Stuff from D. Sept. 21, 2012


Here you go. Enjoy.

Eye Catcher….

Torque Masters Auto Extravaganza show and shine pics link:

Thunder in the Valley pics (Man that was a fun day!):

Found some pics in the archives!

Rockin N Red Deer 2006:

Rockin N Red Deer 2009:

Trans Canada 10 week car run:

VI Performance (Vancouver Island’s Custom Culture Connection):

Wednesday car parts in the Man Cave (I like the idea!):

1959 Mopars:

200 Mph Daytona:

Two comets:

Hook your IPOD to an AM radio with this:

1953 Glasspar G2:

Dodge vans/trucks article:

Cool site for Hot Rod info:

Restoration tips from Old Cars Weekly:

Floor pan replacement article:

Sunbeam V8:

Cool Checker Aerobus:

1957 Mopars:

1963 Chevy II (I like it!):

Overhaulin is back:

Canadian only cars:

Built from Ebay builds(Thanks Michel!):

Mustang Road Trip blog:

Chevy Body tips and tricks:

Floor pan replacement article:

A woman’s love for cars:

Kaiser Darrin article:

Ride Tech 69 Camaro:

1966 GTO ragtop:

1956 Mercury Truck:

1968 Pontiac GTO article:

1964 Plymouth Fury ragtop: