NW Tour 2006

The trip is now over! 


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August 25, 2006:  Saw a Cool Gas Station in Broadus, MT.  Interesting Cold Beer Sign on the Side of the Road in Montana.  Made a stop at the Kool Deadwood Nights car show on the way to Rapid City. Car Museum in DeadWood. Arrived in Rapid City, South Dakota.

August 26, 2006: Cruised to Deadwood again for the car show. Later on in the day, those that went cruised in John’s Corvette Nomad through the Black Hills doing a loop out of Deadwood all the way to Spearfish and back again to Deadwood. Cool Impala parked waiting for restoration.

August 27, 2006: The group went to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, and drove through the twisties in the Black Hills.  Those narrow tunnels where you have to honk your horn before you enter were sure something.

August 28, 2006: Left Rapid City and began our trip to Billings Montana.  Interesting Lawn Boy display at a lawn mower shop in Rapid City. Strange looking rabbits at the tourist stop near Devils Tower. Stopped over at the Devils Tower monument on the way.

August 29, 2006:  Pitstop at Campbell’s Repair and Collision in Powell, Wyoming [Where the famous metric doughnuts for the Canadians on the tour started], cool V-6 engine, interesting Ford emblem on an old farm truck, shop heater powered by used motor oil, electrical brake light issues on the Nomad and temperature check on the Chevy II.  Nice pickup in the paint booth.  Lunch stop at the Pahaska Tepee restaurant.  Yellowstone National Park cruise, perfect timing for Old Faithful eruption.  A wrong turn out of Yellowstone made for some coasting lessons for the couple in the 55 Chevy, we had to get the gas station to unlock the pump to continue on our way.

August 30, 2006:  Two more Canadians join us in Bozeman.  While having a late dinner at McDonald’s talk to the guys with the load of old rusted car parts.  They commented it’s getting harder and harder to find good stuff.  Interesting horns on cow skull near today’s fuel stop.  Guy pictured near Orange Camaro tried hassling all of us for money during our fuel stop. Doesn’t he know Car guys are all broke! Hot Rod Café lunch stop, arrival in Spokane Washington.  Met up with Studebaker wagon dude that had talked to 4spd by way of the Chamber of Commerce before we arrived.  Rainy Cruise to the Steer Inn [local Cruise hangout].

August 31, 2006:  Said goodbye to the Chevelle and Camaro crew who had to head back to Canada. Checked the Seattle Space Needle to view the city lights. Nice Chevy II wagon came over to our hotel parking lot in Kent to say Hi.  XXX Root beer Drive inn lunch stop, awesome place and great staff! Cool gas station in Issaquah, Washington.

September 1, 2006:  Departed from Kent and headed for Lemay Auto Museum.  Sweet looking Truck resting in Kent.  The remaining crew decided to cruise out of Kent and take the Cascade Highway to Idaho.

September 1, 2006:  Lemay Auto Museum photos part two.  Late-night hotel stop at the Virginian resort in  Winthrop, WA [looked like a really cool town too bad we couldn’t have seen it in the daylight. Forest fire in Concrete, Washington. Cool diner on the side of the highway in Idaho. Manitoba guys win the Northwest tour license plates.

September 2, 2006:  Departed from Winthrop, WA.   Grand Coullee Dam pitstop.  The extended end of our trip.

September 3, 2006:  Nice hot Rod parked in our hotel parking lot in Hayden , Idaho. There was a big car show at the Silverwood amusement park we didn’t have time for. Cool restaurant sign near our hotel. Car in the hotel parking lot with a full load.  Pair of Ford pickups in a shopping mall parking lot.  Pegasus junkyard just north of Hayden, Idaho [Interesting way of displaying cars].  Nice old work truck in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Crossing the border back into the Canada.

Cool places we went:
DeadWood, SD
Devils Tower  in Wyoming.
Mount Rushmore in Keystone, SD.
Crazy Horse Memorial in Crazy Horse,SD.
Hot Rod Cafe in Post Falls, Idaho. Sadly it is no more………
XXX Root Beer Home Page in Issaquah, WA.
Seattle Space Needle
Lemay Car Museum in Tacoma, WA. (We went to old location before it moved)
Grand Coullee Dam in Grand Coulee, WA.

We didn’t make it to Motion unlimited Museum located in Rapid City, SD. 

Towns we went:

Friday August 25th Arrive in Rapid City, South Dakota
Saturday August 26th Tour around Rapid City, South Dakota
Sunday August 27th Tour around Rapid City, South Dakota
Monday August 28th Cruise to Billings, Montana 412.3 Miles
Tuesday August 29th Cruise to Bozeman, Montana 356.6 Miles
Wednesday August 30th Cruise to Spokane, Washington 398.9 Miles
Thursday August 31st Cruise to Kent, Washington 290.2 Miles
Friday September 1st Last Day!
Total Distance travelled 1467 Miles

We actually extended the trip by cruising through the Cascade Highway (20) on September 1st and 2nd, stopping at the Grand Coulle Dam on September 2nd.
Those that went the entire way departed from Idaho on September 3rd.