Stuff from D. July 26th, 2009

The big news for this entry is Hagerty collector car insurance is now available in Canada!
The Calgary Insurance company contact is:
Lundgren & Young Insurance Ltd.
106B Horton Road SW
Calgary, AB
T2V 2X5
Ask for Jessica and tell her Darryl’s Drive In sent you.
New Camaro video from Edmonds (Thanks Pete):
55 Chevy – Lucky to be alive (Thanks Brad):
A & W contest for a new Challenger:
Old Cars Weekly garages
Iola 09 car show review:
Common Cleaner dangers article:

Red Chevy spotted at Knotts Berry Farm years ago.

Red Chevy spotted at Knotts Berry Farm years ago.

Ken Block Gymkhana video two:
Old Cars Weekly “Car of the Week” 1969 Camaro Z28:
Jay Leno’s two-wheeled passion:
Slide show of Jay’s bikes:
Willy talks about the famous Winnipeg Chicken Delight car:
1955 Chevrolet Belair article:
Tucker Convertible article:
Goodwood Festival article:
LAX parking lot now home to aviation workers trailers:
Camaro Bumblebee option:
Ford F-150 Clutch job video part 1:

Stuff from D. July 19, 2009.

There is a new Sunday Night Cruz at the Crowfoot A & W in the NW starting at 4 PM(Thanks Brian).
1955 Nash Ambassador article:
Shannonville Speedway’s drag strip article:
Camaro article: “A Muscle Car to the Rescue”:
EL Diablo Magazine online(Sound on):
The July issue of max chevy is now online:

Neat old Chevy Truck.

Neat old Chevy Truck.

Interesting tool for tracking Vancouver flight movements:
Article about the Bugatti found in the lake:
Video of the car coming out of the lake:
Now thats what I call a cool fleet of shop vehicles!(Steam Whistle vintage vehicle collection, thanks to Greg W for this one.):
Article about issues with manual transmissions on new Camaro (Thanks Albert):
1974 AMC Javelin junkyard crawl:
Rebuilding Electric Quadrajet carb article:
Oxy Acetylene welding article:
1965 Mustang GT:
Story about Western Speedway Demolition event in Victoria, B.C.:
Western Speedway website:
Fastest 57 Chevy video (Thanks Pete):

Stuff from D. July 11, 2009

Note: The Thursday night “Cruz Knights” have moved their Cruz Knight to the Hooters North, at 2730 23rd Street NE Calgary, Alberta. Hope to see you there!
Another Cruise night is happening at the A & W in Forest Lawn on Thursday nights.
Renfrew Car Show pics 09 link:
Saw this stuff at the Renfrew Show. Mazz Water Jet Solutions. This guy can make some cool stuff!:
Hertiage Park ad

Hertiage Park ad

Praire Egg Gathering(Fiberglass trailer gathering) Thanks J.J.:
1967 Cougar article:
Dragon’s Den Judge’s car collection:
Woman finishes historic drive to S.F.:
Mopar wrecking yard article:
Cool cartoons(Sound on):
Building a better 12 bolt article:
Vintage truck brakes transmission engines artice:
Chop your top article how to:
Electrical gremlins article:
Reader garages:
More info on the corvette nomad being built:
Brooklyn car collector:
Slide/Audio tour of car collector(I like the TLC comment):
Article about Boot Hill Auto:
Boot Hill Auto:
Revvin’ up the romance:
Issue 3 of Traditional Speed and Kustom:
Chevelle Specialists Garage:
Chevelle Specialists Garage Photo:
Chevrolet SSR-Retro Rod:
1970 Hemi Cuda article:
Ultimate garage sale: