Stuff from D. June 26th, 2022

Note: Some links may expire over time.

After nearly a century, Stevenson’s shoe-repair shop walks into sunset:

This Is BC: Sisters create art out of Styrofoam:

Mission family restores late father’s unfinished ‘dream’ car:

4 high-dollar rides in Top Gun: Maverick that don’t make financial sense:

Smithology: 15 simple rules for dating my 1930s French propeller car:

Dr. Fred Simeone, 1936–2022:

Happy 100th birthday to Jean Rédélé, founder of Alpine and maverick of his day:

Cars, police, and a blond wig: How The Seven-Ups was shot in NYC:

These are 10 of the most expensive new cars for sale in 2022:

Wagons Invade the 2022 HOT ROD Power Tour:

Someone stop me from raiding this Corvair honeyhole:

Bill Vance: Olds Fiesta was dream car for the street:

Hands off at 250 mph—the life of a Bugatti test driver:

Porsche and Penske set sights on Le Mans with new 963 LMDh racer:

Riding 1972’s BMW R75/5 with its gleaming “toaster tank”:

Collector Classics: 1950 Plymouth Deluxe coupe
Rare three-passenger business coupe is a ‘jewel’ that honours family patriarch:

David Biegler’s 1964 Buick Riviera:

1963-72 C10 Grounded Chassis from TCI:

“REDefined” – Ken & Susan Fontes’ Custom ’56 Chevy Pickup:

“Blind Date” – Sonny Freeman’s ’32 Ford Coupe:

Roadster Revival – Kent Matranga’s Muroc II ’32 Roadster:

Function vs. fashion | Peter Brock column:

Midwest Oldtimers march on the world’s fastest half-mile:

It’s the camaraderie, not the task, that makes wrenching feel rejuvenating:

Realizing a dream with a factory “Starsky & Hutch” Gran Torino:

Rebel A, a chopped and channeled 1930 Ford, is an American classic with a British accent:

The 2022 Mille Miglia: Chasing Cars And Memories Across A Thousand Miles Of Italy:

The Golden Empress, ’48 Cadillac story:

Remembering the Styling and Performance of the Dodge Viper:

Make it Kustom, “GRAFFITI DAYS” Cache Creek 2022 – Car Show | Drag Races | Burnouts!! – Road Trip with the Boys:

Make it Kustom, How To Fabricate + MIG Weld Thin Sheet Metal – Fender Patches on 1960 Cadillac:

LG Speed & Kustom, Colonel Mustard. Brian’s Original Paint 1976 Ford Supercab.:

LG Speed & Kustom, Building Split Wishbone Mounts on the Third Wave Roadster:


Road Trip: Nashville to LA in a Channeled Deuce 1932 Roadster
Topless In Winter, With 2,000 Miles To Go(The video is in the video section below):

Viral video shows Tesla flying through Echo Park neighborhood:

Nashville to LA! Winter Road Trip in a Topless Deuce Roadster – HOT ROD Unlimited Episode 26:

How to upgrade a second-gen F-body suspension and keep the stock look:

Building your own tools takes DIY to the second power:

Can you improve a factory cylinder head with 20 minutes of work?:

7 simple modifications to enhance your driving season:

How vintage tires evolved from a problem to an industry:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 19th, 2022

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Edmonton’s new car museum promises to get your motor running:

Nothing Mini about B.C. man’s car collection
Ten classic Minis owned by Nadir Ibadullah descend on Vancouver’s All-British Field Meet:

On the Road: 1975 Plymouth Road Runner
Calgary couple restore classic coupe they bought new nearly a half-century ago:

Hot cars and dads: Families mark Father’s Day at Edmonton car show:

Would you pay three quarters of a mil for a restomod VW Beetle?
This thoroughly revamped Bug from Germany’s Milivié will be limited to just 22 examples:

$600K Beetle restomod, 850-hp “Family Huckster,” Huayra’s long tail send-off:

Shewry’s Stockpile
A collection of trucks and cars from the late Donald Shewry head to the 2022 Fall Premier Mecum auction:

Bill Vance: DKW paved the way for today’s modern Audis:

Women are Finding a Place at the Top of the Hot Rod Industry, and Sammi Frazier’s Datsun 240Z is Proof They’ve Earned It:

Kate Cook, owner and artist at Asphalt Canvas Custom Art, on Women Shifting Gears Powered by Hemmings:

“Blind Date” – Sonny Freeman’s ’32 Ford Coupe:

Roadster Revival – Kent Matranga’s Muroc II ’32 Roadster:

Deuce Party – The Petersen Museum’s 90th Anniversary Deuce Celebration:

10 historic ’32 Fords to celebrate 90 years of the Deuce:

Monty Belsham’s Muroc ’32 Roadster:

Snazzberry – Richard Patchen’s 1939 Ford:

Restoring a 1928 Essex Coupe with Tophat Automotive and Second Skin Audio:

The scale R/C world shrinks everything about off-roading—except the passion:

First Look Review: 2022 Morgan Super 3:

The work and life of the man who “invented” horsepower:

Piston Slap: In my day, we used a paper clip for that!:

Ford digitizes archives, Honda’s newest Civic Si race car stays cheap, ICE survives at Ferrari through 2030:

How two Auto Union Silver Arrows were smuggled from behind the Iron Curtain:

Photos From the Road at HOT ROD Power Tour 2022:

Power Under Pressure: 1935-36 Auburn Supercharged Straight 8:

Meet The ‘Terracotta Warrior,’ A Short-Wheelbase Porsche 911 Hot Rod Done Right:

Artist Tom Fritz Has Spent a Lifetime Capturing Memories, Oftentimes Reminding Us of Our Very Own:

How did they make tires in 1961? Essentially, how they make them now:

Early Chrysler 392 Hemi Barn Find Is Ready To Be Rescued and Rebuilt:

Building your own tools takes DIY to the second power:

Make it Kustom, METAL REBORN: Inside the Mind of Karl Fisher:

Make it Kustom, Hammer Forming 14 Gauge Inner Structure with Simple Tools!!:


Frontline Image goes to Mid Island Swap Meet:

LG Speed & Kustom, Shop day on the 47 Ford and a test drive to Western Speedway:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 12th, 2022

Some of the cool stuff they used to sell at Mantiques inside the Quality Tools store. Miss going to both places when I was visiting Calgary, AB.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Group has four possible sites for new West Shore race track:

Reflections on vintage auto glass:

Piston Slap: The sabbatical for automotive restoration?:

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Studebaker is welcome in our rear view:

Driving to find the history and meaning of Porsche’s GTS line
Covering each letter of the GTS badge, we experience the Porsche Panamera, 911, and 924 GTS”

Evolutionary: How the Toyota Land Cruiser conquered every sort of terrain
Over the past 70 years, the Japanese off-roader has built a rep for having driven to the farthest reaches of the planet:

Fractional Ferraris: How A Company Called Rally Is Democratizing The Enthusiast Car Market, One Share At A Time:

Top Gun: Maverick will live in aviation motion picture history, Kevin LaRosa shares how it was done :

Monster Maker: Jonny Ambrose is a skeletal car sculpture master:

Vancouver Island sky diving company goes into free fall to test out new gear:

Midget Race Rookie: Our editor tastes a fresh flavor of competition at the Chili Bowl:

Vision Thing: Passing the Torch:

A large Buick has found me, and I can’t wait to get it running:

Smithology: Under a grumpy hat:

Avoidable Contact #152: Not born in a barn, but I’m going to die in one:

Vincent’s snarling Rapide can still mix it on modern roads:

‘National Hot Rod Day’ celebrates 1932 Ford’s 90th birthday
The Petersen Museum in Los Angeles is going all-out and with a new official day honouring the “Deuce” :

National Hot Rod Day: Honoring the 90th Anniversary of the 1932 Ford
June 11, 2022, is National Hot Rod Day at the Petersen Automotive Museum, honoring hot rods, car culture, the late Robert E. Petersen, and the 90th anniversary of the 1932 Ford.:

Power Tour 2022 Pro Tips: Where to Stop and What to Bring On the 1,000-Mile, Five-Day Road Trip:

Hot Rod in Roadster Clothing: LS3-Swapped 1964 Sunbeam Alpine:

Barn-Find 1968 Camaro Makes Its First Appearance in 30 Years!:

2022 Ford Maverick: Compact truck sets standard and is full of pleasant surprises:

Never Stop Driving #4: Road Trip:

Hand-built cafe racer a labour of love
Calgarian bike enthusiasts turn 1982 Honda CX500C into a classic two-stroke machine:

Legendary McLaren race cars to take over Petersen Museum:

Traditional Custom Built to Drive – Bill Ganahl’s ’64 Rivi:

Tom McMullen’s ’32 Ford Roadster – Iconic Flamed Beauty:

Alan Button’s ’87 Chevy Demonstrates the Enduring Appeal of a Clean Custom Sport Truck:

The Evolution of the Corvette Z06, From 1963 to 2023:

Barona Drags (Cool pics):

Remembering the AMC 1968-70 Javelin SST Muscle Car:

Surveying the impact of the 1958-1960 Thunderbird:

This Is BC: Steveston man becomes urban archeologist along the Fraser River:

Make it Kustom, RARE FINDS + GREAT DEALS at the Coastal Swap Meet:

LG Speed & Kustom, Brown Sugar Cummins Swap Series Finale! Engine bay paint, final assembly and shake down run.:

CTS V Wagon build out of Calgary, AB. PFD Performance:

These two tools changed how I wrench on motorcycles:

Bad Fuel Pump Symptoms: Everything You Need to Know
Your fuel pump is out of sight, out of mind—until it isn’t. Here’s what to do when it starts acting up.:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 5th, 2022

Spotted in Red Deer in 2005 while at the Quick Times Swap meet.

LNote: Some links may expire over time.

Thunder Bay Museum 2022 car raffle:

Quick Times June 2022 issue is now online here:

Good Guys June 2022 issue now online here:

Good Guys July 2022 issue now online here:

A Salute to the Deuce! A Collection of Winning Deuces from the Goodguys Top 12 Awards:

Six Decade Deluxe – Les Haight Has Owned – and Dreamed About – This 1940 Ford Tudor Since 1965:

Deuces Continue to be Celebrated in 2022 with the Petersen Automotive Museum Iconic ’32 Ford Exhibit, a new National Holiday, and Star-Studded Gala:

Deliverance – Mac Coldwell’s ’55 Chevy Sedan Delivery Makes a Blue Streak Through the Black Hills:

Gordon Martin’s 1970 Buick GSX:

Vignale-bodied 1952 Ferrari 342 America is a star at Greenwich—and everywhere else:


Spun Bearing: Two words that bring everything to halt:

$20 million Texan collection to go under the hammer:

I’ve kept my 1969 Chrysler Newport Custom in the family:

This 1968 Dodge Charger Is Lighter Than a BMW M4 With Nearly Twice The Power
This 1968 Charger features a full carbon body and floor with a 7.0 liter Dodge Hellephant V-8 and SpeedKore parameter frame.:

Hudson Hornet, Chrysler Turbine become newest members of the National Historic Vehicle Register:

Almost six decades ago, I bought this ’48 Ford F-1 for $250:

Pontiac fanatic’s 90-car treasure trove set for auction in July:

The Triumph Silver Jubilee Bonneville’s reign was short-lived:

One California club is teaching auto tech with a Model A+ approach:

The only way is up: You meet all sorts at a Hagerty Hillclimb:

Wayne Carini has a car magazine out now, THE CHASE:

Make it Kustom, How To Use a Hammer & Dolly For DENT REPAIR!!:

Make it Kustom, SHOP NIGHT!! Lowering a ’81 Chevy Short Box – Axle Flip, C-Notch, Drop Spindles, Coils & Brakes:

LG Speed & Kustom, Brown Sugar Cummins Swap Part 9. Intercooler and Air Conditioning:

Monroe, Washington Spring Swap Meet 2022:

Walking Around the Monroe Swap Meet!:

Monroe swap meet 2022 car corral:

Classic American Muscle Car Lot Inventory Walk Around 5/23/22 Maple Motors:

Classic American Muscle Car Lot Inventory 5/2/22 Maple Motors Hot Rods For Sale Vintage Antique Ride (Thanks Brad):

Are you using the right combination wrench for the job?:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 29th, 2022

Mercury Man Shifter knob spotted at the 2022 Coastal Swap Meet in Abbotsford, BC.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Nicknames part of racing legacy at Langford’s Western Speedway:

One Sweet Six: The engine that made Jaguar:

Legends of the GT350H: Fact, fiction, and Hertz’s “Rent-A-Racer”:

Why fancy-pants Gucci reimagined AMC’s normcore Hornet:

1974’s Dirty Mary Crazy Larry paid fitting farewell to the muscle-car era:

DeTomaso’s rare, forgotten Vallelunga was the Pantera’s rough draft:

Jay Leno’s favorite kind of car show has no awards:

Model A Sunday returns to Fort Langley:

On Yellowstone’s 150th anniversary, we drive a 1936 bus that toured the park’s 2.2M acres:

Prodrive’s 400+ hp P25 won’t be the rally shop’s first road car:

Reunited with my GTO after 40 years, I began the 2000-mile drive home:

Bill Vance: Energy crisis impetus for first American diesel:

Collector Classics: 2022 Coastal Swap Meet
Annual event is where B.C. enthusiasts find the collector cars and parts to restore them:

Four-axle VW Bus lives again, more hp for Golf R’s 20th, Iceman to NASCAR:

The Founding Fathers of Car Collecting: Waterman & Gibson:

The Peugeot VLV was the Twizy of the 1940s:

The new ‘Top Gun’ movie marks the return of the Ninja
Like the F-14 Tomcat fighter jets in the film, some heroes – like this star motorcycle – just seem to get better with age:

Bitchin’ Ranchero – Kenny Keith’s Twin Turbo ’64 Ford Ranchero:

Tyler Dahlgren’s 1966 Chevy C10 is Finally on the Road:

Joel Jackson’s 1966 Chevelle SS396:

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing – Indianapolis 500:

Is it a Cord? Is it a Corvette? Or is Marty Martino’s latest creation, the CordVette, the best of both cars?:

Cars And Guitars #5: 1974 Trans Am And Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz”:

Spectators beware – three of Mechatronik’s monsters are stalking the Nurburgring this weekend:

The Diner short movie filmed in Red Deer, AB featuring Glen’s 1955 Chevy Bel Air:

Make it Kustom, Picking Up a RARE Car For a Great Deal!! 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire:

Bennetts Customs Co, 20 YEARS SITTING RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE – 1929 Ford Roadster Pickup find.:

LG Speed & Kustom, Two Flathead Fords road trip to the Coastal Swap Meet in Abbotsford BC:

Saratoga Speedway Swap Meet and Show N Shine 2022:

5 Minutes With Scott McLaughlin:

Diagnostic Dilemma: Not all scan tools are alike:

What you need to know about automotive wiring:

A Guide to Automotive Fluid Lines, Connections, and Fittings:

Get Your Shine On! Tips for Polishing your Paint:

Bowler Performance Announces New TREMEC Mechanical Speedometer Cable Adapter:

Better brakes on a budget:

A Flair for Flaring:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 22nd, 2022

Logging 36 Ton Grapple Hook spotted on Haida Gwaii in 2015. Yup that was my rental Hummer
in the background.

Note: Some Links may expire over time.

Reunion 2022 – Race City and Past Tracks of Southern Alberta:

Two-day event at Dinosaur Downs Speedway a celebration of rich history of motorsport culture:

We fell out of love but I’ll stick with my Mini Marcos to the bitter end:

7000 miles, 0 interstates: Tom Cotter hits the road to find America’s heart:

Livin’ the Dream: Tales from the Big Road Trip:

This Lincoln Cosmo 1950s Carrera Panamericana tribute car showcases masterful rally mods:

Ducati’s 900 Super Sport was the superbike of the ’70s:

11 way-out-there concept cars that defined the 1970s:

Switzerland loved Mopar, and this export ’70 Challenger R/T is proof:

These Canadian-spec British Fords owe their survival to two dedicated kids:

3 Canadian shops that will actually humour your classic EV conversion dreams :

350 GT Meets Aventador Ultimae: These Are The Very First And Last Lamborghinis To Be Powered By A V12 Engine:

When Pigs Fly: Ken Block to wheel ‘Hoonipigasus’ up Pikes Peak

Florida shop hews ’70 Chevelle from new Camaro droptops:

Avoidable Contact #149: Does this tired old Honda deserve to be “reimagined” by (a) singer?:

Our tame fighter pilot saves an old FJ from its final flight:

“The Holy Grail”: What makes the 300 SLR coupe so valuable:

Hittin’ the Road (Course) – Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series Recap from the 16th BASF Nashville Nationals:

Retro Rumblings – Ed Kanaschitsky:

Goodguys 2022 Tanks, Inc. Hot Rod of the Year! Mike Whitney’s homebuilt ’32 Ford Roadster:

Bill Vance: Manic GT a valiant attempt to start and operate a Canadian car company:

Hot Wheels: The Tiny Toy Cars That Inspired Millions of Gearheads Worldwide:

Mick Jones’s 1942 Chev pick-up:

Me and my car: Aubree Jones and her ’57 Thunderbird:

The 1920s Lincolns Made Great Contributions to Auto History:

Tips From a Restoration Pro on How To Buy the Right Project Car:

8 steps to buying a new car without getting ripped off:

7 fabrication tools that belong in your garage:

Why Ford had to paint the GT350R wheels black, and 4 other carbon wheel secrets:

How To Identify a 4L60E Transmission and Decipher Case Tags:

Classic Car | The Pendulum Outlaw 911 |

American Graffiti 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe- Chip’s Garage Episode 11 (Nice shop too!):

Make it Kustom, Homemade Bead Roller Dies + English Wheeling a Low Crown:

Classic Car Studio, 56 Ford F600 • Sneak Peek:

LG Speed & Kustom, Brown Sugar Cummins Swap Part 8. Exhaust!:

LG Speed & Kustom, Another road trip in the 47 Ford! Monroe Swap Meet:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 15th, 2022

Cool grill spotted at the Abbotsford Swap Meet in 2017.

Boulevard Magazine from Victoria has an article (Page 30 – 33) about the Mill Bay brothers and their high flying hobby hunting old cars into TV series (Lost Car Rescue):

New Langford park will honour pilots of crashed water bomber
Flying Firemen Park named after Alexander Davidson and Robert (Paddy) Moore:

Project Valentino: You’ll always be a part of me:

Low Class Yuppie: Odd jobs, tales from behind the parts counter:

Smithology: Perhaps we should run to the parts store and buy more Brakleen:

Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame hoping to preserve artifacts before fall closure of Western Motorsports:

Avoidable Contact #148: Trying to be about it, not just talk about it:

Rumor: Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow sold for record $142 million:

AMC values are finally stirring, but most remain Big Bad bargains:

Martin Aveyard’s world-class 1:24 models are pure car zen, but he won’t sell:

The Mississauga Classic Car Club launches its 2022 season
This free outdoor event revs up every Saturday night, from May until September, with a parking lot full of classics:

One-of-Three 1967 Nickey Camaro Supercar Packs 427 Big-Block Power and a Ton of History!
The 2022 Mecum Indy auction will be offering a very rare piece of hot-rodding history!:

Powered by a 450-HP 427ci Big-Block, This 1967 Yenko Super Camaro Ruled the Streets!
This rare and heavily optioned Yenko Camaro—only 1 of 3 known to exist—was built for muscle car fanatics looking for more power.:

Collector Classic: 1957 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
Vancouver Sun pressman’s pink pride and joy rolls back into his life thanks to his dedicated son:

Elmer’s Auto and Toy Museum Collection:

Cruisin’ For a Good Cause at the Cure Cancer Car Show:

Building a Legacy – Custom Car Icon Bobby Alloway adds to his Ever-Expanding Trophy Case with Inaugural Goodguys “Chevrolet Performance Builder of the Year” GM Iron Award:

Amadeo Angelo’s Stunning 1940 Suburban built by Roseville Rod & Custom:

Friday First Look! 16th BASF Nashville Nationals presented by BluePrint Engines:

Leroi “Tex” Smith – Prolific Author, Hot Rod Pioneer:

Bill Vance: Manic GT a valiant attempt to start and operate a Canadian car company:

Tipo 184: on the road in the Mazda MX-5 based kit car
Inspired by classic Grand Prix racing cars, Darren Collins has created a model that faithfully recreates the originals, but with a twist – it’s actually a kit car based on an MX-5:

Stock Stories: 1948–1971 BSA Bantam (Awesome artwork):

There’s common ground between the differing ideals held by young and old enthusiasts:

Chevrolet’s Experimental V8 Corvair:

Remembering Custom Car Builder Dean Jeffries:

Tech: Piston Slap: Thoughts on custom cooling for custom vehicles?:

Preparing for the next Big Road Trip:

Why does fiberglass painting take so long? We peel back the layers:

Know these 4 common muscle car restoration gaffes to save yourself a costly mistake:

How to improvise when you get shipped the wrong clutch cable:

How to Paint an Engine Block: The Devil Is in the Details!
You’ve got this! All you need is $147 and some patience to get killer results.:

I Love This Tool: Hobart Inventor series auto-darkening welding helmet:

How can you preserve your tires from age-related rot?:

Frontline Image, EP # 70 JavaJos First Meet 2022 Apr 30 edit 4:

Frontline Image EP#69 Saratoga 2022:

Light Em Up TV, Saratoga Speedway Swap Meet Market & Car Show April 23rd 2022:

Make it Kustom, 3 English Wheel UPGRADES – How To Make It EASIER to Use By Yourself:

Make it Kustom, Metal Shaping Track Nose Panels – Bennett’s Customs COLLABORATION!!:

Classic Car Studio, CCS Vlog #8 • CCS Builds & “Battle in Bama” Projects:

LG Speed & Kustom, Brown Sugar Cummins Swap Part 7. It moves under its own power! Oh, and some wiring stuff too.:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 8th, 2022

Batmobile collection. Spotted at Sidney Museum, Comic show in 2018.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Quick Times May 2022 issue is now online here:

GoodGuys May 2022 issue now online here:

GoodGuys June 2022 issue now online here:

Hornets create a buzz at Saratoga Speedway for 2022 season opener:

Speedway legends establish Victoria Auto Racers Hall of Fame:

When a car falls into your lap:

Hasta la Vista, Baby! Oldsmobile’s Vista Cruiser defined family recreation for a generation:

The run-down delights of a French roadside car lot:

This Dodge Power Wagon received a well-deserved second lease on life:

Looking back on Weissrat: A slapdash resurrection and 5000-mile road trip in a dumpster-fresh BMW:

Ford embraces open-source 3D printing while Honda Europe appears to crack down:

Vintage ’76 Porsche EV-conversion leads Vancouver Sun Run:

New Ford GT owner’s wreck blamed on poor stickshift skills
An alleged unfamiliarity with manual transmissions may be behind this crash of a US$704,000 2006 Heritage Edition GT :

World’s most expensive Bronco rolls, then keeps galloping
The iconic “Big Oly” – which sold last year for US$1.87 million – was racing the NORRA Mexican 1000 rally when it flipped :

Déjà Phew: Bad luck and a second Moskvich 407:

Don “the Snake” Prudhomme: Still racing at 81:

This 1999 Acura NSX-turned-Lamborghini Diablo GT just sold on eBay for 125,000 dollars:

Evolutionary: How the Volvo station wagon went from brick to beauty
Station wagons have been part of the brand’s image for decades — the Swedes love building wagons, and we love buying them:

Motorama Custom Car Show runs this weekend near Toronto
After two years of COVID shutdown, the cars and the crowds are back at the International Centre in Mississauga:

Filthy Rich from Deboss Garage talks about coming to the Toronto Motorama show:

Hot Rod Garage Has a New Host: Alex Taylor
Racer, builder, mechanic, and now cohost? Alex Taylor can do anything!:

Maserati 300S #3067: Podiums With Moss And Fangio, Dirt Track Racing In South America, And A New Life In Italy:

2022 Mopar Spring Fling Car Show Highlights
Dodge and Plymouth fans flock to the West Coast for CPW’s Spring Fling in Van Nuys, California.:

Tire-Shredding Action From the Burnout Pit at LS Fest West
Engines pegged at redline and many tires were destroyed at LS Fest West 2022.:

Fond Memories, Brighter Tomorrows
Albert Schulz’s Le Mars Toy Store aims to please customers, aid the community:

Bill Vance: 300SL’s iconic gullwing doors were an engineering solution:

Building the Goodguys Giveaway ’88 Chevy OBS Truck – Part 1:

TMI Products Deluxe Bench Seat now Available in 55″ Width:

Desert Star – Bill Raper’s Soul Red 1967 Galaxie is Out of This World:

Terror on the Streets – Kevin Hart’s “Michael Myers” ’69 Plymouth Road Runner:

60 Years Running: Advanced Plating Celebrates Milestone Anniversary:

Holley LS Fest West 2022 takes over Las Vegas Motor Speedway:

Classic car vending machine coming to Tulsa in 2026:

Evolutionary: How the Z made Nissan Japan’s performance brand:

Peter Brock Reflects on the Early Years of Sports Car Racing:

Run out of Talent, Trash a 1.8-Million Dollar Piece of History:

Who was automotive illustrator Bernd Reuters and why did he depict VWs with such wild proportions?:

How a Rare Option Package on This 1971 Mustang Facilitated Its Owner’s Pure Stock Ambitions:

Better Than Simulators: How the Slot Car Hobby Has Evolved Since its Sixties Heyday:

Rampside Classic – 1943 De Havilland DH-98 Mosquito – The Wooden Wonder That Rewrote The Rulebook:

Remembering AMC Designer Bob Nixon:

Shop Tours:
Find automotive euphoria in this dreamlike swiss classic car workshop:

How to erase those body boo-boos with some paint blending work:

Watch Those Fingers: Metalshaping Pros Offer Advice for Beginners on Using the English Wheel:

5 Minutes With Dean Livermore (Hot Rods by Dean):

Mechatronik’s workshop wizards on restomodding classic Mercedes and their wild Project 107:

South West Collection. The Barnaby Chronicles,(900 car collection):

VIDEO: First post-pandemic car show at D.W. Poppy Secondary set records:

A Tribute to MotorWeek’s Legendary Master Technician Pat Goss(Growing up I watched Motor Week each week, RIP Pat Goss):

Make it Kustom, English Wheel Techniques for Low Crown Panels – 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe Conversion :

LG Speed & Kustom, Brown Sugar Cummins Swap part 6. Fire in the hole!:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 1st, 2022

Ideal Direction Indicator. Spotted at the City of Calgary Car show in 2008.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Java Jo’s Season Opener, Victoria, BC – 2022 pics from VIHR (Thanks Dan):

Driven Car Show Coming to Calgary May 7th, 2022:

Okotoks Car Auction, May 27-28, 2022:

Official ceremony launches Vancouver Island Responder Boat into a new era:

Western Speedway racing legend ‘The Flying Plumber’ had all the tools:

Former Langley principal organizes a trip through history, in a Porsche
Gary Walker wanted to do a ‘little more than just driving’:

Hemi-powered 1933 Ford That Defines ’50s Style Is Headed to Mecum Auctions
This Ford custom rod was a trophy-magnet on the show circuit until it vanished for 30 years. Now it’s a star car at Mecum’s Indy auction.:

French Bred: 2CV, Dyane, and a day in the countryside:

10 open-wheel stars from Evernham’s upcoming blockbuster sale:

Low Class Yuppie: Why I love Land Rovers:

Dodge names Chief Donut Maker in YouTube contest finale
For being the “Brotherhood of Muscle’s” new brand ambassador, Preston Patterson’ll get a Challenger SRT Hellcat:

Behind The Scenes Where 10 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato Continuations Are Being Built In The Old Newport Pagnell Factory:

50 years ago, Ducati’s distinctive V-twin birthed a dynasty:

My Esprit lived up to its reputation … by breaking down:

Coming to America: Czech hot-rodders find their place in the sun:

The more motorcycles change, the more they stay the same
These three modified BMW R18s offer plenty of confidence that the future of the custom bike hobby is in good hands:

Bill Vance: 1949 Mercury got unexpected boost from James Dean:

The 1980s Ferrari bubble crashed the collector car market. What can it teach us today?:

The wonders of the Chrysler Norseman lie shipwrecked in the Atlantic:

Avoidable Contact #146: The real deal on dealerships in 2022:

Holley’s Sky-Ram intake is a joke, but the real torque figures sure ain’t:

The latest Hagerty Price Guide update had value gains far and wide:

6 affordable ways to dress up your project car:

’68 Cyclone: Honoring an unsung 428 on 4/28:

A Race to Give Classic Cars Electric Hearts
Vancouver Island motor heads rushed to help a hot rod owner wow the auto world. Buckle in for the ride.:

As Teen’s iPhone Shots of Toy Cars Make Him a TikTok Star, Mom Reflects on Ways His Autism Is ‘An Advantage’
Anthony Schmidt, 14, has over 500,000 TikTok followers intrigued by his optical skills:

Sacha Taylor’s art seeks to build on the intimate relationship people have with their automobiles:

Jack Chisenhall’s ’53 Studebaker – To Air is Human. To Go 200mph is Divine.:

Spring Carlisle Swap Meet And Show 2022: Photos From One Of The Most Famous Swap Meets In The World:

Spring Carlisle Swap Meet And Show 2022: More Photos From One Of The World’s Greatest Swap Meets:

Spring Carlisle Swap Meet And Show 2022: Our Last Blast Of Photos From This Epic Swap Meet:

Tomorrowland’s Yesterday: Disneyland Autopia Mark VII First Drive:

Insane Hand-Fabricated Scale-Model of the Big Red ’69 Camaro Is a True Work of Art:

The 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible is a Solid Investment:

The Demise of the Nash Metropolitan:

VTEC Legends: The Five Best Honda Engines of All Time:

Let’s paint the racetrack orange to celebrate 50 years of Jägermeister Racing:

The 2002 Turbo Is BMW’s Ultimate Driving Instructor, And One Of The Best On A B-Road:

Step inside Girardo & Co.’s new facility for rally and racing wonders in Turin:

Without Brixia Motor Classic, the Mille Miglia would not be the same:

This is BC: South Delta man gets attention driving vintage Tatra car:

This Is BC: Man is making artistic treasures out of other people’s trash:

Langley Area Mostly British car show resumes in Fort Langley after two-year interruption:

VIDEO: Country Car show returns to Aldergrove:

Love Speed and Loss | The Kim Newcombe Story:

Make it Kustom, Kristina’s 1958 Chevy – Engine Work + Stereo Install – She’s Ready For Cruising!!:

Brown Sugar Cummins Swap Part 4 Building Engine Mounts with LG Speed & Kustom:

Brown Sugar Cummins Swap Part 5 Notching The Oil Pan and Final Assembly with LG Speed & Kustom:

Build a 1,200 HP 392ci Hemi Short-Block for Under $3,500
Junkyard 392, Part 2: Detailing how we turned a $400 junkyard 392 Hemi V-8 into a 1,200-hp-capable reactor core using a bulletproof rotating assembly from Mahle, Molnar, and Modern Muscle Xtreme.:

Pay or walk away? | 8 steps to mechanically inspect that potential purchase:

9 Common Restoration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them:

Tips To Help Overcome Upholstery Anxiety on Your Project Car:

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Stuff from D. April 24th, 2022

Frank with the goggles and hat on bottom row was my favorite.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Saratoga Speedway Swap Meet and Market – 2022 pics from VIHR (Thanks Dan):

West Coast Pro Modifieds new website:

This summer’s Formula E event in Vancouver now cancelled:

Car collecting world turns its eyes to San Diego for annual La Jolla Concours:

Chrome and Colour a labour of love
B.C. author’s collection of collector car anecdotes was a hot seller right out of the chute:

Bill Vance: Front-wheel drive Toronado a bold move by GM:

John Ducker: On a motorcycle, seen and safe beats loud and proud:

AMT Tommy Ivo Rear Engine Dragster 1/25 Scale Model Kit:

Goodguys Makes Buying and Selling Vehicles Easy and Fun:

Bring A Trailer Featured Vehicle of April 2022 – 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air Parkwood:

Tri-Motor: When Ford gave the world wings:

The car world is full of jobs they don’t tell you about in high school:

Restoring my AMC was more than fun; it was therapy:

Your Guide to All The Ford GT Heritage Special Editions:

Restoring a One-of-a-kind 1958 Pontiac
The Star Chief that shouldn’t be:

Why I’m Pairing a Manual Transmission With an Electric Motor For My Chenowth EV Project:

The good kluge that fixed the bad kluge:

Pete Aardema and Kevin Braun Make It Look Easy to Design and Build 900hp Engines by Hand:

Shop Tours:
Getting in Gear – An Inside Look at Gearstar Performance Transmissions:

Make it Kustom, Steel Plate HAMMER FORMING!! Step By Step with Simple Tools – G10 Van Battery Tray:

Make it Kustom, READY TO FLIP!! Finishing the 1976 Chevy Van to Sell:

Brown Sugar Cummins Swap Part 4 Building Engine Mounts with LG Speed & Kustom:

RODD Excavating Night at the Races – Westshore Motorsports Park! April 16th 2022:

The story of Rudi Koniczek:–xEUvCM

Restorer of souls: The Rudi Koniczek story. A classic 300SL Restorer.:

Shop tour at Rudy Koniczek’s place:

Rudy and His Cars:

Autovisie TV: De Mercedes-Benz 300 SL-koning van Canada:

【300SL Roadster】Rudi in Wonderland / BINGO MEDIA:

Owen Automotive, Jaguar XK150 Restoration EP14 PREVIEW (Stunning restoration!):

Dubs Kustoms at BC Classis & Custom Car Show – Abbotsford, BC 2022:

Portland Swap Meet Expo Center Portland, Oregon 2022:

Rusty Duck Garage goes to Portland Swap Meet 2022:

Portland swap meet 2022:

Portland swap meet part2:

Portland Auto Swap Meet 2022!:

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