Stuff from D. Jan. 4th, 2015

Happy New Year to everyone!

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Cool wall art spotted in Downtown Victoria, BC.

New Years Day 2015 Cruise pics link:

Sidney Xmas Parade pics link:

1929 Peerless car of the week:

Scoot Coupe (I want one!):

El Camino article:

I was wondering what that Fire Truck parked on the side of the highway going into Victoria was for:

California Mille run:

Ricks Rodz:

Some articles on the Ron Pratte’s collection going up for auction:

Ron Pratte collection must have’s:

Royal’s Car Club video:

Chevy Bob 1957 Chevy Truck:

I knew that turn signal went somewhere:

Farm Ford resto:

Barn fire destroys car collection:

Some pics from the Calgary Firebird Show (not mine):

Alberta Iron Indians show (from same guy):

A nice 57 Desoto:

1939 Packard Sedan article:

More updates to the Tool rescue blog:

Cool Car Stamp maker winding down:

Rust never sleeps:

Powder Coating article:

Cool Buick Concept car:

Ghoulish Hot Rods:

Nice Nova:

West Van MG lover:

Interesting truck mods:

Winter projects time:

Looks like they had a fun road trip:

What to look for:

Chrome place up Island:

Article about Rudy and his gullwings:

A cool vintage boat, a bit pricey though:

47 Dodge cop car:

Nice birthday Packard:

Jay Leno playing in the desert:

Handy site to identify dash instruments:

Model A adventure:

Homemade Batmobile, that’s cool, watch the video:

A cool youtube site:

Nice upside down Ford Truck:

1955 Truck article:

Peugeot commercial filmed in Banff (Thanks Todd):

Futurliner bus update:

Bitchen Rides TV show on Velocity:

Car video:

Sheet Metal Terms:

Nice Corvair:

Nice 57 Chev:

Sweet 50 Buick ragtop:

Van Commercial (Thanks Michel):

64 Chevy’s commercial (Thanks Michel):

65 Chevy’s commercial:

65 Fleetside commercial:

66 Chevy Truck and Van Commercial:

Family Truck builds:

My favorite dog car:

Cardboard Box racing (Thanks Todd):

Barn Finds article (Thanks Todd):

Fuel line 101:

Beast of Turin, watch the video (Sounds like a cannon on start up, wicked!):

53 Cadillac Concept Car:

Duracell Truck:

Spot welders:

Kool ride:

Jimmy Shines truck goes to auction:

Hagerty insurance claim:

Mad Max trailer (Thanks Todd):

Elcamino article:

Nice garage bench setup:

B-24 Liberty restoration:

Turning an accident into a new job:

59 Impala convertible “Car of the week”:

Jay and his Mopar, Hellcat….:

Grocery getter:

Burt’s Bandit car’s still fetching money:

Icon Derilicts:

Shelby Canada West Dealership:

Cool Museum video from Shane:

Dodge Brothers muddy day:

Nice Triple car garage(The use of pallets interesting):

Studebaker article:

Umm Sedan Delivery:

Howard’s Buick:

Cool cars:

Another article on the new Mad Max movie:

Car of the week 1946 Ford Custom:

Rat Rod video:

Turbo article:

Fire Truck decorated for xmas:

Mike Owen’s builds up a cool tool case:

Free floating floor:

Properly adjusting your Oxyacetylen torch:

Truck article:

Chasing Cars show:


Sealegs boat:

Cool Bugatti Replica:

69 GTO full resto:

Update on Jay Leno’s projects:

Highway to Sell Episode 1 Barracuda and Camaro:

Highway to Sell Episode Mustang and T-Bird:

Slicks Garage:

Highway to Sell Elcamino Episode:

Highway to Sell 55 Chevy and Catalina Ragtop Episode:

Highway to Sell Chevelle and Dart Episode:

Highway to Sell Cougar and Chrysler Wagon Episode:

Misfits garage Episode 1 Part 1:

Misfits garage Episode 1 part II:

Cuban classics not likely coming stateside any time soon:

Cheers, Darryl.