Stuff from D. May 27th, 2019

Island Detail and Color has some tips here:

Rockabilly Rev up story from Jil McIntosh:

53 Buick Roadmaster Riviera featured in Driving section:

Story about the BC Coastal Swap Meet (I missed it this year.):

Calgary 65 Ford Mustang was a former give away car:

2002 Firebird Trans Am:

Burned out 56 Chevy gets turned into a crusty Gasser:

Which Corvette was the best article:

Calgary couple baby photos with a supercharger go viral:

Goodguys events welcome air cooled VW to all events with pics:

Black Magic of engine build Keith Black:

1965 Volkswagen Beetle story:

Bill Vance chats about how an Ontario car company became GM Canada:

The rear engine revolution at Indy:

Replica vs Real (Cobra vs Kit Cobra):

50 years of Porsche 914:

Rutledge Wood to bring LS powered Porsche on Hot Rod Power Tour:

A cheap way to display your Hot Wheels:

Toy Tonka Jeep restoration (I like his dremel tool and the powder coating system):

1934 Ford Chassis getting built up:

Cool OEC motor bike ad on Greg Williams site for Mike in Ontario:

The full story from Greg Williams on Osborn Engineering here:

Mario Andretti feature profile:

Mario interview part 1:

Mario interview part 2:

Corvette powerglide transmission problem troubleshooting:

Shop tours:
Metal Union Speed shop open house:

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Cheers, Darryl.


Stuff from D. May 20th, 2019

Thunder in the Valley cancelled for 2019 in Port Alberni:

Victoria brothers are set for epic VW Bug adventure:

Hemi Cuda article, Thanks Dan:

Boat Launch Fail: Boat owner nearly run over by SUV after going back to boat to raise motor (Complete with video of the accident):

Two friends that have shared a rented garage for years get their cars ready for all British car show in Vancouver.
I used to go to the old Wilkinson’s store when I lived in Maple Ridge back in the 90s.:

1952 Suburban and 1948 Palace Royale trailer:

Interview with Bogi Lateiner from the TV show “All Girls Garage”:

Volkswagen classic sends off the beetle in style in Italys Mille Miglia:

1968 Ford Ranger F100, Nice truck!:

New Harley exhibit for Larry and Mike:

The Carmen Curls, The first all girls motor racing team:

Jalopyrama with pics:

40 Willys pickup for Paul B, Rod, G and Kevin U.:

El Camino that’s more than just metal:

The latest Matchbox cars are cooler than ever to Dwight:

Some cool 1:64 die cast cars:

59 Apache truck with an LS3 motor:–richard-espinosas-two-tone-59-apache-has-an-ls3-und.html

Tech Tips:
Traditional flames part 1:

Metal working boot camp part 1 with Ron Covell, hammers and dollies:

Metal working boot camp part 2 with Ron Covell, good stuff:

Walmart has a cool movie car commercial on TV, this one is longer than the one I saw locally:

Resurrecting Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters:

Ecto 1 Replica visits Fire Hall:

1953 Chevy 210, The Blue Ghost, Crank it!:

Shop tour:
Waterloo millwright enjoys his 1200 sq ft. shop space:

Have you checked out the builds pics on the Austin Speed Shop site, cool stuff:

Didsbury Car show pics, Thanks, Brian:

Cheers, Darryl

Stuff from D. May 13th, 2019

Large collection of 90s Chevys destroyed while on film set, very sad:

The Okotoks collector car auction is coming up May 24th and 25th, have your bidder’s paddle ready? I went years ago:

Car related stuff happening around BC this weekend:

1912 McLaughlin Buick owner talks about his car and its possible family connection:

1951 Mercury Monarch convertible:

Gruppe5 2002 BMW:

Design history of corvette wheels:

1926 Tall T coupe:

Tried and true two ten 57 Chevy for Byron, Todd, and Dave:

2019 Hot Rod of the year is a 36 Ford, Wild engine!:

Goodguys Nashville Nationals pic coverage:

Quail motorcycle gathering for Mike in Ontario:

General Motors EV1 was far ahead of its time:

RIP Custom car builder, Gary Howard:

Gary Howard Customs website, check out the pics of the cars he built:

Icons of rebel metal tell the story of Nascar:

66 Corvair restoration progress, When you have gone too far to turn back……:

1968 Dodge Charger designer story for Steve in Sidney:

2019 Lowrider Miami Super Show with pics:

Low Rider roll models Johnny Gonzalez:

Cuban Mercedes Gull Wing gets a trip to Italy in pieces and a full restoration, but a long time coming:

