Rod Roar 2011

June 25 and 26th

The Tour is now over. A big thanks to Kevin and Sarah for organizing the tour!
Also thanks to all those that participated. What a great bunch of car people!!!
Thanks to our sponsors: Kal Tire, Serious Coffee, & Jellybean Autocrafters
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Too see pics from the tour go here:

The Plan: Tour part of Vancouver Island in your vintage ride with other like minded people. Did we really need an excuse?!!

The Route

Day 1 June 25th, 2011

  • The tour will start at 8:30am from Clover Point in Victoria.
  • We will then drive through the heart of downtown Victoria, heading North along the Island Hwy and take Hwy 14 towards Sooke.
  • Our 1st stop will be at the Serious Coffee in Sooke, where we will give all the slow pokes a chance to catch up and to get our morning fix…
    Also, it may be a good idea for the thirst vehicles to fuel up here.
  • We will then continue on Hwy 14 through Jordan River and into the small town of Port Renfrew, which will be the location of our 2nd leg-stretcher of the day.
  • From Port Renfrew, we will bear East and cut across Vancouver Island and through the city of Lake Cowichan and then along Hwy 18 towards Duncan,
    where we will break at the North-End Serious Coffee for Lunch & shinanagans.
  • Once we hit the No.1 Hwy, we will continue North through Nanaimo and into Parksville, where we will then veer left and follow the Pacific Rim Highway (Hwy 4) into Port Alberni.
  • In Port Alberni we will stop at the Serious Coffee in the heart of town for a short breather before hitting the home stretch to Tofino.
    (There will also be a stop in Cathedral Grove to check out the beautiful Old-Growth trees).
  • The “Final Blast” of the day will be to Tofino, a beautiful coastal town that makes you want to do some swashbuckling…or surfing.
    Once in Tofino we will break in the parking lot of Incinerator Rock for a BBQ dinner and prize give-aways! Info about Tofino at:
  • The above is roughly 7.5 hours of “seat” time.

Day 2 June 26th, 2011

  • The following morn’ we will disembark from our seaside community at 9:00am and reverse our path towards Duncan, where we will hold our send-off BBQ lunch in the parking lot of Kal Tire.

  Sponsored in part by: Kal Tire, Serious Coffee, Jellybean Autocrafters