Stuff from D. July 18th, 2021

More door Chrysler spotted at Calgary Pick n Pull.

Note: Some links expire over time.

CHEK Upside: Aviation Museum lands new aircraft for display:

Vintage military aircraft moving from Chilliwack to new home at B.C. Aviation Museum:

VIDEO: Vintage military plane gets towed from Chilliwack to Greater Victoria:

PHOTOS: Historic Cold War warrior lands at North Saanich museum:

National team speed skater sells coffee in Calgary out of antique Citroën truckette(For Curtis):

Keith’s Blog: If I Were King of the Restoration Shop:

Black Diamond business owner grateful for support after fire (Be careful with your battery chargers):

River City Classics Car Club faces cancelling Show and Shine for second year in a row:

When Canadian cars had patriotic names:

Driving Canada website as done an update to it’s site, check it out here:

Collector Classics: 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442:

Old Fire Engine Number 31 comes home to West Vancouver
1954 Thibault pumper was bought new by B.C. fire department and repatriated for a full restoration:

1926 Nash Roadster was rum runners’ choice during prohibition:

On the Road: 1926/1927 Ford Model T Depot Hack
Calgarian Millennial uses ‘luggage and passenger hauler’ as his daily driver:

Owner Review: 2018 Ford Mustang Coupe
Calgarian finds ideal, albeit unlikely, ‘dancing partner’ for his job hauling building material samples:

Scout Master – Chad Durham’s Trail-Ready ’73 International Scout II:

Gold Digger ’32 – A Unique Deuce Roadster Built by The Father/Son Duo of Roger and Miles Harris:

The Isky T – A Hot Rod for the Ages:

Mercury Rising – Chad Farischon’s ’69 Camaro Captures Goodguys 2021 PPG Street Machine of the Year Title:

Wes Rydell and Rad Rides by Troy Team Up to Create the Goodguys 2021 Classic Instruments Street Rod of the Year:

Bill Vance: German auto maker pioneered rotary engine:

Regina family keeps the streets alive with collection of classic cars
The Welta family has produced three generations of dedicated hot rodders, who spend their time building and riding vintage cars.:

Wrap Up: Dragging home an old Morgan | Cross-Country Morgan Retrieval:

9 Common Restoration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them:

Column: When Does Habit Become Vice? :

No originals were harmed in the making of this all-electric GT40:

2021 is shaping up to be the best year, ever, for classic car auctions:

$25K Project Dino: A lane switch is a good thing:

If you want to understand the global collector car scene, go to Vancouver:

1975 Chevrolet Monza Towne Coupe: Vega Brougham or Mini Monte Carlo?:

So long, Silverado, and a return to the garage:

The best garages from our readers, and advice for perfecting yours:

Up close with 12 of our favorite orphan cars and trucks:

The Origins of Pontiac Ram Air:

Ford’s Illustrated Car: The See-Through 1970 Torino:

Every Spark Sets off a Cyclone: Inside the 1931-53 Buick Straight Eight:

Back to the 50’s 2021—Rusty Rat Rods And Survivors:

Remembering the Great Auto Design Talent of Bill Schmidt:

Shop tours:
Bob’s Highway Garage – The Multi-purpose Man Cave:

Japhands Kustoms FULL SHOP TOUR!!! Builds, Tools & Machinery!!:

Tech tips:
M/E Wagner Dual Flow PCV Valve aids EFI System Tuning:

How to start the legendary Porsche 917 race car:

Five of the most important things I learned on my first lathe, a 1925 South Bend:

Saved by the old-school radiator shop:

5 things I learned from owning a British car for a year:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Custom-made bezel-removal socket:

Learn how a vintage Stromberg is assembled, without smelling like gas:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Relocating the ratchet of budget transmission jacks:

The amazing similarities between auto repair and appliance repair:

The ultimate home garage starts with the ultimate car cover:

Hemi Engine Autopsy: 235,000-Mile 5.7L Out of a 2011 Challenger:

Easy Budget Chevy Chevelle Control Arm Replacement:

Farside Components Intro:

Pharoahs Parksville 2021:

American Graffiti Cruise Night by Backfires and Burnouts:

 Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. July 4th, 2021

Spotted in a Fort Langley Antique store back in 2015.

Note: Some links may expire over time.

The best and worst cars cast in Pixar’s ‘Cars’ franchise
Lightning McQueen had tons of co-stars, but which ones worked and which ones didn’t?:

The July issue of Quick Times Magazine is now online here:

Friday First Look! 30th Speedway Motors Heartland Nationals Presented by BASF:

Kindig-it Design Builds a Drop Top ’67 C10 – “MaxHeadroom”:

Custom Covers – A Close-Up Look at Building Custom Inner Fenders:

Building the Goodguys Giveaway ’86 Squarebody – Part 1:

Building the Goodguys Giveaway ’86 Squarebody – Part 2:

Building the Goodguys Giveaway ’86 Squarebody – Part 3:

Building the Goodguys Giveaway ’86 Squarebody – Part 4:

Ultimate Road Runner – Neil Anderson’s ’70 B-Body Mopar:

Thrilling Ride! Ron Ernsberger’s ’36 Willys 77:

Better Built Buick – Fred DeFalco’s ’54 Buick Century:

Donald Osborne appraises his start as manager of museum (and much more):

Day 1: Florida to Vegas, Meeting Flynn, Visiting Brock Racing Enterprises | Cross-Country Morgan Retrieval;

Day 2: Cross Country Morgan Retrieval:

Day 3: Finally laying eyes on our barn-find Morgan project | Cross-Country Morgan Retrieval:

The Death Eaters, Chapter 2: Reliant Regal:

50 years after Jim Morrison’s death, where is his 1967 Shelby GT500?:

This 1925 Seal three-wheeler is “the first of its kind”—and 1 of only 2 survivors:

The ‘Fast & Furious’ Franchise Was Inspired by This Very Real Racing Phenomenon:

Porsche 356C Emerges from 44-Year Slumber and Heads to Auction:

Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew: A Journey into the World of Classic Cars:

Lowrider Garage – House of Kolor Paint Bash Custom Class:

SpeedKore’s Latest Carbon Fiber Creation Is Hellacious!:

What Is a Slingshot Dragster?:

What Is a Notchback Mustang?:

Back to the 50’s 2021—Hot Rod Trucks (Tons of pics):

Back to the 50’s 2021 – Saturday Was the Biggest Day at MSRA’s Massive Street Rod Show:

Back To The 50’s 2021—Sunday Swap Meet!(97 pics):

MSRA Back To The 50s Weekend 2021:

1957 Plymouth Belvedere coupe:

Sonic: Classically-Styled, Scratch-Built ’56 Chevy Pickup:

Fast 9 movie review:

The Car (1977) – ripper car movies:

America’s Fascination with Automotive Barn Finds:

1957 Chevy Sedan 210 Street Legal Dragster:

 A Quick Explanation of the BMC Hydrolastic Suspension :

Repainting an Engine Bay in 8 Easy Steps:

See fuel atomization up close with high-speed video of a see-though carb:

The most valuable Corvettes from C1 to C6:

The top 10 Corvette V-8s from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s (Cool engine displays):

The joy of silencing a metallic rattle by replacing the compressor pulley bearing:

Lowrider Garage Ep. 62 takes a deep dive into color sanding and final clearcoat perfection.:

How To Fix GM Pickup Steering Wheel Play
Fix Sloppy Steering on 2001-2010 GM Trucks with SuperSteer’s SS175 Idler Arm Support:

Cheap LED Shop Lighting:

Peek behind the curtain with our new Dream Collections video series:

Soul Made: Replicars Scale Models:

Make It Kustom (Follow Karl Fisher as he makes metal work magic):

For Sale:
Car guys house in Prince George for sale:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 27th, 2021

Note: Some links may expire over time.

PHOTOS: Classic cars cruise Saanich Peninsula in advance of Father’s Day:

Yak flight group based out of Victoria Airport:

Classic car buffs gather again in Langley:

Time Capsule 1965 Pro-Street Chevelle Has Stayed Nearly the Same for Over 40 Years!:

19 of the coolest cars in the Fast and Furious franchise:

A teenager once smashed up this very special 1966 Ford GT40:

When Stirling Moss cheated death in the Sahara desert:

Great Race 2021: The Green Dragon rides again:

Tales of buying my first classic … Part 1: Learning the hard way:

“Hellacious” – SpeedKore Unveils Mid-Engine, Hellcat-Powered 1968 Dodge Charger:

A Mid-Season Review of the 2021 Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series:

Charley Lillard’s 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler:

Street Machine and Street Rod of the Year Titles Highlight Goodguys 23rd Summit Racing Nationals:

Lew Bisbing’s 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda:

Ak Miller – A Hot Rodder’s Hot Rodder:

Miata components transformed into vintage-style Fangio racer:

Bill Vance: High price, competition doomed Hudson’s Italia:

10 Speed Secrets for the Rest of Us:

Shark S1: The one-off Canadian supercar with big-block guts:

GTO options make this 1972 Pontiac Le Mans Sport a wolf in sheep’s clothing:

Up and away without leaving the ground: A roundup of (mostly) outdoor aviation museums:

Lowrider Garage Ep. 61: Hydraulic Godfathers:

Back To The 50’s 2021 – Opening Day At Minnesota’s 10,000 – Car Street Rod Show:

Joe’s Diner car meet in Brisbane (Tons of pics):

Mike Brewer’s 1959 MGA restoration (Part 1):

Mike Brewer’s 1959 MGA restoration (Part 2):

For Sale:
CHEK Upside: Langford man selling Ghostbusters Ectomobile look-alike:

Plethora of vintage Cadillac limos litter British estate sale:

There could be a Rush for Neil Peart’s cars at Pebble Beach:

1972 Kaye RD in Nanoose Bay for sale (Watch the video to see the garage from inside and from in the house):

Shop tours:
What’s Inside Lucky’s Garage?:

Tech tips:
The Tricks, Techniques, and Tools of Professional Detailers:

Your handy 1967–77 Alfa Romeo GTV buyer’s guide:

The Basics of Choosing a Welder for Your Home Shop:

A Guide to Metalworking Tools and Welders:

Fuels for storage: Good, better, best | Fuel Facts :

How to Replace The Quarter Panel on a 1968-1969 Ford Torino Sportsroof:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 20th, 2021


Amazing Rat Fink Art by Dwight Lockhart!

