Stuff from D. February 2nd, 2020


Shopping cart for farm kids.

Car links that I find interesting.
Note: Some links may expire over time.

Vancouver Island Farm Market overrun with water:

Chilliwacks iconic Pick a part pink car to stay where it is:

Why does it cost so much to fix a dent:

Porsche 914 sells for $1million:

Datsun 240Z sells for $300K (For Gary):

Trailer for latest fast and furious 9 film:

1953 Nash Ambassador Custom sedan from Calgary, AB:

Allen Bergs racing career to be celebrated:

1949 Hudson:

1956 Ford F100 pickup:

Bill Vance chats about the GM Motorhome that broke new RV ground (Thanks Rob):

James Hetfields car collection draws the crowds at Petersen exhibit:

Chicago area barn find chaser keeps forgotten marques alive:

Japenese Batmobile:

More pics from TROG 2019, The Race of Gentlemen (That would be a cool event to go to):

Stellar illuminated screwdriver story:

Used parts suppliers info from Hemmings:

1936 Willys pickup:

1963 Nova build:

Breaking in a rebuilt engine:

Drill bit hunt for hardened steel work:

Painting clearcoat 101:

Mountain climbing with JDM off roaders:

Ewy Rosqvist, the unexpected champion:

1964 Galaxie, From a Galaxie far far away:

History of Pontiac performance:

Cheers, Darryl.