Stuff from D. Nov. 27th, 2008

Hi, Here you go…..
I tried those screwdrivers from Canadian Tire that hold the screw while you install it and they actually work as described! Not bad for $20 bucks.
1954 Commander Starlight coupe article:
Pony Cars article:
Now thats a cool tool box!:
The Ultimate Guide to the Chevy 383 Stroker:
Rust Removal Guide:
Build your own CarBBQ out of a oil/gas drum:
The November issue of Max Chevy is now online:
New Star Trek movie trailer with old corvette:
See through Pontiac article:
Cat excavator doing wheelies:
Sweet Honda Commercial with a 59 Chevy(Hit the play button to start the video):
1962 Chysler 300 Letter Series Promo Part I:
1962 Chysler 300 Letter Series Promo Part II:
Canadian performs Hot Rod Lincoln Car Jump back in the seventies:
The Car Junkie web site run by David Freiburger has been shut down,
he’s now running another one called Freiburger’s Junkyard:

Stuff from D. Nov. 20th, 2008

Hi, Heres this weeks entry:
Porches crunched in Europe train crash:
If your into Mercurys this sites for you:
Barn find Pontiac nets big money on eBay:
Flying car journey:
64 Pontiac GTO story:
Oldsmobile Rocket engine story:
1966 Porche converted to Electric power article:
1965 Cadillac convertible story:
1965 Cadillac covertible slide/audio show:
1952 Chevrolet Bel Air story:
1970 Dodge Challenger Garage find:
How to fix cracking paint story:
1967 Acadian Canso Targa car story:
Peterson Automobile Museum story:
2009 Shasta Trailer brochure link:
POWERBLOCKTV has lots of videos to check out. Including how to tips:
Chevy Comfort-Tilt steering wheel ad on You tube:
1965 Chevys arrive video on You Tube:
1965 Chevrolet Commercial on You Tube:
1959 Chevrolet Commercial on You Tube:
Ken Block WRX demo (Wow!):
GM Canada Intake Manifold Gasket class action settlement link:
Automotive artist Dave Snyder has a book out, heres the link:
The Stanley ratchet wrench I mentioned in a previous blog is on sale at Walmart for $29.95 CAD.

Stuff from D. Nov.7th, 2008

Here you go:
Cool online read “Bench Race”, Three excellent issues to read already!
Click the “Start” button to read:
Ode to the Camaro song on You Tube:
Allard rides again article:
History of Stainless steel cars:
Video of Dodge Challenger testing at vertical track and on Germany’s
favorite highway:
Ever wanted a neon sign with your car?
Here’s a Canadian guy that can do it:
Ferrari car crash in Australia:
Handy Welding tips blog:
The Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour 2009 information is now
online at:
Hot Rod Hibernation article:
Canada’s J.F. Launier Named Goodguys Trendsetter
article (Way to go J.F. !):
2010 Chevy Camaro Concept vehicles from SEMA article:
edumunds SEMA coverage link:
Article on the “SIR” Saskatchewan International Raceway:
Tool of the week (3/8 Drive Rotator ratchet),
Works great in areas where you don’t have room to swing
the ratchet back and forth, just rotate the handle
like a ratcheting screwdriver(I’ve seen the Husky and Stanley version):
Here’s a pic of what a tensioner assembley on a 97 Plymouth
mini van looks like when it sheers off. Happened on the top
Roger’s Pass. Towed it to Golden to get it fixed.
Thank-you Alpine Auto!
I had changed the pulley but not the assembly before our trip.
Next time I would change the assembley…..
Also had the fan relay quit in Victoria. Hot wired the fans till we got home.
Found out the relay is hidden on the frame beside the drivers side
of the rad.
Sheered off tensioner................

Sheered off tensioner................