Stuff from D. Nov. 2nd, 2012.


My favorite Fury. I want a ride next time I’m in town, Larry…

Crack open your favorite beverage and enjoy.

Monroe Swap Meet pics link (A great day looking for rusty bits):

Pics of the Auto Extrication Course day in Metchosin:

Sad story about Glen Woodcock’s Manic:

Slick Fish Barracuda:

Details about the 2012 Corvette Motor:

Restoration shop “Panelcraft”:

Panel Craft:

Inside Chrysler “The 1960 cars”:

Chysler’s move to unibody:

Ford selling 1940 bodies:

1940 Ford bodies article:

The Street peep blog:

Bridgetown blog cars:

Old parked cars Newbraska:

Car spotters Santa Monica:

2012 Drag Week(Thanks Cam):

Craig Jackson’s Garage Tour(Thanks Pete):

Ramcharger article

1969 Camaro Z28 article:

Buick Riveria:

1937 Nash:

1965 Pontiac GTO:

1948 Chysler Town and Country:

Preserving Classics, Wrinkles and All:

Citroen 2CV restorations:–sold-France-nice-little-earner.html

Sectioning a Chevy:

Welding table article:

Five steps to protect your car:

Henderson KJ Motorbike:

1969 Blazer article:

An Artist’s Truck 1972 Dodge Pickup:

1957 GMC School Bus:

Cheers, D.