Stuff from D. Dec. 26th,2008

Hi, Here’s this weeks stuff to check out:
Found another cool online car mag,
“Still Runnin Magazine” from the East Coast, Four issues to read so far!
(Be sure to check out the slide shows in each issue, lots of cool car pics!):
Rick Stewart Seven Second Love Affair dragster video:
Chysler best from past to present, slide show and article:
Big Three automakers go high performance article:
1953 Lincoln article:
Number 1 off the assembly line 68 Camaro article:
Allways wanted your car on a stamp, well then look no further than: I’ve gotten one of these that a friend had made up and its very cool!
GM vehicles being auctioned off at Barret-Jackson.(Wow that’s some list!):
Another article about the GM collection going up for auction:
59 Impala and 59 Biscayne Brookwood Wagon article:
Project car build tips and tricks article:
Shasta trailer made out of lego:
1/6 scale Chevy V8(Thanks Randy):
Lancaster aircraft video:
Happy Holidays….

Stuff from D. Dec. 17th, 2008

Found a good deal on gloves at Home Depot,
2 pair of “Firm Grip” yellow and black gloves for
Vintage torque promo video(Crank it up!):
Video Drag Racing Crashes from the late 70s on You Tube(Thanks Bill):
Recreation of Alice Ramsey’s 1909 road trip in a 1909 Maxwell:
Alice Ramsey’s Recreation Road trip movie trailer:
Alice’s Drive 100 years later video:
They’re finally building a bridge from Langley to Maple Ridge B.C.
here is a link to the information:
1966 Chevrolet El Camino article:
Detroit small cars from the 50’s article:
Slide show of small cars from the 50’s(Plymouth, Henry Kaiser, Nash, Olds,Willys):
SEMA 2008 slide show:
Blog entries from SEMA:
Vintage Pickups article:
Vintage Pickups slideshow:
Rod and Custom’s Road trip to Bonneville:
Heres a new website to check out “Street Muscle Action”:
Dirt-Cheap Paint and Body article:
Christmas gift ideas for the gearhead:
54 years of car dealership ownership in Regina,
“Family now runs an appliance chain in Alberta”:
Chrysler recall for 2006 – 2008 Dodge Charger and Magnum control cable (Other recent recalls from the industry also listed):
Cars we drove web site (Crank it up!):
Here’s an update on the Comox Spitfire:
More info about the Spitfire at:
Info on Vintage Wings of Canada:

Stuff from D. Dec. 7th, 2008

Hi, Here’s this weeks entry.
Follow up article on the Manic GT:
Michigan car collector with unique beauties:
1970 Road Runner article:
Troubleshooting paint problems article:
57 Chevy Hot Rod magazine project car from 94 goes now lives in Edmonton:
1923 Ford Model T Roadster article:
Leno’s Dusenberg lawsuit update:
The Wallace Collection of cars, trailers, toys, etc:
Cool collectibles pics:
Issue 4 of Benchrace is now online:
1960 Cadillac Series 62 ragtop article:
2008 Dodge Challenger review:
The Discovery Channel has a show on Bonneville Salt flats on Dec.16th titled:
“Speed Capital of the World: Bonneville.”
Rebuild your GM automatic transmission article:
1962 Buick Skylark article:
Ford assembly plant video from Brazil:
Car guys web site with old cars, vintage trailers, motorcycles and camping stories, pics, etc(Lots of great pics!)
“Welcome to Rob’s World!”:!
Found another person with cool car pics on Flickr: