Stuff from D. April 11th, 2021

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Note: Some links may expire over time.

Major renovations get underway at Penticton Speedway:

We Found Ford’s Incredible Turbine-Powered Semi-Truck ‘Big Red’ That’s Been Lost for Decades:

This Vancouver architecture grad is making waves in automotive art:

Chevy drops its Track Package on the V6 and four-cylinder Camaro:

Britain’s Caterham Cars saved by new Japanese holding group owners:

All the Difference – John Peña Shows Some International Flair With His ’73 Travelall:

Old Ford Crew Cabs Headed To 11th FiTech Spring Nationals In Scottsdale:

Total Chaos! Nitro Madness -The Biggest Funny Car Race of the Century:

Road Rules! Ray Landis has Covered a Lot of Ground in This ’58 Corvette:

Bill Vance chats about GM founder Durant took on Model T with low-priced Star:

Hemi: How Chrysler drew a dome and forged a dynasty:

This ’63 GMC half-ton was an Ontario farm girl’s ticket to hot-rod heaven:

After an 11-year hiatus, the Micro/Mini Car World Meet returns for 2021:

Are collector cars works of art?:

Beautiful car art trades paint and paper for needle and thread:

The most popular Porsche colors, according to you:

Lime Rock Park sold to investment group, Skip Barber still in the mix:

My XR250R racing project has turned into a spring snowball:

The 2021 (and 2020) Motorsports Hall of Fame of America inductees:

Chevelle Gallery! Lost Images From the Super Chevy Chicago Show.:

Barn Find 1937 Ford Truck Rescued After 55 Years!:

Hot rod and custom pioneer Dave Hart – interview:

Jaguar XK150 Restoration happening at Owen Automotive in Sidney, BC,
Below is Episode 1,

The remaining Episode of the Jaguar restoration can be found here,
Nine episodes have been filmed so far:

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries Episode 1 (or What have I been doing all this time? Part 2):

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries Episode 2 (1982 Range Rover V8):

We Find a Bugeye Austin-Healey Sprite | Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Project(For Martin):

Watch Jim Clark Show Why He Was One of the Best:

Master Mechanics: Il Bottegone ISO Restorations:

A Modern Crate Engine Guide:

A Gallery of Well-Dressed and Well-Disguised Crate Engines:

It’s the Ultimate for a Reason! Griot’s Garage Ultimate Detailing Cart:

The Electrifying Truth Behind Mopar Ignition Ballast Resistors As Told By Uncle Tony:

Pre-trip checkup: Inspect these systems before that first spring trip:

Trailering 101: A guide for safe towing:

Your handy 1970–73 Datsun 240Z buyer’s guide:

Dry ice cleaning: The coolest way to remove rust, grime, and undercoating:

Powdercoating Colors: Everything You Need to Know for Home Use:

How to Make a Custom Spark Plug Wire Set:

Hot Rod Bodywork: Build Your Own Custom Firewall:

Oil Down: A Look Inside Several Popular Oil Filter Models:

Radio Un-Deleted, welding in a patch panel:

All the Right Connections, American Auto-wire installation:

Shop tours:

WWE’s Bill Goldberg Car Collection Is HUGE! | CNBC Prime:


Bad Chad goes on a road trip with Doug to see another unique antique car & memorabilia collection:

Cheers, Darryl.

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Stuff from D. April. 4th, 2021

From the 2006 Okotoks swap meet.

Quick Times April issue is now online here:

Western Speedway back for 2021-22 seasons, announces new name:

What Drives Her: Bogi Lateiner Is Empowering Women To Take Control Of Their Auto Repair Experience (Thanks Chris):

Restoring a DeLorean requires a little automotive archeology and a lot of love:

Wells Auto, Delorean shop mentioned in above article:

Car shows to binge before the pandemic ends:

Preview of the May 2021 Goodguys Gazette magazine:

You can read the May 2021 Goodguys Gazette magazine issue here:

Get In Your Garage – April 2021 edition:

Midnight Ivy – Ian Coley’s Low ’n Lean 1964 Impala has Been a Long Time Coming:

Godzilla’s biography: The 50-plus year history of the Nissan GT-R:

Bill Vance chats about the Brooks steamer a tale of deception with a Canadian angle:

The History of the Funky, Fun Subaru BRAT:

Lost and Found: Could the L-70 be the rarest first-gen Camaro engine of them all?:

The Stoner T: How to build a hot rod in 10 years (and influence people), part 20:

The Greatest Drag Racing Rivalry of 1966:

ARDUN Adventure – A Pair of Rare Heads Led Mike Michels to Build This Deuce Tudor:

Six-Pack of Dodge Super Bees:

Well-known car designers illustrate their dream hot rods. :

Rescue time for 1966 Pontiac Tempest :

In this long-lost interview, Steve McQueen talks “Le Mans,” “Bullitt,” and Gulf blue:

Peter Brock Column: Without Bill Mitchell, the Chevrolet C2 Corvette May Never Have Happened:

Lost for 40 years, Ford’s turbine-powered big rig has been rediscovered:

After 18 years, it’s about time to jumpstart my stalled 1977 Trans Am project:

One Weird Day at a 1955 Hudson Photo Shoot:

Mark Thatcher’s 1966 Olds 4-4-2 Fuses Power and Performance:

This 1969 Dodge Coronet Convertible is a Great Deal More (For Todd):

Remembering Hot Wheels Designer Ryu Asada:

Finally found out what Bernard pliers I have were for:

Goodguys Gazette overview of the Tremec TKX 5-speed:

Three Steps To Restoring Your Vehicles Finish With AutomotiveTouchup:

The Bamboo Skewer Is an Effective, Inexpensive Detailing Secret :

Are Your Tires Too Old to Be Safe?:

How to Plan a Perfect Restoration—and What to Do When Things Go Horribly Wrong:

5 steps to bring your car out of storage for spring driving season:

Top 10 Cheap Garage Tools that Work:

Gilbert’s Garage: Checking Out Some Old Tools Around the Shop:

10 Auto Body Repair Tools for Your DIY Paint Job:

Prevent Overheating With A Custom Built Fan Shroud:

Building An Affordable Home-Built Hot Rod:

Rebuilding a Lotus Twin Cam Engine | Restoration Impossible Lotus Elan Project Car Part 3:

Your handy 2005–06 Ford GT buyer’s guide:

Rebuilding the front suspension of a vintage Mustang:

How Universal Is A GM Steering Box? Borgeson Discusses The Subject:

700 HP 1963 Chevy Nova SS from Lake Cowichan:

1972 Dodge Demon Vs Ford Maverick:

Davenport Motorsports, N/A Monster C7 Grand Sport & Kong 2650 C6 ZR1. Hittin The Rollers. Ep.7 S.1:

1956 Thunderbird | An American Classic:

Roy Marko’s Garage on Youtube:

Edd China launches new YouTube series:

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries Episode 1 (or What have I been doing all this time? Part 2):

New Nissan ad with retro portions:

Shop Tours:
Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason shows Brian Johnson his private car collection:

Paradise Road Japan Custom Shop:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. March. 28th, 2021

On the Road: 1953 Chrysler Imperial
Neophyte restorer says rebuilding old classic is all about building confidence. And having no timeline:

Car culture’s most iconic custom, the Hirohata Merc, reportedly for sale
The price hasn’t been mentioned, but don’t expect to get it for cheap:

This 500-hp ‘rustomod’ ’67 Chevy pickup is only restored in the places you can’t see
Mauro Brocca’s C10 wears its patina proudly while rocking an airbag suspension and LS V8—and you won’t find too many trucks in Canada that do the same:

Performance Car Restorations mentioned in the article above:

Alberta chop shop dismantled by Mounties
Two charged as twelve vehicles valued at a quarter-million dollars found:

Late racer’s garage-found trio tops H&H Classics auction:

Bill Vance chats about The road to lighter, safer automobiles began in 1922:

Future Shock – Tex Smith’s XR-6 AMBR Winner:

Barrett-Jackson Cup Competition Top 5 Announced!:

Road Rules! Pure Michigan – Backroads Cruising to Cure the 2020 Blues:

Electric Vehicles are Becoming More Mainstream. Are Electric Hot Rods Next?:

Midnight Ivy – Ian Coley’s Low ’n Lean 1964 Impala has Been a Long Time Coming:

Watch this 911 basketcase get resurrected in a home garage:

Yes, it’s a thing: National Boogie Van Day 2021:

Evel Empire: Knievel’s stranglehold on the Seventies:

Daredevil Debbie: America’s motorcycle jump queen who took on Knievel and won:

88 years ago today, a legacy of motorsports was born at Donington Park:

Pontiac enthusiast driving effort to create new Detroit-area museum:

Cars on the cover: 5 unforgettable samples of automotive album art(I have the ZZ Top one):

Built from blueprints, the only fuel-injected 1968 Shelby fastback runs again:

This 1959 Chevrolet Impala transformed from worn to wonderful:

Dallas to L.A. in a Dodge A100 that we had to rebuild first:

Lawman Mustang: The Boss 429 sent to war in the Pacific:

The Death Eaters, Chapter 1: Tatra T87(That will buff right out…):

Can You Name All the Hot Rod Heroes in This Photo?
Alex Xydias’ 99th Birthday was the cause for a gathering of legends.:

The wonders of a 1969 Camaro cutaway car
This Bowtie Double-Header Is One Of Two Currently Known To Still Exist:

How a quest to help restore vintage cars developed into a specialty business:

Rebuilding Following a Tragic Disaster: The Ingram Family Porsche Collection:

Vintage Car Magazines article:

Women Drag Racers in History: Della Woods:

Legendary street machine builder Howard Astill – interview:

Alice Ramsey Made History Driving Across America in 1909:

When it comes to belts and travel, it isn’t always as easy as packing a spare:

No, you don’t need racing oil in your daily driver:

Even self-learning EFI sometimes needs an expert tutor:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Using angle iron like a metal LEGO brick:

Your handy (1990-97) Mazda Miata buyer’s guide:

Buyer’s Guide: The 1964-1965 Ford Falcon covered the spread from fuel miser to sport coupe:

3 tips for rebuilding your brake calipers:

Carburetors Aren’t Rocket Science, Here’s How To Adjust One:

You all have some creative solutions for dealing with mice in your garages:

Getting the Spark Back in Your Life:

Pickup trucks are hot. I know, because I just sold my Dodge D200 in no time at all:

12 questions to ask yourself before tearing down your first project car:

Swap Meat: How to drop a modern LS in place of an SBC, Part 3:

How To Keep Your Hot Rod Cool When It’s Hot:

Cam from Back Fires and Burnouts goes to pick up a “Free” Barn Find 46 Chevy from Galiano Island:

Documentaries tell the stories of the Green Hornet and Little Red Shelby Mustang prototypes:

A brief history of the FJ60 Toyota Land Cruiser:

This Is What It Looks And Sounds Like When BRM Fires Up Its Supercharged V16 Inside An Old English Shed (Crank the sound!):

Master Mechanics: Provost Automobile Le Mans:

Shop tours:
Cool Collections! Bruce and Judy Ricks’ Oklahoma-Based Collection is Full of Eye Candy:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. March. 21st, 2021

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Note: Some links may expire over time.

Destination Greater Victoria looking at ways to save Northwest Deuce Days:

‘Roll Your Own’ exhibit features homebuilt motorcycles:

Barriere’s Big Donny Kleinfelder and crew to star in B.C. based TV series Backroad Truckers:

Shuswap auto recycler breaks out of Rust Valley for Backroad Truckers:

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: 5 Badly modified celebrity rides
A surplus of money often means a deficit in taste, when it comes to customizing:

He’s 90, his car is 80
This spry Vancouver nonagenarian calls is ’41 Dodge Kingsway ‘the leaning tower of power’:

Sexy Blonde Merc – A Sleek Chopped ’40 Merc With All the Right Curves:

Lone Star Throwdown! The Annual Texas Truck Gathering Celebrates 10 Years:

Weekend Rewind! Goodguys 11th LMC Truck Spring Lone Star Nationals:

John’s Industries Enters the Mopar Market:

Bill Vance chats about how the Triumph Mayflower brought ‘razor edge’ styling to economy cars:

Radford coachbuilders revived by Jenson Button and Ant Anstead:

Radford revived: Jenson Button and Ant Anstead behind coachbuilder’s return:

1938 Alfa Romeo 158 Alfetta homage, built by TV’s Ant Anstead, coming to Barrett-Jackson:

Stock Stories: 1960–69 BMW R69S (For Mike, I like the art!):

Own a piece of history from Phil Hill’s personal automobilia collection:

The rarest Shelby on earth lurks inside this Ontario restoration shop:

This ultra-rare four-speed Hemi Cuda convertible is the perfect muscle cruiser (For the Mopar guys):

Does your custom have what it takes to become a Hot Wheels car?:

This restored 1969 Ford Torino is staying in the family:

1989–93 Dodge Cummins truck values are out-pulling their V-8 brethren:

10 cars we’re watching at the 2021 Scottsdale “Part II” auctions:

Jaguar’s “Reborn” E-Type is a 1960s dream come to life:

Knowing when to walk away: Why I decided not to build my 1921 Ford Model T and what I’ll do instead:

Hot Rod Road Trips: How and Why and Some People Who Did:

Buying a 1979 Pontiac Firebird Esprit Part 1: Splashdown:

Longtime Coming, 1969 Dodge Coronet Convertible (Todd):

Owen Auto Canada article on the 60th anniversary of the 1961 E Type Jaguar:

Riding With Mario:

Shop tours:
Smitty’s Custom Automotive Builds Cars That Back Up Great Looks with Standout Performance:

Five Minutes With Art Morrison:

1958 Pontiac Parisienne | The Canadian Car:

Little red … Corvair? Jay Leno loves this American oddity:

How to draw Chrome:

Soul Made: O.M.E.A. Handmade Badges:

How to cut open an oil filter for inspection:

TKO 5 speed vs TKX 5 speed comparison (Thanks Pete):

Video: How to Use a Tap and Die Set:

How to Formulate a Restoration Plan | Restoration Impossible Lotus Elan Project Car Part 2:

How To Find the Right Vintage Race Prep Shop for You, Your Car and Your Wallet :

6 essential hand tools for every DIY toolbox:

Identifying cracked heads and blown head gaskets:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: DIY boost leak detector!:

There is no shame in calling in the experts:

Piston Slap: Superior stoppage for Chrysler’s Forward Look:

Restoring Chrysler’s wild (and rare) flower-power “Mod Top” interior and roof trim:

Pro Level Finish for Your Hot Rod:

Cheers, Darryl

Stuff from D. March. 14th, 2021

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Note: Some links may expire over time.

Top 10 car shows on TV from various networks and streaming services:

End of the road for Cunningham Family’s Pat Bay Highway service station after 98 years:

Artist Tom Fritz article:

Modern Rodding March 2021 edition:

Organizer of Northwest Deuce Days calls it quits: ‘I wanted to go out on a high note’:

‘It’s officially over’: Northwest Deuce Days won’t be returning to Victoria:

Deuce Days is over:

Langford Mayor supports concept of Langford version of Northwest Deuce Days:

Langford Mayor open to hosting Northwest Deuce Days in West Shore:

If you never experienced attending one of the Northwest Deuce Days weekends check out my pics from the years I attended:

On the Road: 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV
Calgarian has owned, and pampered, Italian two-door classic for 47 years:

These 5 wild concept cars went from turntable props to living life full-speed:

Buy It! This bizarre turbine-powered Chrysler car is one of just 9 remaining:

Arch Rivals: Ford Bronco versus Chevrolet Blazer:

Saved from a hurricane, this classic Volvo is exactly how the owner likes it
This Ontario historian’s 1968 122S wears all sorts of period accessories and details :

Keeping the car club ‘family’ together
Volunteer-run groups have needed to get creative to stay afloat and relevant during the pandemic:

Drift Fail! B.C. learner crashes friend’s BMW into Mercedes, causing $50k damage
Thankfully the parked Benz was unoccupied, but the BMW wasn’t even his!:

Ontario driver caught at 152 km/h was ‘checking to see if his rim was rattling’
It’s the Brampton man’s second stunt driving charge since January:

Darkhorse Double Down – John Wityak’s 1965 Mustang:

Valuable Driving Tips from Goodguys AutoCross Veterans:

A Guide to Supplies and Accessories for a Successful AutoCross Weekend:

A Beginner’s Guide to Goodguys CPP AutoCross:

Bill Vance chats about Beetle rival Dauphine offered four doors, better heater:

What If? 2021 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme:

This Savoy is Mopar’s link to super-stock stardom—and my connection to my dad(Great story!):

Holley is going public; expect an IPO this spring:

Two industry powerhouses, Holley and DSE, have combined forces.:

Jaguar E-Type 60 gives buyers the chance to relive history:

Your handy (1961–69) Lincoln Continental buyer’s guide:

These 3 bare-metal Cobras prove paint is overrated(Stunning!):

These “dwarf” cars descend from 9 refrigerators and a lot of elbow grease:

This 2CV sports a fiberglass facelift and the convertible body Citroën never made:

Alice in Yonder Land: In 1909, Alice Ramsey became the first woman to drive across America:

Owen Automotive in Sidney, BC Jaguar XK150 Restoration:

Women’s History Month: Two More Great Women of Auto Design:

Treasuring Hunting…Collecting George Barris’s automotive history.:

Story on Larry Woods, Hot Wheels designer:

Ant Anstead launches DIY race car
Build the Alfa-inspired race car from the TV show Master Mechanic:

Heap to Hero: DIY kit transforms Miata roadsters into vintage Alfa Romeos
Hotting up your Mazda MX-5 this way just take effort and – naturally – a little money:

1960 Chevrolet C10 built on season 1 of Wrench’d is going up for auction:

Fonzarelli Hood Reiki -works every time!:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Sharp sheetmetal edges without a brake:

5 tips for keeping your garage organized:

Can a clay mitt or towel dethrone the traditional bar? We find out:

Shop tours:
In the Shop: Goolsby Customs:

Ant Drives His Custom Build For The First Time! | Ant Anstead Master Mechanic:

Victoria man supporting charities by creating painting every day of 2021:


Bone Yard Big Block: Can we revive it? Ice Porting??:

Tuques N Tires Youtube channel:

Soul Made: Laboratorio Lopane
Alfredo Lopane has turned sheet metal into masterpieces for decades, and he’s joined in the family business today by his sons Andrea and Alberto.:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. March. 7th, 2021

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Note: Some links may expire over time.

VIDEO: Old Highway Thru Hell tow truck helps move 850-tonne ship at Victoria shipyard:

The Quick Times March 2021 issue is now online here:

The Alberta Rides February 2021 issue can be read here:

These new Canadian online auction sites want to put you in a collector car:

Bill Vance chats about the Jetfire a forerunner of today’s turbocharged engines:

Decades before Janet Guthrie and IndyCar, Maria Teresa de Filippis braved the trials of F1:

Hot Wheels’ exclusive Red Line Club cars just got more accessible:

Smithology: I’m building another Caterham. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?:

Let NASCAR’s Joey Logano teach you how to drive a Model T:

These 8 car movies from 1971 brought hot rubber to silver screen:

Leno: Appreciation for hard work is fading, and old cars aren’t easy:

Pontiac Trans Am escapes (mostly) unscathed after 30 years in junk jail:

That time Citroën built and tested a helicopter with twin-rotor Wankel power:

Take a peek into the delicate science of aircraft preservation:

This modernized Vincent could be the perfect cafe racer (For Mike):

Nitro-Burning Dragster Out of a Backyard Garage:

10 of the Best Customs from the Sacramento Autorama:

Found! Incredible Vintage Speed Parts Stash:

462-Inch Sleeper Stroker Pontiac 400 Makes Over 500 HP While Looking Stock! (For Paul B.):

Slammed 1950 Chevy Thriftmaster Tow Truck (That’s cool!):

Muscle Car Survivors: 10 Rare Classics from MCACN:

Bill McGrath’s Vintage Speed Parts Stash Is Hidden in the Open:

Word search for the Mopar guys:

The Unassuming Garage:

Women’s History Month: The First Ladies of Automotive Design:

Shop tours:
Visiting The Restoration Shop That Brings The Brits Back To Life In Italy, Baroni Legend:

5 Tips To Keep a Classic Fuel Injection System Running Well:

Your project car doesn’t care if you’re an expert:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Quick and cheap heat shields:

Upgrading a 1997 Chevy C1500 interior on a budget:

Spring swapping: A few things to know before changing coils:

Yes, it is possible to MIG weld cast-iron parts in a home garage.:

Rear Suspension For Early Hot Rods:

I-Beam and Tube Axles for Traditional Hot Rods:

How To Build Affordable Hot Rods:

Optima batteries talks about How Do You Make Your Battery Last Longer?:

Davenport Motorsports, Plead the 5th…Gen ZL1 Hittin the Rollers Ep.4 S.1:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Feb. 28th, 2021

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Wheeler Dealers TV show says goodbye to USA:

‘It was life to us:’Western Speedway racers, crew will never forget what the track gave them:

Grey Eagle planning new outdoor drive-in event centre:

Monopod articles (Automotive Photography, Art and Culture) (Recent coverage of Victoria Deuce Days):

You can read the full versions of Monopod editions here:

On the Road: 1965 Ford Mustang
Pony car has been in North Van family for nearly four decades, and finally gallops as it was meant to:

The charismatic con artist behind the Dale lived a bizarre, tragic life
The three-wheeled car seemed poised for success in the early ’70s—or might’ve, if it existed:

How Car Collecting Powered Through the Pandemic:

Retro Rumblings – Cruising CadZZilla:

Bill Vance chats about how the 1960s Lincoln Continentals set the trend for years:

The Western Flyer Is A Streamlined RV By The Man Who Designed The Wienermobile:

Ringbrothers gave this once-crusty Cougar a Coyote transplant:

The Ringbrothers’ ’68 Mercury Cougar Yowls Like a Coyote
Big style, massive presence—and most importantly, a modern V-8:

Ringbrothers Built a Gorgeous, Coyote-Powered ’68 Mercury Cougar:

Lou Rawls, “Tobacco Road,” and the night my father crashed the SS Chevelle:

Hot Rod Dream Cars From the Pros
The Best Builders And Artists Team Up To Dream Up Some Unreal Rides:

Racecar Graveyard on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s property:

3 handy electronic tools to keep in your modern classic:

Revive your motorcycle plastics with a little bit of cash (and a lot of time):

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Clean-cutting hole saw for silicone couplers:

Your handy 1967–69 Chevrolet Camaro buyer’s guide:

Rusty Crusty BMW 2002 build update:

Getting “board” with rebuilding a Delco cassette player:

Project Car Update: 1967 C10 Truck Norris Cowl Rust Repair:

Follow This Thread: ARP Discusses Bolt Threads In Depth:

Five Minutes With Jim Grundy:

Shop tour:
Bobby Walden Speed Shop tour:

Walden Speed Shop has some cool shop build videos here:

Walden Speed Shop website:

Get In Your Garage – March 2021:

Speedtech Performance shop tour:

Pacific Arc Tig Welding (From Victoria, BC) (Young guy doing cool stuff with Tig welding):

Pacific Arc Tig Welding web site here:

Jellybean AutoCrafters goes over what they found wrong on some old work on a recent Corvette project:

Video: How to Restore a Car, Part 3: Keeping Parts Organized | Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Project (For Martin):

Madman Michigander builds go-kart-powered Honda Insight:

This baby blue sleeper Beetle packs a 517-horsepower pancake surprise:

Hot Wheels Unleashed™ Announcement Trailer:

Master Mechanics: Classic Performance Engineering with founder Martin Greave’s:

Bad Chad Hauling home a 1947 Ford Flathead V8 Truck:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Feb. 21st, 2021

IMG_1325 Resized

River City Classics car club of High River is selling tickets to win a 1988 Corvette, go here for info
(Must be in Alberta to purchase and win):

Shuswap’s Mike Hall geared up for third season of Rust Valley Restorers:

Dean Jeffries – From the Manta Ray to The Monkees and Beyond:

Lorraine Explains: Catalytic converters stolen from under our cars, noses:

That time my wheel fell off and rolled past me on the street:

Blair’s: The World’s Oldest Speed Shop:

Peek inside FDR’s flathead V-12-powered, armored 1942 Lincoln:

These vintage Corvettes are the real McCoy with two old Vancouver friends owning 14 examples:

Taking the L: 5 times massive amounts of cars were destroyed all at once:

Buy It! The Cobra Super Snake, the wildest Shelby ever, coming to auction:

Jonathan Kay: It’s a pandemic Porsche, not a midlife crisis:

Hellraiser – SpeedKore Wraps a Hellephant Hemi in a Carbon Fiber Charger (For Steve):

Mudstone Roadster – An Earthy Deuce Pickup with Classic Hot Rod Style:

Dean Jeffries – From the Manta Ray to The Monkees and Beyond:

Bruce Meyers, creator of the original dune buggy, dies at 94:

Bruce Meyers, Father of the Dune Buggy, Passes at 94:

Bill Vance chats about Niche El Camino managed a nearly 30-year run (For Dave S.):

Column: Restoring Cars Is an Emotional Journey :

How to Take a BMC Race Engine From Average to A+:

Peter Brock on the Birth of the Spoiler:

An Interview With Legendary Racer Brian Redman:

Car Catcher: One of the Earliest Surviving Bentley 3 Litres:

How Holley Helped Ford Beat Ferrari:

Ten-hut! These 10 military scale models emit serious shelf appeal:

Micro’s modern-day, electric Isetta gets ready to roll:

MGA rescued after 20 years buried beneath rubbish:

Spread refreshment across America with this rare Coca-Cola GMC motor home:

Find of the Day: It’s a prerequisite to drink Coke when driving this Coke-themed 1978 GMC Gadabout RV:

1976 Pontiac Astre Safari: The Vega’s nearly forgotten sibling:

Wendell Scott, NASCAR’s first Black driver, left a legacy of strength and grace:

My 1979 Mazda RX-7 GS so impressed my friends that they each bought one, too:

Bonafide Muscle: 1965 Pontiac 2+2 Buyer’s Guide (For Warren) (When I was younger I knew a guy with a 2+2 4spd, That car was awesome!):

Vintage Photos of the 1947 Pasadena Reliability Run:

L.A. Roadsters Rod Run, Fresno, 1963:

Where It All Began: Looking Back at HOT ROD Magazine 60 Years Ago:

Look back: 100 years of Maserati:

1934 Ford Race Car restored and makes debut at Birmingham, Alabama World of Wheels:

Prepping Parts for Powder Coating | Project Elva Sports Racer:

How a Thorough Preflight Check Can Turn That Next Big Drive Into a Dream Cruise :

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Building a cab lift for the lone wrencher:

How To Punch Hot Rod Louvers with Jimmy Shine:

Here’s How to Fix Your Old Floor or Bottle Jack:

Shop Tours:
Cool Collections! A Toy Shop Next to the Golf Course Keeps Jim Crets Busy with Projects:

Car collection on the East Coast (Wow):

Comox Valley man’s ‘Mustang Santa’ car draws attention of residents, automaker:

How To Restore a Car, Part 2: Media Blasting | Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Project (For Martin):

Davenport Motorsports Video, 1000WHP C7 Z06. Hittin The Rollers Ep2:

E.T. Drive Home: The 10 coolest alien car chase scenes in sci-fi history:

Their aim: to be the first vehicles to drive from Alaska to Cape Horn through the Darien Gap:

Alpine A110 racing (Crank the sound up!):

Umberto Galli: Ferrari’s Model Maker:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Feb. 14th, 2021

IMG_4404 Resized

Nanton Air Museum. Nanton, AB. No trip to Lethbridge Swap meet this year 😦

Note: Some links may expire over time.

SVAA  Alberta Fall Newsletter:

You can read previous SVAA Alberta Newsletters here:

On the Road: 1951 Dodge B-2-B
Albertan restores classic pickup with a donor dose of 1991 Dodge Dakota:

Women taking on automotive careers:

Road Rules! Highway Hauler – Loading Up Road-Trip Miles in a ’56 Chevy Pickup:

Suburban Dreams – Dallas Marine’s 1954 GMC Suburban:

Road Rules! Cruising the Pacific Northwest and Canada in Classic Chevys:

Bill Vance chats about how the Datsun 510 signalled Japan was coming for the car market:

A Rare Ford Consul Capri Shows Off Its American Side:

This 100-point 1952 Vincent Rapide has been raising hell on the show circuit (For Mike in Ontario):

The 1911 Reeves Octoauto was an 8-wheeled technological marvel (For Miles):

With precious metals in demand, brazen thieves are stealing catalytic converters:

Lamborghini’s first V-12 lived large for 48 years (Great pics, cool motor):

New Henry Ford museum racing exhibit puts you in the driver’s seat:

Remembering Bill Neale: Artist, prankster, gentleman:

3-Pack of 1969 Camaro “Barn Finds” Saved From Rotting in a Field!:

Remembering Charlie Wiggins, early African American racer:

Chevrolet Chevette: Awful Car or Unappreciated Revolutionary? (For Paul B.):

Car of the Week: 1955 Cadillac Eldorado:

A Quick Explanation of the BMC Hydrolastic Suspension:

A Cooling System Is Only as Good as Its Weakest Link:

Your handy Honda S2000 (2000–09) buyer’s guide:

4 tips for re-covering a motorcycle seat like a pro:

What you need to know about brake fluid before the next time you bleed your brakes:

Hittin The Rollers. Shop Tour at Davenport Motorsports in Calgary, AB:


The Post Apocalyptic Inventor(Have you ever watched this guy on Youtube?) (For Martin):

Comparing an Iconic Pony Car To the Sunbeam Tiger | Project Shelby GT350:

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Stuff from D. Feb. 7th, 2021

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Victoria, BC based Whiplash Customs has updated its site, check it out here:

Working through the pandemic, one part at a time
B.C. classic car nuts have turned their passions into booming after-market enterprises:

The company mentioned in the above article “Canadian Classic Auto Supply” can be found here:

Speedkore builds Kevin Hart insane 1,000-hp ‘Hellraiser’ ’70 Dodge Charger
The carbon-fibre-bodied classic Mopar rocks a ‘Hellephant’ crate engine underhood:

Hot rod parts manufacturer Edelbrock shuts down California HQ
The iconic American brand had been based near Torrance for more than 80 years:

Swimming at C Level: Jaguar to begin constructing C-Type recreations
When’s the last time you saw an online configurator for a 1950s car?:

Citroen DS restored for Salvage Hunters TV show up for auction
A beautiful Citroen DS 21, which starred in the Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars TV Show, is up for auction. It’s more affordable than you think.:

Super Bell Axle Coupe – The Orange Bullet:

Kurtis Crush – Warren Alvord’s Road-Ready Kurtis 500S Roadster:

Behind Brute Force, 55 Chevy build:

Beautiful Brute – Bob Matranga’s “Brute Force” ’55 Chevy:

Just Eat It: When automakers poking fun at the competition backfires:

AMC’s rare Mighty Mite is a forgotten military flyweight:

“Batman”: The ’67 Holman-Moody Mustang that was smuggled in boxes, raced, and restored to glory:

72-car barn-find sale is ripe with Mazda rotary power:

The story behind Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy is more dramatic than you realize (I mentioned this a few weeks ago):

Rare 1926 Ford Model T Snowmobile has the White stuff:

This 1954 Chevrolet Corvette is the “gift” that keeps on giving:

Madman crams Mercedes V-12 into F1-inspired chassis:

Stock Stories: 1974 Ducati 750 SS (For Mike in Ontario) (Nice artwork!):

Legends of Motorsport: Tazio Nuvolari:

Geek out for 61 minutes with a real-life Hot Wheels designer:

Your handy Citroën 2CV (1948–90) buyer’s guide (For Curtis):

In 1976, building a set of Krazy Cars required a lot of Wonder Bread:

Slow Riding into the new year has become a California Vanning tradition:

Piston Slap: A rude awakening after a Roller’s hibernation:

The headache-inducing, free BMW 635CSi that I refused to give up on (thankfully):

No Reserve: Sports Car Market’s Library of 630 Books:

America’s 9 Other Most Beautiful Roadsters:

Classic American magazine from the UK puts a sample magazine online:

A article that mentions the Timmis Ford Roadster that was built in Victoria, BC:

The Good Guys March magazine is now online here:

Cam takes his 1926 Willy’s Mountain Adventure to Salt Spring Island:

 Super Bowl 2021 commercial roundup: All of the car-themed ads from the Big Game:

Classic Racing School: A New Path To Vintage Single-Seaters:

Getting Some Paint Tips from the Pros:

How to Erase Those Body Boo-Boos With Some Paint Blending Work :

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Fooling your project’s brainbox:

That Phillips-head screw isn’t what you think it is:

Jeff Smith’s Top Ten Tech Tips To Make Shop Life Easier, Volume 3:

Shop Tour:
Exceeding Expectations – A Quest for Quality Led to the Launch of Provost Motorsports:

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