’s with this listing:

    Jun 31 Road Runner Roundup
    Acme AB, Wile E. 787-374-3648 7

    A date that doesn’t exist with a Puerto Rican phone #.

    • darrylsdrivein says:

      I suspect someone got the phone number wrong. I only posted the link to the calendar, I’m not part of the group that creates it.

  2. Jeff Bailey says:

    Interested in advertising a show and shine that we are having in Eatonia, SK in the Calgary Cruise Calendar. How can I do that? Can someone please contact me at 306-460-7767. Thanks, Jeff.

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