Canamera Classic Car Show 2019

Canamera Classic Car Show on Keating Cross Road. Victoria, BC.
Sunday August 25th, 2019
Admission by Donation
Spots are filling up fast!!
Don’t forget to send your registration info, year, make, model & your name to:
Simply cut & copy the email address above to register your car.


Poster art by: Mile Nineteen Signs and Graphics (Sooke, BC)

Go here to check out pics I took last year the show:


Stuff from D. May 27th, 2019

Island Detail and Color has some tips here:

Rockabilly Rev up story from Jil McIntosh:

53 Buick Roadmaster Riviera featured in Driving section:

Story about the BC Coastal Swap Meet (I missed it this year.):

Calgary 65 Ford Mustang was a former give away car:

2002 Firebird Trans Am:

Burned out 56 Chevy gets turned into a crusty Gasser:

Which Corvette was the best article:

Calgary couple baby photos with a supercharger go viral:

Goodguys events welcome air cooled VW to all events with pics:

Black Magic of engine build Keith Black:

1965 Volkswagen Beetle story:

Bill Vance chats about how an Ontario car company became GM Canada:

The rear engine revolution at Indy:

Replica vs Real (Cobra vs Kit Cobra):

50 years of Porsche 914:

Rutledge Wood to bring LS powered Porsche on Hot Rod Power Tour:

A cheap way to display your Hot Wheels:

Toy Tonka Jeep restoration (I like his dremel tool and the powder coating system):

1934 Ford Chassis getting built up:

Cool OEC motor bike ad on Greg Williams site for Mike in Ontario:

The full story from Greg Williams on Osborn Engineering here:

Mario Andretti feature profile:

Mario interview part 1:

Mario interview part 2:

Corvette powerglide transmission problem troubleshooting:

Shop tours:
Metal Union Speed shop open house:

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 20th, 2019

Thunder in the Valley cancelled for 2019 in Port Alberni:

Victoria brothers are set for epic VW Bug adventure:

Hemi Cuda article, Thanks Dan:

Boat Launch Fail: Boat owner nearly run over by SUV after going back to boat to raise motor (Complete with video of the accident):

Two friends that have shared a rented garage for years get their cars ready for all British car show in Vancouver.
I used to go to the old Wilkinson’s store when I lived in Maple Ridge back in the 90s.:

1952 Suburban and 1948 Palace Royale trailer:

Interview with Bogi Lateiner from the TV show “All Girls Garage”:

Volkswagen classic sends off the beetle in style in Italys Mille Miglia:

1968 Ford Ranger F100, Nice truck!:

New Harley exhibit for Larry and Mike:

The Carmen Curls, The first all girls motor racing team:

Jalopyrama with pics:

40 Willys pickup for Paul B, Rod, G and Kevin U.:

El Camino that’s more than just metal:

The latest Matchbox cars are cooler than ever to Dwight:

Some cool 1:64 die cast cars:

59 Apache truck with an LS3 motor:–richard-espinosas-two-tone-59-apache-has-an-ls3-und.html

Tech Tips:
Traditional flames part 1:

Metal working boot camp part 1 with Ron Covell, hammers and dollies:

Metal working boot camp part 2 with Ron Covell, good stuff:

Walmart has a cool movie car commercial on TV, this one is longer than the one I saw locally:

Resurrecting Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters:

Ecto 1 Replica visits Fire Hall:

1953 Chevy 210, The Blue Ghost, Crank it!:

Shop tour:
Waterloo millwright enjoys his 1200 sq ft. shop space:

Have you checked out the builds pics on the Austin Speed Shop site, cool stuff:

Didsbury Car show pics, Thanks, Brian:

Cheers, Darryl

Stuff from D. May 13th, 2019

Large collection of 90s Chevys destroyed while on film set, very sad:

The Okotoks collector car auction is coming up May 24th and 25th, have your bidder’s paddle ready? I went years ago:

Car related stuff happening around BC this weekend:

1912 McLaughlin Buick owner talks about his car and its possible family connection:

1951 Mercury Monarch convertible:

Gruppe5 2002 BMW:

Design history of corvette wheels:

1926 Tall T coupe:

Tried and true two ten 57 Chevy for Byron, Todd, and Dave:

2019 Hot Rod of the year is a 36 Ford, Wild engine!:

Goodguys Nashville Nationals pic coverage:

Quail motorcycle gathering for Mike in Ontario:

General Motors EV1 was far ahead of its time:

RIP Custom car builder, Gary Howard:

Gary Howard Customs website, check out the pics of the cars he built:

Icons of rebel metal tell the story of Nascar:

66 Corvair restoration progress, When you have gone too far to turn back……:

1968 Dodge Charger designer story for Steve in Sidney:

2019 Lowrider Miami Super Show with pics:

Low Rider roll models Johnny Gonzalez:

Cuban Mercedes Gull Wing gets a trip to Italy in pieces and a full restoration, but a long time coming:

A 1941 Nash you could sleep in, cool vintage pics:

Land Rover evolution history article for Chris and Rob:

Some of George Barris creations are hidden in a collector’s garage England, cool pics:

Krass and Bernie getting famous 1972 Chevelle comic:

Cloud Museum, thanks, Dave S.:

Interview with Harvey Lopez Arizona painter:

How to apply rally stripes on a 68 Camaro:

For Sale:
Custom survivor radical 1957 Ford Seaburst for sale:

Rusty/Crusty 1936 Aston Martin Mark II looking for new owner:

A nice camper for my neighbor Bill:

Barn Find Mustang with NHL history, thanks, Jim:

Old race cars never die:

Low Bridge crashes never seem to get old:

Bob Hope’s 58 Cadillac, thanks, Dave R:

Note some links may expire over time…

Cheers, Darryl

Stuff from D. May 6th, 2019

Whiplash Customs builds custom bikes, restores cars, pop machines, fridges, etc.
Check them out here:

Townside Automotive Repair in Victoria can fix your old radiator:

Classic Ardun powered 39 Ford Coupe and a 37 Nash Ambassador from New West, BC.:

Calgary car collector and his Jaguar D-Type Replica (I saw it at Calgary World of Wheels):

Bill Vance chats about a Packard reboot that didn’t work:

Nashville Nationals pics:

1969 Widebody Mercedes:

North Carolina Nationals:

Friday pics from North Carolina Nationals:

The right artist can turn your concept into reality:

Shelby American Garage pics:

Rent a 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT:

Pics from the Spring Carlisle Swap meet:

Shop talk, Chaos and Order:

F1 and Indy car Engine designer takes on Peking Paris rally:

A young gearhead works on his 40 Ford truck:

A rear axle brace for Mile’s 1913 Model T:

The Galaxian Ford Roadster:

Shop Tours:
Visit to Sin Shop in Rancho:

Garage Tours:
A workplace in Alberta dedicated to British Steel, Nice shop:

This Guys garage with Rich Conklin:

Note: Some links may expire over time.
Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. April 29th, 2019

The Car Guys “Hank’s Garage” (Auto sales, scroll down for lots of pics from main page):

A look inside the GM’s Heritage Collection:

A different kind of car story about finding a car to replace your family car:

South City Rod & Custom:

South City Rod & Custom has links to all the magazine articles written about cars they build here:

A Polish company is building and restoring Land Rover Defenders for Rob and Chris:

Volkswagen talking an electric race car to Nurburgring for record attempt:

The 57 Corvette that this owner let go, a decision he regrets to this day:

The Hadaway Calgary 1913 bike to be displayed at the Kick Start 5 event (For Mike in Ontario):

The Ill-Fated Kustoms Kickstart 5 event to showcase 38 motorcycles:

ILL Fated Kustoms site is here:

1928 Model A Ford staying in the family in Beaconia, Winnipeg:

Trio get inducted into Manitoba motorsports hall of fame:

Four rare and original Shelby Cobras heading to auction, get out your bidders paddle:

Zero Labs builds there version of a Ford Bronco with electric motor:

Stu Hilborn, “Hillborn Injection” (Did you know he was born in Calgary, AB?):

Some pics from North Carolina Nationals:

Bill Vance chats about the Corvair:

Bill Vance chats about the Volvo 544:

Vintage campers story for J J, trailer guys in Calgary, and me:

Factory Five 33 Ford build:

Top fuel champion Larry Dixon suing NHRA:

How the AMBR is decided at GNRS:

Bruce Meyers inventor of the Meyers Manx interview:

Hollywood dream machines featured in new exhibit at the Petersen:

RIP to Heidi Hetzer, Racer and World traveler:

Some cool pics of the Kustoms of San Diego:

Artist builds interesting bookmobile:

Walter P  Chrysler, A Visionary leader:

Steve McQueen’s first husky, crank the sound:

Old race cars never die:

1966 Chevelle trunk floor replacement:

How to use an English Wheel:

1972 Scamp seat cover replacement:

Converting a Holley 4160 to a secondary metering block:

Shop Tours:
Advance plating holds open house after moving into newly renovated building:

For Sale:
Have an extra $9500.0 US in your jeans for a 68 Camaro Cross Ram intake and carbs:–Fuel-Delivery/Carburetors/1968-original-Z28-cross-ram-intake-w2-4295-carbs/16564.html

68 Dodge Charger from Dukes of Hazzard film set going up for auction:

The Toy Peddler (Your online source for collectible toys) Thanks Dave S:

Note some links may expire over time.

Cheers, Darryl

Stuff from D. April 22nd, 2019

They are making progress in Springbank on their Avro Arrow scale model:

Abbotsford resident has 1966 Volkswagen Beetle restored as a tribute to its former owner:

Keanu Reeves shows off his motorcycle collection:

Electric conversions for VW Beetle and Vans, Porsche,  (Thanks Brad A.):

Calgarian restores a 1966 Volkswagen Van with his son. Those that attended the Calgary World of Wheels will remember seeing this one:

1967 Chevy Impala SS Vintage road test with pics:

Good Guys GRT 100 Ford truck:

5 minutes with Wayne Carini of TV show “Chasing Classic Cars”:

Elegant 1959 Rambler Wagon:

Adam Trinders turns making parts for bikes into a full fabrication business working on cars in East Vancouver:

A crispy 69 Camaro Indy Pace car gets bought and auction and is undergoing restoration:

Hot Wheels Legends tour Miami for Dwight (I like the full size Hot Wheels card backgrounds):

Dan from VIHR has his pics from the Abbotsford Car show posted here:

You can look at lots of other pics Dan has taken from his Albums section here:

Brian has posted his pics from the SpringThaw car show in Calgary. By the sounds of the weather, its still thawing out:

Hi Darryl,

I keep forgetting to send you these links to our coverage of the 2019 Vancouver Auto Show – mostly about new cars but lots of old and special interest cars featured:


Special Car Store
Shop Tours:
Ross Racing Engines (Nice shop and equipment):

Summit Racing fans post pics of their garages:

Nana’s Diner (Wow, quite the car collection):

Memminger VW garage has a lot of VW’s:


Speedway Motors G-Comp Unser Edition Rear suspension install:

Fixems Monthly tips and and tricks for street rodders:


Canada D’eh Car Show with Jellybean Autocrafters & Customs on My Classic Car:

Inside the Pinball Museum (Interesting to learn the history behind them):

Larry Pfister (Well known local photographer) has started a youtube channel for his drag racing footage:

Larry Pfister has also created a website called Horsepower heaven here:

Note: Some links may expire over time…
Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. April 15th, 2019

Vancouver Island has its first all female car club story:

The Female car club has an interesting name, website here:

The Specialty Vehicle Association of Alberta has the Feb/Mar newsletter available online here:

An Ice Cream shop in Southern California I would like to visit, cool gas pumps:

Alyn Edwards reminds us of BC custom car shows of the past, cool vintage pics:

Short article on the Portland Swap Meet:

What an Uber driver really makes:

1949 Ford Truck article for Rod:

Fiberfab 54 Corvette (Ever heard of one?):

Goodguys GRT 100 giveaway truck part 3:

Goodguys GRT 100 Ford truck (Includes a link to the other parts of the build):

Wild twin turbo Ford Maverick:

33 Ford Roadster captures Goodguys award:

Bill Vance chats about the 1914 Dodge and when a all steel car broke new ground:

Bill Vance chats about the MG race car:

New Hellephant to debut in 2020:

Low Tech spends a day at the drags with pics:

The real Little Red Wagon getting restored:

Barrett Jackson Palm Beach pics:

Charlotte Auto Fair pics:

Gallery of Nostalgia Nitro March meet:

Four different power steering boxes tested:

How to choose the right Torque Convertor for your Chevy:

How to custom tune a Holley Vacuum secondary carb:

1969 Mustang floor pan replacement:

Prepping a coyote crate engine for a mustang swap:

The Triumph Spitfire story:

The Hot Rod Story Drag Racing (Vintage stuff):

1961 Chevy Impala Dan Gurney’s American Export:

Ultimate Factories Camaro plant tour:

I’ve posted a few pics I took at the Lethbridge Swap meet here:

Thanks to the Southern Alberta Antique & Classic Auto Club for putting the Lethbridge Swap meet on,
A small review of the swap meet can be found here:

Shop Tours:
Classic Car Studio (Speed is the new Black on TV) shop tour (Wow, what a huge shop!):

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Cheers, Darryl

Stuff from D. April 8th, 2019

Mini Countryman Racer for Martin:

Couple die while trying to reverse collector car into protective bag cover:

Oddball kustoms Diesel powered road runner:

Mercury and Cadillac convertibles bought after a bar conversation:

1960 Chevy El Camino from Airdrie, AB:

A new UK home built with a garage too small for a regular car:

Setting up your home garage tips:

Hell Cat Redeye engine for Brad in Calgary:

Someone wants to build the Brubaker Box again:

Super Chevy Show and Memphis swap meet pics:

Boston World of Wheels pics:

Carlisle Autofest Corvettes show pics:

Meguiars Del Mar Nationals pics:

The Goodguys GRT 100 truck build part 3:

All American get together, looks like a great family event:

Vintage tractor auction for Tom in Calgary:

1940 Buick crowned Street Rod Headquarters Custom of the year:

Big Doer has posted their pics and story on Frostbite Hotrods in Calgary here(Scroll down in each link for all the pics):

Hot Wheels Legends tour for Dwight:

The drive home 4 winds from Houston to Detroit:

A fuel altered dragster hangs on this bar wall (Cool):

The Bill Mitchell 1956x Buick Century emerges from an eight year restoration:

Photo gallery of 50th anniversary NHRA Gator Nationals:

Alan Mest has an awesome car collection, check out the pics:

Road trip tools and where to buy them:

Bob Bondurants school of high performance driving saved by private investment group, a lot of the staff are staying put:

1959 Buicks were popular designs, cool vintage pics:

Nitromethane story part 1 and 2:

A classic Mini with a VTEC motor swap:


Lambo driver crashes into brick wall:

Factory five owner talks about building them and his experiences:

1962 Lincoln Continental: Executive Demo version for Rob in Victoria:

Engine blueprinting tips part 1:

Installing a shift improvement kit in a Ford C6 automatic:

Professor Hammer talks about seam sealers:

Professor Hammer talks about Metallurgy, Hammers, and Dollies(No not barbies):

Plugging old spotlight holes:

Note: Some links may expire over time.
Cheers, Darryl.