Stuff from D. July 19, 2009.

There is a new Sunday Night Cruz at the Crowfoot A & W in the NW starting at 4 PM(Thanks Brian).
1955 Nash Ambassador article:
Shannonville Speedway’s drag strip article:
Camaro article: “A Muscle Car to the Rescue”:
EL Diablo Magazine online(Sound on):
The July issue of max chevy is now online:

Neat old Chevy Truck.

Neat old Chevy Truck.

Interesting tool for tracking Vancouver flight movements:
Article about the Bugatti found in the lake:
Video of the car coming out of the lake:
Now thats what I call a cool fleet of shop vehicles!(Steam Whistle vintage vehicle collection, thanks to Greg W for this one.):
Article about issues with manual transmissions on new Camaro (Thanks Albert):
1974 AMC Javelin junkyard crawl:
Rebuilding Electric Quadrajet carb article:
Oxy Acetylene welding article:
1965 Mustang GT:
Story about Western Speedway Demolition event in Victoria, B.C.:
Western Speedway website:
Fastest 57 Chevy video (Thanks Pete):

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