Stuff from D. Sept. 19, 2009.

1964 Honda SM600 video from Jay Leno:
Car of the Week 1970 AMC AMX:
Papa John Camaro:
Teens build electric powered Porsche:
Muscle Cars are for women too:
1957 Chevy article:
Pebble Beach article:
From the other end of the scale, A Concours of Misfits:
Surfers and Rodders:
Police cars article, Crown Vic is out:
1970 Plymouth Superbird article:
Long term test of 2010 Camaro:
1978 – 1995 Porsche 238 article:
1987 Buick Grand National article:
RM Auction update:
1964 Pontiac GTO:
Car Hobby buying 101:
Fait 500L:
Packard article:
Ouch that hurts. Poor Chevy gets crunched:
Targa canso
Dream Car Garage update:
New issue of Max Chevy now online:
Thomasville Classics Junk Yard tour:
Harold Lemay car collector article:
Issue 5 of EL Diablo is online: