Stuff from D. July 5th, 2020


Note: Some links may expire over time.

Edmontonian working on Datsun truck build:

Every Ford Mustang generations ranked:

Driving Older cars (Nice Mustang GT500):

Custom autosound has a slidebar radio:

How Bakersfield saved vintage drag racing:

Painting flames tips with Zane Cullen:

Perseverance and good fortune land a 32 Ford Deuce:

Jerry Gray’s road tripping 1952 Buick Riviera:

The candy appled custom guru – Joe Bailon (Cool vintage pics):

Bill Vance chats about the first Indy 500 race:

Rare Aston Martin DB4 GT continuation resurfaces (I want one.):

Homegrown Delorean becomes Time machine to make six year olds dream come true:

How to know if you are an automotive masochist:

Jay Leno drives a Ferrari Enzo Pontiac Fiero:

Le Mans Ford GT Roadster could sell for $10 million:

Philly Police Impound lot (Lets get into the time machine and go back):

Colorado Auto and Parts yard is my kind of place:

2021 Dodge Durango 710 HP SRT Hellcat family hauler:

Checker cabs and Chicago politics back then:

1970 Cuda Restomod 440 for Dan:

1959 Chevy El Camino home built for Dave S:

El Camino river parking for Dave S:

Nascar legend Vicki Wood:

Canadian cars built or bought here:

The Good Guys magazine August issue is now online here:

Is hand polishing still worth the work:

Finding leaks in an A/C system by pressure testing:

The 13 stages of resurrecting a vintage car:

Recycling plastic jugs for funnels and drain pans in the shop:

How to diagnose and replace bad bushings:

20 ton pneumatic press from OEM tools:

How to repair your dashboard and then flock it:

Turn your Chevy horseshoe shifter into a true slap stick gear changer:

Model A walk around:

Funny car wreck:

Duncan Parking meter restoration from “Rescue and Restore”:

Rescue and Restore have more videos here:

Webb Motorworks has his electric small block conversion up an running in his 1936 Hayes/Mack Truck, check out his progress here:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 28th, 2020

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Car links for this week. Note: Some links may expire over time.
Story in the Daily Telegraph about the Wheeler Dealer TV show:

The mystery of the missing roadster from Vancouver, BC:

1986 Foxbody Mustang built with friends:

Products for late 40s and early 50s cruisers:

Classic Instruments new 1967 – 1968 Mustang cluster:

Bill Vance chats about the postwar Chryslers:

Bill Vance chats about the Ferrari 166 MM:

Media conglomerate Hearst Autos aquires “Bring a Trailer”:

2CV article for Curtis:

Fiero Jon is the Pontiac mid engine maestro:

The first pilot car Camaro was the start of something big:

Wild Ghost Pontiac that’s see through is so cool:

The 25 greatest Mustangs:

Story about Classic Cars of Houston restoration shop:

Classic Cars of Houston website:

David Grainger from Restoration Garage talks about the collector car market:

Vintage Wilson Motors pics from Victoria, BC:

Vintage Gladwell Motors pics from Victoria, BC:

The July issue of Quick Times magazine is now online here:

1986 – 87 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Aero Coupe buyers guide:

The worlds only turbine powered Rover Jet 1 replica built by a 25 year old:

1963 Rusty Chevy II Nova saved:

1968 Chevelle Malibu 427 small block that does wheelies:

Ford GT 70 Prototype supercar:

Big Daddy Roth build photos:

Gunther and Maggies Newport Car museum:

Water color paintings of Claudia Liebenberg:

How to make your own thread chaser:

Shop tours:
Turtle Garage pics and story:

The Turtle Garage has quite the car collection:

One Off Rod and Custom shop tour:

You can check out One Off Rod and Customs website here:

Garage shop pics submitted to GoodGuys site:

Red Dirt Rising (Moonshine movie):

1972 Mazda RX3 Coupe:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 21st, 2020

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Note: Some links may expire over time…

Canadian Rodder has an article and pics about a 1937 Ford Sedan build:

Canadian Rodder also has an article on a Victoria build of a 1940 Ford pickup:

Spare change car story, I remember seeing this car at the Lethbridge swap meet in February:

Bill from Ladner, BC has been spending more time working on his 1930 Model A pickup lately:

Triumph launches e-bicycle:

750HP GMC Syclone being released by GM:

PNE in Vancouver hosting first indoor drive through car show:

Wayne Carini joins Advantage lifts team:

East Bay Muscle Cars builds a 1967 Chevy Stepside:

1959 Bonnevile Wagon was a flashy family hauler:

Dealers Choice is the used car sales board game you forgot about it:

5 tips to keep rodents from colonizing your classic:

Porsche driving Canadian tows jacuzzi with homemade cart:

Old engine auction had some cool finds:

1961 Morris traveller with an Art Morrison chassis for Martin:

Tri power 1964 Pontiac GTO for Paul B:

Jaguar E-type resto (I like the Dr. Who Dalek):

Spring Carlise swap meet goes ahead but the department of health not happy:

The science behind CAD (Cardboard aided design):

3 essential alignment terms explained:

Does indexing spark plugs work?:

How to repair automotive plastics:

Primer sealer choices:

How to choose the right Quadrajet carb by number identification guide:

Choosing the best cover for your car:

Weekend paint job on an Anglia:

The story behind the incredible Beast of Turin:

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB:

Chevrolet Impalas are a lifelong obsession:

Shop tours:
Shop visit to Barry’s garage:

Allen D. has a cool way of storing items in the floor of his garage:

Bryan R. shop tour:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 14th, 2020

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Note: Some links may expire over time.

The Ford’s Garage Restaurant looks like a cool place to eat:

Saskatchewan Classic car owner having issues with mechanical inspection:

Car raffle in support of Habitat Kamloops:

Shelter in the shop when you can’t get out:

School bus racing is Kool:

George Poteet’s 1957 Ford Custom:

Gordon Rojewski has a well built 1967 Camaro:

1950 Chevy story:

Icon’s 1949 Hudson:

Brian Stone’s 1956 Nomad:

Mark Stielow built a 1978 K5 Blazer:

Roadster shop’s 1968 Camaro:

A Ford Cortina with a V8 conversion:

Lane Motor museum stacks five vehicles on top of one another:

George Barris and Ed Roth interview part 2:

Dave Freiburger’s new project at his home garage:

Dieter Klein takes some great shots of lost wheels:

DIY Motorcycle fixes:

How to fill holes with a Mig welder:

LS engine Cam sensor relocation:

How to pull dents:

How to wire an electric fan with a relay:

Oceanside Kustoms Shop tour:

Walking tour of Desert Valley Auto Parts #1:

Walking tour of Desert Valley Auto Parts #2:

Walking tour of Desert Valley Auto Parts #3:

All Mopars Junkyard crawl with Steve Magnante:

Steve Magnante’s Junkyard crawl episode 2 teaser:

For Sale:
1923 Ford Model T Roadster for sale:–MODEL-T-FORD-ROADSTER_35780338

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 7th, 2020

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Car links I found this week (Some links may expire over time):

Automotive Cutaway art is so cool:

65 Mustang Bargain buy maybe (Original build cost was $300k):

Follow the auction for the Mustang on BAT here:

Guy builds sweet wooden boat from 1935 Popular Mechanics book plans:

Hamilton couple brings vintage campers back to life:

Popular Youtubers Eleanor Mustang seized for copyright:

Motorcycle reads for Fathers Day:

Survivors! Weathered treasures built for the road:

Justin Zimmerman has a sweet 1959 Impala:

Goolsby Customs young guys winners pics:

Vintage Air founder named Sema Hall of fame inductee:

Bill Vance chats about the Arnolt MG (Another one I’ve never heard of):

On the trail for a 1973 Triumph motorbike:

When his Ferrari becomes hers:

How low speed pre-ignition can damage your direct injection turbo engine for Al V:

Pontiac chassis turns into home built Ferrari in 18 months:

Glossary of Chevy Z code cars:

Ford Mustang photo gallery of vintage pics:

Do former owners miss their cars (I miss my 1980 Camaro Z28):

Browne’s Metalcraft in Australia Instagram pics(See video in Video section):

1952 Pontiac Chieftain wagon:

1962 interview with George Barris and Ed Roth (Cool vintage pics):

3 broke geeks that turned drag racing on Its head:

1941 Willys Coupe survivor gasser wars:

Hot Rodded BMW 2002 and the story behind its owners:

Restored Cabellero 50 is a dream realized:

Remembering General Motors dream cars of the 1950s:

The Good Guys July 2020 magazine is now online here:

You can read the other Good Guys issues here:

Duct tape hacks:

Corvair brought back to life with an old part (Pics of the inside a condensor):

Secrets on progressive nitrous controllers:

Beginners guide on how to set up a Mig welder (I can’t wait to get mine going):

How to choose a thermostat for your classic car:

A look inside Charley Hutton’s Color Studio shop:

Brooklands racing back in 1937:

Rally driving in the dirt from Sweden:

Detailing secrets:

An hour of Goodwood hill climbing:

Browne’s Metalcraft Workshop builds some cool stuff:

1 minute garage tour of a super clean Hot Rodder garage(I like the display cabinets):

How to media blast parts at home:

Race through Rome (Crank the sound):

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 24th, 2020

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Note: Some links may expire over time.

Automatron Steampunk Hot Rod:

1967 AMC Rambler Rebel SST convertible from Alberta:

New Ford Mustang owner tries to make a river crossing:

Keith Martin talks about his recent mechanical issues with his Jag and Volvo:

Classic Truck Parts:

Pontiac Fiero museum destroyed by flooding in Michigan:

Bill Vance chats about the Mercury Cougar:

11 eclectic vehicles celebrating Saab and Volvo (I like the double distributor set up):

Vintage race car pics from Victoria, BC:

The Stoner T, How to build a hot rod in 10 years, Part 19:

Engine cutaways drawings:

Vintage Chevy truck getting widened to fit on SSR chassis (Cool):

A brief history of the 1963 Chysler Turbine car:

Spark plug wires demystified:

Three ways to find that annoying sound:

Time for some hifi sounds in your shop:

Harbor Freight issues a recall on some Jack Stands:

Installing LED lights in a classic car:

LS swap tips:

Shop tours:
Behind garage doors:

A by the book build of a Lotus Seven replica from Edmonton:

The full tour of Bruce Canepas dream car empire:

Some Hot Rodders in Sweden doing a 4″ chop to a 1930 Coupe:

The love of cars with Chip Foose and John Oates:

A guy from BC chronicling the build of his Pontiac Astre:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 17th, 2020


Note: Some links may expire over time.

1932 Ford coupe:

Classic Instruments releases new instrument cluster for C10 trucks:

Sully’s Chevelle, Praise the Lowrd:

World of Speed museum closes forever:

BC Racer learns a hard lesson about garage safety with two post hoists:

A shop that just works on Mack trucks, Fire trucks, etc (You know the big stuff!):

Jay Leno’s 1921 Benz Mercedes that took a decade to restore:

1942 Desoto story for Paul M:

1966 Mustang fastback barn find:

1963 Chevy II becomes epic pro touring ride:

Editors garage is a mix of Mopars and Buicks:

2002 Pontiac Firebird for Rod:

The magnificient Stuttgart Museum is set to reopen (Cool place!):

The Goodwood Motor circuit goes small size:

Porsche 917K in 1:18th scale (I like!):

Some facts about Wheeler Dealers hosts you may not know:

Some facts about Dennis Gage you may not know:

Pre war race cars have a sound all there own:

9 cars with Extreme Big Engines (Thanks Paul M.):

Model A project from fuel tank:

Ed Roth collection on display at the National Corvette Museum:

Selling and Buying through a consignment shop:

How to repair fiberglass:

Holleys 3150 Carburetor:

Using White paint markers when doing mechanics:

Garage projects sometimes are better in 30 minute intervals:

Mopar A body coilover conversion:

How to use a strut spring compressor:

Stand alone LS harness dilemma:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 10th, 2020

Tall gas pump Resized

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Brooklands Museum:

The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum (Huge collection):

Cite de L’Automobile Museum:

Auto World (Model Kits, Diecast, and Slot Cars):

Trevor in Calgary is building a 1940 Ford Express Truck:

Steve McQueen’s camper truck is for sale:

The saga of a broken car key:

Garage shop scenes from Goodguys members:

Indy 500 pics from 1955:

All original 1970 Olds 442 Cutlass W30:

5 minutes with Roger Penske:

High dollar Lamborghini Countach restoration:

1967 – 1969 Camaro buyers guide:

Webb Motorworks of Victoria gets mentioned in Hagerty for his electric small block chevy concept:

Gas pump picker lives in automobilia heaven:

Big Daddy Ed Roth Mysterion story:

GMC Motorhome car hauler for Rob:

How a 1969 Pro touring Camaro bought over the internet had to be built twice:

Classic Ferrari sculptures made from metal:

Mercedes set to reopen its Stuttgart museum:

Brief history of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber company:

Mustang Driver (On-line car magazine for Ford Mustang enthusiasts):

High River Car club does cruise to thank first responders (Thanks Tom):

Porsche 550 Spyder Replica:

Restored vintage truck among Hot Rods at the Calgary World of Wheels:

How to extend the life of your car battery:

How to remove a hood spring quickly and safely:

More than one way to make a hammer:

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 buyers guide:

Installing a Tremec T56 6 speed in a Plymouth Duster:

1969 Ford Mustang Leaf spring suspension rehab:

Question and answer with Energy Suspension:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 3rd, 2020

Ultra pump

Car links for this week:

I’ve posted a few pics I took at the Calgary World of Wheels back in February:

Jf Kustoms in Osoyoos, BC has an updated website here:

RIP Tom Cino (Tom was well known in the Vancouver Island car community):

Some cool murals in Dallas, TX:

The Quick Times magazine May issue is now online:

1964 Plymouth Valiant Convertible story from Vancouver, BC:

Fraudsters 230 car collection to be auctioned:

Bentley plans to build 12 new 1929 blowers, but the collectors of the originals aren’t happy:

Rats eating engine wiring story, (I like the video of the rats in the car):

Family owned 34 Ford gets full custom treatment:

1970 Pontiac GTO Judge:

When your rental car won’t start and you can’t find the keyfob it gets interesting:

Celebrating the Buick 430 V8:

1959 Chevys and 1959 Fords being hauled by barge vintage pics:

Story about an owners son looking for his Dad’s old Tempest drag car:

68 Shelby that has 50 years of memories:

Street Rodder Road tour 1934 Ford update 1:

Classic Industries muscle car coloring book:

Here’s the direct link to the Classic Industries Muscle Car coloring book download:

The most famous Lancia in the world is being restored:

1970 Pontiac Firebird story:

The June issue of Good Guys magazine is now online here:

Shop tours:
Missed one of the links for the Good Guys shop tours, then go here:

Roadster shop tour:

Johnny Hunkins home garage tour:

Turnin Rusts Classic vehicle collection:

A guide to Suspension and handling upgrades:

Finding and restoring weber carbs:

Tech tips for Triumph TR6 owners:

D & D Classic Auto Restoration:

69 Mustang door glass replacement how to:

Webb Motors Electric motor

Macs Motor City Garage site mentions Webb Motors Electric conversion:

UK man builds railway in his garden:

Steampunk model railway enthusiast:

Blacktop TV goes racing with Hot Wheels:

Musclecar Mountain racing with Hot Wheels:

Bryce Michelmore builds some cool models:

Bryce Michelmore pics on Instagram viewer Picuki:

Ranking each and every Batmobile:

Watch the 1955 Belgian Grand Prix:

Hydroforming parts with grease:

You can check out the rest of his speedster build here:

How to make stainless brake lines up:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. April 26th, 2020


Stay safe everyone!

Car links I found this week:

On the road with a 1955 Ford Thunderbird from Calgary, AB (I saw this car at the Calgary World of Wheels, Awesome Bird!):

Movie Magic pics from Ford vs Ferrari movie:

8300 sq ft 17 car garage inspired by Ferris Bueller movie:

Nova Scotia Community college is building a Tesla powered VW:

1969 Volkswagen 1500 Notchback story from Calgary:

A day in the life of Billy Gibbons, ZZ Top member and car guy:

Article about how Goodguys event started and the support Boyd gave as well as others:

Fremont Raceway – The Glory Years (Cool vintage racing pics):

Bruce Camberns 1966 427 Shelby Cobra (An original owner that still thrashes his Cobra!):

Tips for your shop:

George Barris Bathtub Buggy restored to full Hemi Powered Glory by Galpin team:

1973 – 1974 AMC Javelin AMX buyers guide:

1964 C10 pickup:

John McGann gives an update on his projects in the shop:

1968 Chevy Camaro project Track Rat hits the road after 11 years of work on/off:

How an Art Morrison chassis is made:

Upgrade your Mopar with high performance steering from Borgesen Universal Company:

Shop tours:
Stith Printing (Goodguys T-shirts):

American Speed company builds Speed 33 kit hot rod bodies and full cars:

American Speed Company website:

Chris Travers gives a shop tour of his home shop:

Mercedes Benz Classic Workshop in Stuttgart:

For Sale:
The Tucker Convertible is for sale again:

86 year old that still trail rides his motorcycle:

A video on the Porsche IMS bearing failure and how to fix it (I remember wheeler dealers fixing one on a car they had):

Quick and Easy way to protect nuts and bolts from scratching (Interesting method to get the paint to cure fully):

Fords 15 millionth Model T:

Edelbrock Casting Foundry tour:

Where Hollywood gets its cars:

JFL talks about his build of 1951 Kontageous Kaiser:

Car Guy Heaven in Bangkok:

How to remove a Pilot Bearing using White Bread (Grease works too):

Cheers, Darryl.