Stuff from D. March 30/08

Hi, Here is some more interesting car stuff.

The Canadian forum has changed, here is the new link:
Found some more cool car articles over at the Globe and Mail Newspaper,
heres the link:
Fury article:
Cobra article:
Nerd cars:
2002 Camaro article:
Hot Rod Magazines Power Tour and Super Car national shows article:
Car Craft Anti-tour coverage article:
Vintage Trailer Jam web site:
Bio Diesel Funny Car article:
Stacey David’s web site (New Gearz TV show):

Stuff from D. March 23/08

Hi, Here are this week’s car links:
2008 Northwest Cruise Calendar is now on line, heres the link:
Mustang Cop car look a like:

Got this from another Camaro enthusiast, Extensive forum thread on rebuilding a rusty project Camaro:
Sweet 49 Chevy Fleetline:
Two-wheeled tribute bike:
Farm-O-Road Crosley article:
Bertone article:
Bertone Slide show:
Yellow Birthday cars:
75 Volkswagen Super Beetle Rag top:

Stuff from D. March 18/08

The Northwest Cruise Calendar for 08 is now available. Pick it up at your local advertiser. Got mine at the Red Deer Swap meet.
I have put pics from the Quick Times Red Deer Swap meets and May Red Deer Swap meets on my site,
heres the links:
Special 427 Corvette edition:
Robert Satre’s 1972 Chevy half-ton, 1946 Diamond T, and 1963 Chevrolet Corvair
Mattel toys still ‘some hot wheels’:
Cheers, D.

Stuff from D. March 14/08

Hi, Here’s this weeks car related links:
Recession Proof Muscle cars:
Manitoba car show pics site article:
Autobahn gridlock article:
Bullitt Mustang article:
Impala SS article:
Boyd, Lil’ John Buttera article and other bits:
Performance World car show article:
Opel article:
GM Chevette article:
AMC four-wheel-drive cars article:
Detroit Autorama coverage from Street Rodder:
Barn finds article:
57 Corvette Airbox car:
The Second-Most-Expensive Car Commercial Ever Made(Youtube clip is at the end of article):
71 Firebird article:

Red Deer Swap meet, Fort Macleod Spring Breakout, Spring Thaw, Quick Times swap meet, Car Crazy Auction.

Here are PDF’s for some upcoming events:

Quick Times Red Deer Spring Swap meet.pdf March 15th, 2008.

Ft. Macleod Spring Breakout.pdf April 19th, 2008.

Spring Thaw.pdf April 27th, 2008. Note: It’s a Deerfoot Mall this year.

Car Crazy auction.pdf May 1st – 4th, 2008. Auction is May 3rd, 2008.

May Red Deer Swap meet.pdf May 2nd and 3rd, 2008.


Stuff from D. March 2/08

Hi, Here you go.
The End of no reserve auctions:
Top 10 cars from Scottsdale part 2:
Lancia article:
55 Studebaker article:
Boyd article:
John Buttera article:
Comparison test New Camaro vs New Challenger:
56 Ford F-100 article:
Chevy car collector article:
Shamrock car article:
Fake Ferrari article:
Calgary motorsports fighting for survival:
Pick-n-Pull has a new t-shirt out for 08. Get it while you can. Rat rod on the back of the shirt.