Stuff from D. July 25th, 2012

The Torque Masters Auto Extravaganza is on the streets of Sidney, B.C. this year,
hope to see you there! Sunday August 26th:

Tidal parking

Saanich Swap meet pics link:

New Race Track proposed near Airdrie, AB:

Don’t forget to go down to your local A & W on August 23rd for a Teen Burger:

Car collector buys his own Batmobile(Quite the car collector, cool diecast collection)
Watch the video at the bottom of the article:

Auto Transformers restoration shop:

Planishing Hammers article:

Lemay collection article:

That’s one wicked garage!:

Voisin show:

F body fuel tanks set up for fuel injection:

Cars land, I want to go.

Car sounds before Ipod’s(I have an aftermarket 8 track in my old car, I use a 8-track to cassette adapter with a cassette to MP3 adapter. Works great!:)):

1973-1974 Pontiac Firebird article:

Not so average Porsche collector:

Car chase miniature style:

Hot Rod pioneer Ken Austin:

Hot Wheels full size loop:

Fail club:

Cool art site:

Dodge Challenger article:

Fast n Loud show:

1962 Travelette takes on the Great Race:

1939 Lagonda:

1968 Pontiac Grand Prix:

1956 Mercury Montclair:

Split 1968 Camaro:(Thats just weird…):

Windy gets some coverage from Marque1:

Cars Land , Oh I want to go!!!!

Secrets to perfect paint: