Stuff from D. Jan. 16th, 2022

Sweet GTO, spotted in Radium, BC while on a road trip.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Collector Classics: Barrett-Jackson 50th Anniversary Auction
Vancouver classic car dealer is bringing 42 collector vehicles to Scottsdale later this month:

PRI Show 2022: Shades of past, visions of future:

Modified Monsters: 6 beauties up for grabs this January:

This rare alloy Gullwing could become the most expensive one ever sold:

Arizona is not ground zero for prewar cars, but there are some gems:

The tale of the Loti: Tantalized by an Elan and Eclat, Part 2:

5 of the most significant motorcycle sales in 2021:

New series, Lost Car Rescue, spotlights the ‘extreme hobby’ of Mill Bay-based brothers:

Langley crane operator stars in History Network’s latest series “Lost Car Rescue”:

Chilcotin pilot flying high in new History series set in B.C.’s Peace Country, “Lost Car Rescue”:

Chilcotin pilot flying high on History channel series, “Lost Car Rescue”:

Dean Batchelor – Hot Rodding’s Famed All-Purpose Journalist:

This big-block 1970 Ford Torino GT is 9.1 liters of fun :

Paralyzed Canadian racer Robert Wickens to return to full-time competition:

Blue Beetle – Brandon Hines’ 1969 VW is a Low-Profile Cruiser for the Colorado High Country:

Mullet Missile – Chris Ryan’s 1978 Pontiac Trans Am:

The Keeper – After nearly 50 Years, Mike Chronister Still Has His High School ’69 Camaro:

Bill Vance: Hudson Hornet was star of the racetrack:

Why not a Funky British Sedan?:

Stock Stories: Ariel Square Four (Cool motorbike artwork):

Smithology: Certain components had the air of a gnawing-on by wolves:

A farewell to Austin’s (not-so) secret race track, with the man who made it happen:

Decades before the internet, GM’s Futurliners offered a glimpse of what could be:

Indiana’s obscure Meyers Manx alternative was born in a chicken coop:

Perfect poster art: A veteran collector’s guide to getting started:

A ’69 Charger with a Hellcat heart, Porsche eats $113M for EV independence, a boutique Brit with Ford GT grunt:

Open Diff: How Do You Heat Your Garage?:

Change Agents: The 1961-63 Senior Compacts from General Motors:

Piston Slap: The reconditioned Corvair’s distinct lack of cooling:

How to maintain your car’s cooling system:

Man Spends Three Days Trying To Remove Oil Filter, Lives Every Wrencher’s Nightmare:

How to do a comprehensive ignition tune-up:

Eight tips for staying out of your own way while assembling a car:

CHEK Upside: Island motorcycle builder Jay Donovan creating custom bike for BMW:

You can check out Jay’s website here:

Building Hot Rod Motor Mounts with LG Speed & Kustom and his new CNC Plasma table:

Punching Louvers in a Model A Decklid with LG Speed & Kustom:

Dropping the 57’ Chevy on the frame!:

Make it Kustom shows us How to Make a Dimple Die Punch Tool!! Countersink Screws in Sheet Metal + Flatten Bead Rolled Panels:

Make it Kustom shows us How To Make A Tucking Hammer For Shrinking Sheet Metal!!:

The Cannonball Run Countach: Supercar Legend | Full Documentary:


Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Jan. 9th, 2022

RIP Werner. You will be missed. Hope your driving a Beaumont up in car heaven.
(Pic from site)

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Modern Rodding June 2021 issue online here:

Trick your kids into loving cars with this one weird Citroen | Driving:

James Bond Aston Martin stolen 25 years ago found in the Middle East:

Where do we preserve the old-school knowledge?:

The collector car market got larger and younger in 2021:

11 can’t-miss automotive oddballs in search of new homes on the auction circuit:

Watch This: Headlamp Doors Are the Sunglasses to the Muscle Car Soul:

Will this 1970 Plymouth Hemi ’Cuda Convertible ring in 2022 with fresh muscle market mojo?:

George Bailey’s Wonderful Life Dodge isn’t getting wings, but it may soon have a new owner:

How I learned to stop worrying about the bubble and buy classic cars:

Planters is looking for nutty drivers to travel cross-country with Mr. Peanut:

The 2022 Barrett-Jackson Cup: 50 Visionary Customs Take Center Stage:

Retro Rumblings – “Low Fat” Larry Westervelt 1943-2021:

Don and Jackie Heidt’s 1952 Pontiac Chieftain Convertible:

Howard Smith Wanted a Simple, Clean, and Cool 1967 GMC – and He Got It:

Bill Vance: A brief history of four-wheel drive:

The 1930s Lincoln Zephyrs Are Remembered for Great Styling:

Let’s put an EXCELSIOR together! // Paul Brodie’s Shop(Thanks, Keith):

Make it Kustom, Hammer Welding Jig FINISHED!! Production + DEMO of New Planishing Hammers!!:

Visit MR BA Huge British American Collection:

1959 Cadillac Model Car Build:

Mecum Kissimmee TechForce Foundation Walkaround: Wayne Carini and the Hirohata Mercury:

Mecum Auctions, YouTube Channel:

The Yee Hawl gets a carburetor FINALLY. ((IT CATCHES ON FIRE!!!)11:13 is where fire starts):

The Full Guide to Oxy Fuel Cutting:

3 more high-tech junkyard donor parts for your project:

The Dualie Dilemma: A tale of 6 tires:

When it comes to old cars, aftermarket parts can be a crapshoot:

Moskvich Update: Missing parts—and found motivation!:

Don’t skimp on these 6 pieces of personal safety gear:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: How to refill aerosol cans to get every last bit:

On the Verge of Unobtainum: A mad junkyard dash to save endangered parts:

Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster: Attempting to Settle the Eternal Muffler Debate:

Nobody Seems To Make an Adapter Kit for a Leaf Motor to a Volkswagen Transaxle, So I Made One Myself (Part 1):

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Jan. 2nd, 2022

Wicked Cadillac Convertible spotted at Jack Carter Cadillac in Calgary, AB a few years ago.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

The January issue of Quick Times magazine is now online here:

MCACN 2021 Part II: Back for more (Great pics of the event!):

Avoidable Contact #131: The “UJC” was a lot of car for two hundred bucks:

Our tame fighter pilot wonders: Should this Jeepster be sent to the boneyard?:

Year in Review: Top-tier collectors were still pretty picky in 2021:

With the 1969 Falcon, Ford Canada Dropped the K-code 289 V-8 Into a Compact Sedan:

Chevys, Fords, Mopars, and More at the 21st Quarantine Cruise–Another Huge Gallery!:

Tricked-Out Trucks, Sweet Tri-Fives, and More At the 21st Quarantine Cruise–Hot Gallery!:

Wide Bodies In Warsaw: Meet The Wide Body RWB Porsche 911s Bringing Japanese Style To Poland:

Testing The Mighty Mini Cooper S In The Alps, And The Humble Morris Mini-Minor In The Streets Of Munich:

10 Things That Are Fake On Counting Cars (And 10 Things That Are Actually Real):

Where do we preserve the old-school knowledge?:

The collector car market got larger and younger in 2021:

New-found friends rally around Porsche 911 rebuild:

Bill Vance: Tumultuous ’70s laid groundwork for cars of today:

Driving Answers: Our 9 favourite drives and trips of 2021
This year saw many Driving staff put tarmac under tire once again—these drives represent the most enjoyable trips they took:

What Car-Related Things Do You Collect?:

Too Many Edsels:

The Junkyard life gang goes on Puerto Rico adventure:

Segerstrom Shelby Event Center and Museum –– The Fast Life in Irvine:

Year in review 2021 with Automotive artist Shan Fannin:

Remembering the Great Achievements of Preston Tucker:

The Stoner T: Digging Deeper Into The Motor Underground With a Hot Rod That’s More Than the Sum of Its Stories:

These are the new videos mentioned in the above story link.
The Motor Underground Ep. 1: Organ Grinders Racing Team and The Stoner T:

The Motor Underground Ep. 2: A Real Hot Rod is Sketchy at Best:

Make it Kustom gives us a Beginner Introduction to AutoCAD 2D Drawing & Cutting CNC Plasma Parts:

3 more high-tech junkyard donor parts for your project:

The Dualie Dilemma: A tale of 6 tires:

When it comes to old cars, aftermarket parts can be a crapshoot:

Moskvich Update: Missing parts—and found motivation!:

Don’t skimp on these 6 pieces of personal safety gear:

Buyer’s Guide: MGB GT:

Jaguar-Swapped Austin-Healey Sprite:

Column: Restoring Cars Is an Emotional Journey:

An Easy Fix To Keep Side-Draft Carbs From Losing Their Prime:

Piston Slap: Morgan’s magical world of diagnostic trouble codes?:

Happy New Year Everyone!
Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Dec. 26th, 2021

Cool Studebaker truck spotted at Crossroads Market in Calgary, AB spotted this summer.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

May 2021 issue of Modern Rodding:

The Grinch is alive and well in Regina:

Barn Finds and Hidden Gems: MCACN 2021:

Rare Example of the Three-wheeled Allard Clipper, Once Dubbed the World’s Least Reliable Car, Surfaces:

Late-Autumn Dreamscapes In Modena: A Day With A Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta SWB:

11 vintage Christmas car ads guaranteed to make your day merry:

Take a ride with Jay Leno in the oldest Mercedes 300SL:

Is this Batmobile replica worth $300K? We’re about to find out:

Vanishing Point: Death, destiny, a missing scene, and a mysterious black car:

Show your “true grit” riding this Honda SL350 once owned by John Wayne:

Master Of All Trades: This Tastefully Modified M3-Powered BMW E30 Is Daily Driven And Tracked Hard:

New-found friends rally around Porsche 911 rebuild :

On the Road: 1947 Ford One Ton
Peter Verity’s story with his truck goes back 30 years (Millarville, AB):

Barry Blomquist’s Pontiac 2+2 Goes Well Beyond the Sum of Its Parts:

Project Goblin: It was right, it was wrong, it was a Christmas miracle:

1961 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz: Style For The Fortunate Few:

Sung Kang’s Rally Datsun 240Z Took SEMA by Storm. But There’s Way More to it Than That:

Vintage Motorsport (Cool pics):

The American Motors Building is Now Slated for Demolition:

£25millon Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe:

Backfires and Burnouts One Year Anniversary – Burnouts and Bloopers:

Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop video page:

A Christmas petrolhead video. Merry Driftmas from Lotus:

Make it Kustom, Bead Roller Dies EXPLAINED!! How to Choose the Right One For Your Project – 10 DEMO’s Best & Worst:

Shop tours:
Make it Kustom, Check Out Our NEW Shop | FULL Tour!! Tools, Machinery & Projects:

Another media star arrives! It’s time for a Grand Tour of the Workshop:

Cool Collections! Bruce and Judy Ricks’ Oklahoma-Based Collection is Full of Eye Candy (Worth a second look if you missed it in March):

Using DIY Patch Panels to Update a Classic Dash:

Get That Car on the Road: The Best Advice for Finishing a Project Car:

Deep Breathing – A Guide to Forced Induction:

Buyer Guide: Volvo 122S and 123GT :

Shop Secrets: 80 Tips for Success:

The Restoration Game: When to Say When :

How to Upgrade Your Alfa Romeo’s Suspension in 12 Simple Steps :

10 Lessons All Racers Wish They’d Learned Earlier in Their Careers:

1963-’67 Chevrolet Corvette C2 | Buyer’s Guide:

Piston Slap: Repair or replace rusty fuel lines?:

How To Install Power Window On ‘73-’79 Ford Pickups:

How To Punch Louvers On Your Hot Rod with Jimmy Shine:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Dec. 19th, 2021

Abbotsford Swap Meet 2014 pic. I miss swap meets…….

Note: Some links may expire over time.

‘It’s for love’: Decorated Christmas car helps driver spread joy after overcoming adversity

Non-profit aims to bring new speedway to southern Vancouver Island:

Vancouver Island Safe Speed Association(Mentioned in above news clip and story):

Snakebit: The Shelby Mustang GT500KR returns with 900 hp:

John Buttera’s 1926 T – Hidden Gem from the Father of Billet:

“Betsy” – Mark Bell’s 1962 Ford F100 Unibody:

Max’d Out – Chris Karges’ Classic 1957 Chevy “Hellair” gets Contemporary Duramax Power:

Retro Rumblings – Twister 2000 Camaro:

Revived Bizzarrini starts work on first 5300 GT continuation sports car:

Bill Vance: Chrysler TC another Euro-American hybrid that never caught on:

Motorsports Photographer Jesse Alexander Has Died:

We Tracked Down the 2018 Goodguys Giveaway Camaro Restomod To See How It Held Up:

Plymouth Superbird bought at auction video update:

The BAT listing for the Plymouth Superbird featured in above video:

Meet the Auto Archaeologist, Ryan Brutt:

The 1965 Chevy Corvair Was Designed for Sports Appeal:

Which winter project is space worthy?:

The only thing weirder than my obscure cars? My obscure car books:

Classic Speedsters is the subject’s definitive book, and writing it was hardly a breeze:

Garage-find Datsun 240Z looks like a complete project:

Al Unser was racing’s John Wayne:

Fatal Attraction: Three British beauties that are cheap to buy, expensive to own:

Avoidable Contact #129: Why, man, he doth bestride the dealership like a Colossus(Tales from the car dealership):

The Once-Lost Hirohata Merc Built by Barris Kustom Heads to Auction:

Rare barn-find Siata ends 50+ year slumber with hope for restoration:

Rare 1969 Camaro Double-Header Cutaway
Before the internet, GM had to get inventive when it came to showing off new models, and one way was through cutaway display pieces like this Camaro.:

2022 Bull Market List: 10 collector cars primed to take off this year:

Swapping a Hellcat Engine in a ’72 Challenger in New Video Series:


8 parts and tools I plan to make with my new 3D printer:

4 high-tech, killer junkyard donor parts for your project:

Curious the car video on CTV with local car club member George:

Backfires and Burnouts, Update from Cam on his Flathead Fun Part 2:

Make it Kustom, Cleaning Up Excalibur and Digging Up the Past!!:

Building his own garage workshop addition! TIMELAPSE:

Holiday Ride | From Chevrolet:

Jay Leno’s Garage is keeping busy with its Brough Superior, steam car, and Sprite:

Lost Car Rescue – New Series January 13, 2022 on History Channel(Promo clip):

5 Minutes With Sid Chavers, Upholstery master:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Dec. 12th, 2021

Spotted in an A & W in Kenora, Ontario in 2007.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Collector Classics: 1964½ Ford Mustang convertible, Richmond, BC (Same owner 44 years):

Return to the mouse-infested truck: This time, success! Well, sort of:

100+ Photos of Doorslammer Drag Racing: NHRA Finals 2021
Wheel-standing “door car” drag racers from Pro Stock, Stock Eliminator, Comp Eliminator, Super Gas and more at Pomona’s 2021 finale.:

Three Forgotten Mopars of the 1970s
The Chrysler F-Body, B-Body, and M-Body all had rear-wheel drive and V-8 power. This man has all three.:

Stunning Ford, Mopar, and Chevy Engine Swaps: 2021 SEMA Show:

MCACN: Back for 2021 and muscled as ever (For Neale in Calgary):

My decision to buy a Ferrari 458 worked out pretty well, except for the torn hamstring:

Nitro Revival 2021 explodes at Irwindale Dragstrip:

Sir Stirling Moss’s legendary 1955 Mille Miglia Mercedes takes one final drive:

Stirling Moss’ 300 SLR has been given one last blast:

The Cord Comet Arose From an Attempt To Make a Sports Car Out of the Front-Wheel-Drive Pioneer. Where Is It Now?:

This $100,000 Ferrari Testarossa J is definitely no toy:

Rides from the Readers: 2020 Meyers Manx:

Three Charger Daytonas and more Mopar muscle turn up in Auto Archeologist barn find:

Ain’t No Saint: How a scrapyard-bound Volvo drove the fast lane to Hot Wheels fame:

Nifty Thrifty: The Icon 4×4 1952 Chevrolet Thriftmaster 3100:×4-1952-chevrolet-thriftmaster-3100-restomod/

Project X Electric ’57 Chevy Drag Testing and Shakedown Passes:

What Do Electric Vehicles Mean for the Future of Hot Rodding?:

100+ Photos of Doorslammer Drag Racing: NHRA Finals 2021:

Totally Tubular Rides From RADwood SoCal 2021!:

What’s better than House of Gucci ? Garage of Gucci:

Exploring the prototype 1998 Pontiac Firebird Firehawk with eyes wide open (For Rod):

Still want that supercar? Up close with the new RML Short Wheelbase – the GT inspired by the Ferrari 250 SWB:

Our Classics: 2003 BMW M3 E46:

RML’s 250 GT homage is glorious even in development:

Bill Vance: Grand Rapids Austin known as ‘The Highway King’:

This 1930s Prototype Was More Aerodynamic Than Almost Any Modern Car
The Schlörwagen had the same drag coefficient as a Volkswagen XL1.:

Al Unser Sr., the four-time Indy winner who anchored a racing dynasty, dies at the age of 82:

AL UNSER SR May 29, – Dec 10,  2021:

Racing Legend Al Unser Let His Talent Do the Talking:

What if Astra-Gnome Designer Richard Arbib Had Penned the Lincoln Continental?:

Paul Soklev’s 1970 Chevelle
The story behind Paul Soklev’s ’70 Chevelle is just as wild as the car itself:


A Killer ’72 Chevelle That Hides in Grandma’s Clothing:

Remembering the First 1929 DeSoto — a Phenomenal Design:

Shop tours:
Paul Bosserman Carries on a Family Tradition of Fabrication and Craftsmanship at Old Anvil Speed Shop:

How to Get the Right Pinion Angle
The simple fix to correct rear axle pinion angle, eliminate driveshaft vibration, and improve performance.:

Your handy 1965–67 Shelby 427 Cobra buyer’s guide:

My Model A project plans were derailed by a Corvair alignment:

8 mistakes common to 24 Hours of Lemons racing, and how to avoid them:

5 reasons why winter tires matter, and not just for enthusiasts:

The ups and downs of DIY Dent removal:

Reader Review: 2021 Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD

Best Of 2021: Porsche Put 12 Pounds Of Extra Weight In My Car To Make It Nicer To Drive, So I Threw It Away:

23 ways to improve your classic car:

How to use a multimeter to test automotive switches | Video:

5 Weber Spares Every Toolbox Should Contain:

10 Items You Need in Your Workspace:

DIY convertible top repair:

Here’s What Happens If You Make Your Own Steel Pistons:

Improve Classic Car Braking (and Safety) With a Disc Brake and Dual-Circuit System Conversion:

Modern Tech For Vintage Engines: PerTronix Flame Thrower Distributors:

Replacing Engine Mounts on My 287,000-Mile M3 Was Nightmarish
Who knew replacing a simple set of mounts would be so difficult?:

Artist Dwight Lockhart was featured in these clips with Pete the Plumber: YouTube Classic car videos play list:

Vintage Drag racing promotional video of the 60s 70s Ford Drag Team:

Make it Kustom goes all in for Survivor Boogie Van FOUND at Auction!!:

Make it Kustom, How To Make a Welding Fixture For ANY Position!! – Twin Axis, Indexable Frame Jig:

Make it Kustom, More Bad News At the Shop!!! – Fabricating Fixtures For My Planishing Hammer Jig:

Video: Introducing the 1966 Chevrolet Electrovair II:

Lil Big Rigs: Mechanic Gives Pickup Trucks An Eighteen-Wheeler Makeover(This is what Don is building):

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Dec. 5th, 2021

Spotted outside a Manitoba Car museum back in 2007 while on the Canadian Rodder Tour.
You can check out my pics from the tour here:

Note: Some links may expire over time.

 On the Road: Great reads for gear-heads.
Greg Williams’ annual holiday book list is a must-read for your shopping list

Quick Times December issue is now online here:

Good Guys Jan 2022 Magazine online here:

Back issues of Good Guys Magazine online here:

Piece of Lethbridge aviation history lands in city:

“Staxx” – Jerry Logan’s Twin-Supercharged 1934 Ford Pickup:

Reviewing the Goolsby Customs Next Generation Award Winners from the Second Half of 2021:

Goodguys 2021 Goolsby Customs Next Generation National Champion!:

Panel & Lace – Rick and Alta Steele’s 1952 Chevy Custom:

Hagerty ready to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange:

Bill Vance: Many bumps on the road for Willys-Overland:

Mean Green, A Killer ’72 Chevelle That Hides in Grandma’s Clothing:

Remembering Ralph Teetor, the Inventor of Cruise Control:

A unique perspective on collector classics
Dentist with time off during the pandemic flexes his trick photography muscles:

Volkswagen’s little-known EA 128 was a 1960s luxury prototype with Porsche power:

Meet the “Pumpkin”, a Dodge snowplow truck looking for a second act in the sun:

16 cylinders and 270 mph, in 1938: The Auto Union V-16 was an audacious engineering feat(Cool vintage pics and history):

Bruce Meyer: The “car guy’s car guy” turns 80:

Elbows Out: Houston birthed the slabs, a car culture of its own:

The 1954 Divco Model 15 bakery truck keeping a grandfather’s memory alive (For Ken C.):

Perfect on paper: Morgan teases 2022 3 Wheeler:

1970 Chevrolet Caprice: The Brougham Whisperer strikes again:

The Car Whisperer: Rescuing the Cars of 1970s Before They Disappear Forever(About the owner of the Caprice mentioned in above link):

Corvair Stories
Gone but by no means forgotten:

Car Museums:
SAVOY AUTOMOBILE MUSEUM opening on Dec. 8th, 2021:

5 Minutes With Rick Love:

Well Informed – A Guide to Automotive Gauges and Instruments:

Make it Kustom, Making a Hand Carved Skull Shift Knob From Brass:

5 essentials that allow your classic to sleep peacefully when the snow falls:

What Is a Gear Vendors Overdrive?:

Your handy 1997–01 Acura Integra Type R buyer’s guide:

Aftermarket EFI Offers a New Solution for Fuel System Woes
Electronic Fuel Injection for a vintage six:

Shop tours:

See the Boston-area repair shop that has become a Mecca for Porsche owners:

Interior Upgrades Made Easy with TMI Products
TMI Products offers custom interiors for the DIY enthusiast(Includes shop tour pics):

The Stoner T: Introducing The Motor Underground Video Series:

The Most Powerful Car of Every Year:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. November 28th, 2021

Spotted at the Saanich Swap Meet in 2016.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

I was watching the news the other night and spotted local car collector/restorer Ted Forbes on TV.
You can check out the Chek Upside spot here:

You can find out more about the book Chrome and Colour by Garry Foster here:

Byers’ ’Burban – A Custom Shop Owner Finally Finishes a Sweet 1955 Suburban for Himself:

Sage Chevy – Mike Michaud’s “Jaded ’55” Rekindles a Family Tri-Five Tradition:

Craig Breedlove – Rocket Man:

2021 Pacific Northwest Nationals Builders Choice Top 10 by Morrison Performance:

The famed Cobra Daytona Coupe that almost didn’t win, as told by Its designer:

Donnie Allison Most Remembered for NASCAR Race He Didn’t Even Win:

Chevrolet Introduces the El Camino, 1959:

The Pride of South Bend: 1932-33 Rockne by Studebaker:

Street Machine show their choices for top 10 cars from the 2021 SEMA Show:

Remembering the Three-Wheeled Davis Automobile:

Car of the Week: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Pace Car:

Scenes from the 2021 Return of Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals:

Rods, Customs, Cruisers, Restomods, and Classic Trucks: SEMA Show 2021:

1977 Dodge Street Van: The Shaggin’ Wagon!:

5 tips to prep your turkey of a project car for a Thanksgiving road trip:

Short track, long game: The community effect of America’s small-town speedways:

Truck Norris 1967 Chevy C10 Finally Reaches Daily Driver Status:

Carini: Great museums fit our favorite vehicles amid larger history:

Bill Vance: 1965 Mustang started the Pony Car craze:

My two 1954 Studebaker Commanders are a dream come true:

So, You Want to Restore a British Classic?
Challenges from across the pond:

The Handee Clamp “For an Out-of-Reach Grasp”:

Why do people – including seasoned mechanics – still insist on putting a block of wood under a car battery?:

EFI Or Carburetion — Is One Really Better Than The Other?:

Using a do-it-yourself camber gauge:

Piston Slap: Throwing barbs at a Chevelle’s power steering?:

There is a 50 percent chance you’ve been filing wrong:

Backfires and Burnouts, Go-Kart 11hp Motor Swap – Burnouts:

Owen Automotive in Sidney, BC. Jaguar XK150 Restoration EP13 Rebuild the twin HD6 SU Carburetors and also fit the aluminum radiator to the car.:

This tiny engine is a thousand-hour work of art:

Is this classic Dodge the Polara vortex of the 1960s?:

Make it Kustom, Tipping Curved Flanges – Hammer Forming VS Bead Roller:

Make it Kustom, How to TIG Weld Thin Sheet Metal Panels – 1960 Cadillac Restoration!!!:

How to Install a Quarter Panel Using Glue:

Shop Tours:
Tour Gene Winfield’s shop and collection of custom movie cars:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Nov. 21st, 2021

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Keep on Truckin’: Kori Alexander’s 1978 Dodge Lil’ Red Express. Red Deer, AB:

On the Road: 1959 Chevrolet Apache 3100 Fleetside from Calgary, AB:

RML Short Wheelbase: British-built retro supercar nears production:

The Goodguys Custom of the Year is a WAGON!:

“Impressive” 1963 Impala Wagon Crowned Goodguys 2021 Snap-on Custom of the Year:

Friday First Look! Goodguys 24th Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals presented by Barrett-Jackson:

Goodguys 2021 Season comes to an end at the 24th Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals presented by Barrett-Jackson this weekend!:

Comparing the MG T-Series lineup:

No Words, No Soundtrack, Just One Man Handcrafting An Entire Etceterini From Scratch:

Secrets of the Ford 427 Le Mans V8:

The Great Texas Mopar® Auction: That’s a Wrap – Police Car Parade:

Remembering the Legacy of Race Car Driver Barbara Hamilton:

Who Better to Show Off the Tucker’s Unique Features Than Members of the Family?:

Growing up with car dealer father had perks and pressures
“My father took chickens, a church organ and even a Cessna airplane in on trade for vehicles,” says Terry Friesen:

Gnarly Volvo P1800 gasser blasts into 1:64-scale immortality:

Leno: Once futuristic, Chrysler’s Turbine Car is powered by lost technology:

I took my 15-year-old nephew on an 850-mile rally in a 1949 Cadillac (For Vern):

Why you should be sorry if you never met Bob Bondurant (Good story on the history of the man):

1968 Volvo 142S: Sourcing The Perfect Platform For A Scandinavian Muscle Car:

This U.K. shop electrifies classics with precision and sympathy:

Did We Butcher Project X? How We EV-Swapped the Famed ’57 Chevy:

Six Ways to Sunday: Side effects may include empty bank account:

This family’s ’69 Chevelle made memories, a quarter-mile at a time:

Shop tours:
Polished to perfection: Behind the scenes of GDK Veneering:

Make it Kustom, Metal Shaping Patch Panel Using the English Wheel!!! | Rust Repair 1960 Cadillac Coupe de Ville:

Which Wire-Splicing Method Is the Strongest?:

The Suspension of Disbelief: The “Wet Strut”:

Piston Slap: A Stovebolt starving from a lack of fuel?:

Automotive Wire 101: The Basics:

How to Choose Between Battery Isolators and Separators:

5 pieces of advice to help with your storage problem:

Make it Kustom, SHOP UPDATE! Damage Control Cleanup | Devastating Flooding in British Columbia !!!:

Buffalo Airways Lockheed L-188 Electra RARE VISIT to Calgary Airport!:

How to install a quarter panel using panel bonding adhesive | Video:

Stuff from D. Nov. 14th, 2021

Was being stored in a Sidney,BC storage lot. Gone now. Wonder where it went?

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Victoria couple makes a splash with tiny home built on former BC Ferries lifeboat:

Living On A Lifeboat Youtube channel related to above story:

Modern Rodding March issue:

The Nut Behind the Wheel: Leah Levin on Why a Senior in High School Drives a 1951 Packard 200 Deluxe:

The Rules of Repulsion(Rob Seigel talks about cars he let move on to someone else):

Ford’s first e-crate sells out, VW Bus’ electric reboot nears reality, NASCAR crowns new Cup king:

Celebrating the freedom of the open road from the U.K.’s Capital to Coast:

Which of these 3 SEMA powerplants promises the brightest automotive future?:

Beneath cutting-edge tech, CXC Simulations runs on old-school car passion:

This Hot-Rodded 1961 Nash Metropolitan Skips the V-8 for Something More Interesting (For Miles):

Getting to Know NHRA’s Amanda Busick at HOT ROD Drag Week 2021:

Dodge 2-Year Plan Includes Chief Donut Maker, Return of Direct Connection:

Dodge is resurrecting its Direct Connection Performance Division
Oh, and the automaker’s looking for a Chief Donut Maker for the brand, too, if you’re interested:

Eluminated: Ford Performance e-Crate Motor Sold Out Before End of SEMA:

Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350 x three
This trio of identical muscle cars are bonafide showstoppers, and keep owner’s kids happy in Langley, BC:

Review: 2021 Kawasaki Z900RS:

1920 Renault Type EU
Coupe de Ville:

The GMC Sprint SP Packed a Performance Punch:

Why do we collect toys? Mattel designers and collaborators provide some answers:

After 39 years, a long-lost 1967 BMW 2000CS miraculously finds its original owner:

The Bulldog, Aston’s flight of fancy, is back and aiming for 200 mph:

Dodge Rod – Hal Burrows Resurrects a Rare and Neglected 1932 Dodge Roadster:

Steve Peterson’s 1964 Corvette by Chris Holstrom Concepts:

Retro Rumblings – Bob McCoy!:

2021 Great Northwest Nationals Builders Choice Top 10 by JF Kustoms:

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$248K for a Kia-powered DeLorean? Great Scott!:

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Bright Rod Run 2021 – gallery
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Make it Kustom shows us How To Restore & Re-Finish Damaged Body Hammers!!!:

The Battle: Inside the Mind of Karl Fisher (Thanks SpeedlineFilmWerks):

Chris Webb and his electric hot rod engine castings:

Vintage planes mark Remembrance Day over Victoria(Not this year thanks to the Fog):

Honda – The Origin of Determination (Cool commercial!):

The Few Car Club Reliability Run ‘21 on Vancouver Island:

Watch Galpin Auto Sports Hand-Paint a McLaren 765LT:

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