Stuff from D. Dec. 31st, 2012.

Hope you are ready for 2013!

Nice 56 spotted at Princess Auto.

Nice 56 spotted at Princess Auto.

Barrett Jackson not coming back to California in 2013:

Garage Shots Magazine:(Based in Edmonton)
Lots of great photography, you can read the issues online! or pick them up at your local magazine shelf:

Car of the week 1939 Lincoln Zephyr:

1962 AMC Rambler:

56 chevy article:

1955 “Fast and Furious” Movie:

Bad Day at the Car Show (Thanks Paul):

Hemming’s TV:

The Hog Ring (Auto Upholstery Blog):

VOYAGER The 1969 Alfa Romeo 1300 TI :

1956 Austin on Steroids:


Barn Fine Classics(Mt. Vernon Classic cars for sale):

Knot Rods(Wooden Hot Rods):

Citroen 2CV article:

Ralph Monhay gets his old racer back:

59 Sunliner:

1953 Packard Cavalier Parallel parker:

Stefans Sketch Blog:

Texas Car Wars:

Counting Cars:

Chasing Classic Cars(Check out the clips from the show):

Here is a link to the company profiled in Chasing Classic cars show:

Classic car rescue Jaguar build:

Chop Shop London:

Holiday Errands in a Gull Wing:

Camaro Car commercials:

Vehicle identity theft on the rise:

North Island Cruisers:

Red Green Toilet powered Camaro:

You see, Math can be fun:

Snow day in Boston 1940:

Primarily Petrolina (Gas station and Auto Service Collectibles):

The race that changed everything(Henry Ford):

Wilkinson’s Automobilia (I used to go there when I lived on the mainland):

Son restores Mustang as a gift for Father:

1961 to 1963 Lincoln Continental:

Car Art “David Snyder” How its made(Car Art is cool!):

1966 Buick Convertible quick fix:

Cheers, D.