A 1941 Nash you could sleep in, cool vintage pics:

Land Rover evolution history article for Chris and Rob:

Some of George Barris creations are hidden in a collector’s garage England, cool pics:

Krass and Bernie getting famous 1972 Chevelle comic:

Cloud Museum, thanks, Dave S.:

Interview with Harvey Lopez Arizona painter:

How to apply rally stripes on a 68 Camaro:

For Sale:
Custom survivor radical 1957 Ford Seaburst for sale:

Rusty/Crusty 1936 Aston Martin Mark II looking for new owner:

A nice camper for my neighbor Bill:

Barn Find Mustang with NHL history, thanks, Jim:

Old race cars never die:

Low Bridge crashes never seem to get old:

Bob Hope’s 58 Cadillac, thanks, Dave R:

Note some links may expire over time…

Cheers, Darryl

Stuff from D. May 6th, 2019

Whiplash Customs builds custom bikes, restores cars, pop machines, fridges, etc.
Check them out here:

Townside Automotive Repair in Victoria can fix your old radiator:

Classic Ardun powered 39 Ford Coupe and a 37 Nash Ambassador from New West, BC.:

Calgary car collector and his Jaguar D-Type Replica (I saw it at Calgary World of Wheels):

Bill Vance chats about a Packard reboot that didn’t work:

Nashville Nationals pics:

1969 Widebody Mercedes:

North Carolina Nationals:

Friday pics from North Carolina Nationals:

The right artist can turn your concept into reality:

Shelby American Garage pics:

Rent a 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT:

Pics from the Spring Carlisle Swap meet:

Shop talk, Chaos and Order:

F1 and Indy car Engine designer takes on Peking Paris rally:

A young gearhead works on his 40 Ford truck:

A rear axle brace for Mile’s 1913 Model T:

The Galaxian Ford Roadster:

Shop Tours:
Visit to Sin Shop in Rancho:

Garage Tours:
A workplace in Alberta dedicated to British Steel, Nice shop:

This Guys garage with Rich Conklin:

Note: Some links may expire over time.
Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. April 29th, 2019

The Car Guys “Hank’s Garage” (Auto sales, scroll down for lots of pics from main page):

A look inside the GM’s Heritage Collection:

A different kind of car story about finding a car to replace your family car:

South City Rod & Custom:

South City Rod & Custom has links to all the magazine articles written about cars they build here:

A Polish company is building and restoring Land Rover Defenders for Rob and Chris:

Volkswagen talking an electric race car to Nurburgring for record attempt:

The 57 Corvette that this owner let go, a decision he regrets to this day:

The Hadaway Calgary 1913 bike to be displayed at the Kick Start 5 event (For Mike in Ontario):

The Ill-Fated Kustoms Kickstart 5 event to showcase 38 motorcycles:

ILL Fated Kustoms site is here:

1928 Model A Ford staying in the family in Beaconia, Winnipeg:

Trio get inducted into Manitoba motorsports hall of fame:

Four rare and original Shelby Cobras heading to auction, get out your bidders paddle:

Zero Labs builds there version of a Ford Bronco with electric motor:

Stu Hilborn, “Hillborn Injection” (Did you know he was born in Calgary, AB?):

Some pics from North Carolina Nationals:

Bill Vance chats about the Corvair:

Bill Vance chats about the Volvo 544:

Vintage campers story for J J, trailer guys in Calgary, and me:

Factory Five 33 Ford build:

Top fuel champion Larry Dixon suing NHRA:

How the AMBR is decided at GNRS:

Bruce Meyers inventor of the Meyers Manx interview:

Hollywood dream machines featured in new exhibit at the Petersen:

RIP to Heidi Hetzer, Racer and World traveler:

Some cool pics of the Kustoms of San Diego:

Artist builds interesting bookmobile:

Walter P  Chrysler, A Visionary leader:

Steve McQueen’s first husky, crank the sound:

Old race cars never die:

1966 Chevelle trunk floor replacement:

How to use an English Wheel:

1972 Scamp seat cover replacement:

Converting a Holley 4160 to a secondary metering block:

Shop Tours:
Advance plating holds open house after moving into newly renovated building:

For Sale:
Have an extra $9500.0 US in your jeans for a 68 Camaro Cross Ram intake and carbs:–Fuel-Delivery/Carburetors/1968-original-Z28-cross-ram-intake-w2-4295-carbs/16564.html

68 Dodge Charger from Dukes of Hazzard film set going up for auction:

The Toy Peddler (Your online source for collectible toys) Thanks Dave S:

Note some links may expire over time.

Cheers, Darryl

Stuff from D. April 22nd, 2019

They are making progress in Springbank on their Avro Arrow scale model:

Abbotsford resident has 1966 Volkswagen Beetle restored as a tribute to its former owner:

Keanu Reeves shows off his motorcycle collection:

Electric conversions for VW Beetle and Vans, Porsche,  (Thanks Brad A.):

Calgarian restores a 1966 Volkswagen Van with his son. Those that attended the Calgary World of Wheels will remember seeing this one:

1967 Chevy Impala SS Vintage road test with pics:

Good Guys GRT 100 Ford truck:

5 minutes with Wayne Carini of TV show “Chasing Classic Cars”:

Elegant 1959 Rambler Wagon:

Adam Trinders turns making parts for bikes into a full fabrication business working on cars in East Vancouver:

A crispy 69 Camaro Indy Pace car gets bought and auction and is undergoing restoration:

Hot Wheels Legends tour Miami for Dwight (I like the full size Hot Wheels card backgrounds):

Dan from VIHR has his pics from the Abbotsford Car show posted here:

You can look at lots of other pics Dan has taken from his Albums section here:

Brian has posted his pics from the SpringThaw car show in Calgary. By the sounds of the weather, its still thawing out:

Hi Darryl,

I keep forgetting to send you these links to our coverage of the 2019 Vancouver Auto Show – mostly about new cars but lots of old and special interest cars featured:


Special Car Store
Shop Tours:
Ross Racing Engines (Nice shop and equipment):

Summit Racing fans post pics of their garages:

Nana’s Diner (Wow, quite the car collection):

Memminger VW garage has a lot of VW’s:


Speedway Motors G-Comp Unser Edition Rear suspension install:

Fixems Monthly tips and and tricks for street rodders:


Canada D’eh Car Show with Jellybean Autocrafters & Customs on My Classic Car:

Inside the Pinball Museum (Interesting to learn the history behind them):

Larry Pfister (Well known local photographer) has started a youtube channel for his drag racing footage:

Larry Pfister has also created a website called Horsepower heaven here:

Note: Some links may expire over time…
Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. April 15th, 2019

Vancouver Island has its first all female car club story:

The Female car club has an interesting name, website here:

The Specialty Vehicle Association of Alberta has the Feb/Mar newsletter available online here:

An Ice Cream shop in Southern California I would like to visit, cool gas pumps:

Alyn Edwards reminds us of BC custom car shows of the past, cool vintage pics:

Short article on the Portland Swap Meet:

What an Uber driver really makes:

1949 Ford Truck article for Rod:

Fiberfab 54 Corvette (Ever heard of one?):

Goodguys GRT 100 giveaway truck part 3:

Goodguys GRT 100 Ford truck (Includes a link to the other parts of the build):

Wild twin turbo Ford Maverick:

33 Ford Roadster captures Goodguys award:

Bill Vance chats about the 1914 Dodge and when a all steel car broke new ground:

Bill Vance chats about the MG race car:

New Hellephant to debut in 2020:

Low Tech spends a day at the drags with pics:

The real Little Red Wagon getting restored:

Barrett Jackson Palm Beach pics:

Charlotte Auto Fair pics:

Gallery of Nostalgia Nitro March meet:

Four different power steering boxes tested:

How to choose the right Torque Convertor for your Chevy:

How to custom tune a Holley Vacuum secondary carb:

1969 Mustang floor pan replacement:

Prepping a coyote crate engine for a mustang swap:

The Triumph Spitfire story:

The Hot Rod Story Drag Racing (Vintage stuff):

1961 Chevy Impala Dan Gurney’s American Export:

Ultimate Factories Camaro plant tour:

I’ve posted a few pics I took at the Lethbridge Swap meet here:

Thanks to the Southern Alberta Antique & Classic Auto Club for putting the Lethbridge Swap meet on,
A small review of the swap meet can be found here:

Shop Tours:
Classic Car Studio (Speed is the new Black on TV) shop tour (Wow, what a huge shop!):

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Cheers, Darryl

Stuff from D. April 8th, 2019

Mini Countryman Racer for Martin:

Couple die while trying to reverse collector car into protective bag cover:

Oddball kustoms Diesel powered road runner:

Mercury and Cadillac convertibles bought after a bar conversation:

1960 Chevy El Camino from Airdrie, AB:

A new UK home built with a garage too small for a regular car:

Setting up your home garage tips:

Hell Cat Redeye engine for Brad in Calgary:

Someone wants to build the Brubaker Box again:

Super Chevy Show and Memphis swap meet pics:

Boston World of Wheels pics:

Carlisle Autofest Corvettes show pics:

Meguiars Del Mar Nationals pics:

The Goodguys GRT 100 truck build part 3:

All American get together, looks like a great family event:

Vintage tractor auction for Tom in Calgary:

1940 Buick crowned Street Rod Headquarters Custom of the year:

Big Doer has posted their pics and story on Frostbite Hotrods in Calgary here(Scroll down in each link for all the pics):

Hot Wheels Legends tour for Dwight:

The drive home 4 winds from Houston to Detroit:

A fuel altered dragster hangs on this bar wall (Cool):

The Bill Mitchell 1956x Buick Century emerges from an eight year restoration:

Photo gallery of 50th anniversary NHRA Gator Nationals:

Alan Mest has an awesome car collection, check out the pics:

Road trip tools and where to buy them:

Bob Bondurants school of high performance driving saved by private investment group, a lot of the staff are staying put:

1959 Buicks were popular designs, cool vintage pics:

Nitromethane story part 1 and 2:

A classic Mini with a VTEC motor swap:


Lambo driver crashes into brick wall:

Factory five owner talks about building them and his experiences:

1962 Lincoln Continental: Executive Demo version for Rob in Victoria:

Engine blueprinting tips part 1:

Installing a shift improvement kit in a Ford C6 automatic:

Professor Hammer talks about seam sealers:

Professor Hammer talks about Metallurgy, Hammers, and Dollies(No not barbies):

Plugging old spotlight holes:

Note: Some links may expire over time.
Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. April 1st, 2019

A big player in the British car restoration game is Kip Motor Company in Dallas, TX:

A 1934 Ford Ute was the perfect retirement project for this Kelowna man:

Donated Camaros given to The Dreams Take Flight charity in Calgary:

The aftermarket body shells are becoming more and more popular:

How a 57 Chevy materialized after starting with a trade of a dirt bike for a Mercury Cougar:

Vintage pics of the Pisano bros. 67 Camaro match race funny car:

Goodguys GRT 100 build part 2:

Sweet 59 Impala story and pics:

Bill Vance chats about the Austin Seven:

Motorcycles on display at The Quail for Mike in Ontario:

Monkey Bikes (Honda Mini-Bikes) going up for auction:

76 Chevy C10 comes back to life:

Jerry Smiths cool cars at San Tan Hot Rods, great pics:

Driving a 400 horsepower Ford Falcon down British roads:

Lebaron Bonney interiors files for bankruptcy:

Randy Rundle renos his bathroom, carguy style:

Nissan V8 Powered Ford Fairlaine Burnout car for Larry:

The life of a fabricator:

1962 Lincoln Continental:

Tech Tips:
Autobody paint and wet sanding tips from the pros:

How to create aluminum trim moldings:

Shop tours:
Winnipeg man enjoys working in his 1000 square foot shop:

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Cheers, Darryl

Stuff from D. March 25th, 2019

Wavecrest is a car show in California put on by the San Diego Woodies car club:

Cobra goes ditch hunting in Courtenay (Thanks, Maurice):

Penstocks being removed in Campbell River (I saw these recently when I was in Campbell River last):

Vintage cars spotted at Vancouver Auto Show:

1948 Dodge shared by each generation in Ontario:

Winnipeg Piston Ring’s World of Wheels organizer likes his 1956 Chevy:

Goodguys GRT 100 Ford giveaway truck is coming along:

A few trucks from the Lone Star Nationals:

Cool 1957 Chevy from the Bay area:

Spring Nationals Weekend pics:

Bill Vance chats about the Camaro, Chevy’s answer to the Mustang:

On the ground at the Portland Roadster show:

Porsche celebrates the 917, some cool vintage pics:

Simeone Museum to showcase Tucker cars:

Vintage Vincent motorbike for Mike in Ontario:

Custom bike for Mike in Ontario:

Randy from the Special Car Store goes to the Vancouver International auto show:

Transform your garage with Covertek:

Airplanes and Hot Rod Tractors article (For Tom in Calgary):

Shop Tours:
Rod Hadfield’s Hot Rod shop in Australia:

Jim Simpson’s garage:

Hot Rods ripping down Santa Barbara streets:

A rusty crusty 1972 Porsche 911 that gets driven:

EV West is converting vintage cars to electric:

Air conditioning tips from the pros:

Plymouth AAR Cuda Quarter replacement with video:

How to rebuild a Tremec T5 Transmission:

Cheers, Darryl.
Note: Some links may expire over time.