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Car Cruise for Care Homes video (Turn the audio on for the commentary):

Craig Morrison, of Art Morrison Enterprises, Passes away at 44 (RIP Craig):

Rolls-Royce technicians restore one of the company’s most important cars:

Rolls-Royce completes restoration of its most special vehicle:

Breaking glass: It’s rare, but windows and sunroofs are shattering
And when they do, you might be on the hook for it — even if it wasn’t your fault:

Flamboyant coachbuilt Talbot-Lago stars in Bonhams’ Quail Lodge Auction:

Alumination: Documentary illuminates the story of an American icon (Airstream trailer):

Auto shop class is still around, and thriving, at this upstate New York high school:

Stock Stories: BSA DBD34 Gold Star Clubman (For Mike in Ontario):

Blowing Through the Years – Five Decades and 360,000 Miles in a Blown Drop-Top 1965 Chevelle:

Psychedelic Vette – Keeping the ’70s Spirit Alive in a Candy-Coated Custom Corvette:

The Truck With a Hinge In the Middle: The Willock Swivel Frame:

Ever admired vintage automotive sketches in a museum? Thank Fred Sharf:

Street Dreams Texas (Classic and Special Interest cars for sale)(As seen on Iron Resurection):

I spent more on a parts car for my project car than I’ve spent on many daily drivers, and I have zero regrets(Nissan Leaf for EV conversion):

Vehicular horror movies tap into our fear of losing control of our cars:

Drag Slash – Engineered to Win!:

After Nearly 60 Years, Ray McDonald’s ’53 Chevy Has Fulfilled its Custom Calling:

Larry Fulsome Has Kept His First Car Since 1962, and Logged More Than 400,000 Miles On It:

CPP AutoCross Series Recap! 1st Meguiar’s All-Star Get-Together:

Bill Vance: Luxurious Royale was beginning of the end for Reo cars:

How to Go Back in Time With Continuation Cars:

Six Ways to Sunday: Code word discomfort(Dirt Biking trip):

Street Freaks and Hot Rods at the 2021 Route 66 Show—Huge Gallery!:

Dick King roadster: Lost, found, restored, and still in show-winning shape (For Cam):

On the Road: 1979 Yamaha XS750 Special
Search for vintage plate-worthy bike led Saskatchewan rider to a quirky, and comfy, classic cruiser:

Electric classic Bentley-inspired Bensport La Sarthe unveiled
Somerset-based coachbuilder has added an electric powertrain option to its classic Bentley-inspired La Sarthe model:

5 dad-built custom toy projects(Lucky kids):

After Nearly 60 Years, Ray McDonald’s ’53 Chevy Has Fulfilled its Custom Calling:

SquareD – Cody Veibell’s Duramax-swapped ’81 Chevy K2500:

Ak Miller – A Hot Rodder’s Hot Rodder:

Lew Bisbing’s 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda:

7 underappreciated 1970s cars:

The AMC Javelin Was The Last True Independent Muscle Car In America:

The Big Block C2 And C3 Corvettes Ruled Chevy’s High Performance Muscle Car Golden Age:

The 1967-1970 Mercury Cougar Is The Mustang-Based Muscle Car Everyone Forgot About:

Civic, NSX, S2000 & Beyond: How Honda VTEC Changed the Engine Game:

A Very Special Secondhand ’66 C10 Project:

Welcome to the Indy Mopar Swap Meet! (From March of this year):

The Story Behind Jason Lubken’s 1963 Chevrolet Impala:

MSRA Back To The 50s Weekend 2021:

426 Hemi-Powered Ramchargers Dodge 330 Tribute:

Dave and Crystal Kaveshan’s 1962 Chevy II is Ready for the Highway:

LS3-Powered 1966 Chevy Pickup: The Dream Fulfilled:

Father-and-Son Built Big-Block Chevy C10 The Upper Crust:

LS3-Powered 1966 Chevy Pickup: The Dream Fulfilled:

Red-Ram Hemi Vs. 5.7L Hemi – Identical ’32 Ford Builds:

Archie’s lets the good times roll
Blast from the past at new diner in the Chemainus Public Market(Article is from June 2020) (Thanks to Dan at VIHR for letting me know about it):

The Ford X-100 Show Car was a Laboratory on Wheels:

Car of the Week: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T:

Shop Tours:
 “The Shop” is Open
La Vuelta organizers aim to keep Barrio Logan San Diego jamming year-round.:


Mendenhall’s Museum website here:

Hot Rod Shop Tour: Jimenez Bros. Customs:

Product Test: Channellock’s 8-inch Convertible Retaining Ring Pliers make installing and removing snap ring a snap:

Rejuvenating your vintage air conditioning can be a cool project:

Your Corner Wrench: Keeping your workspace clean can save you a headache
Paying attention to the details is a good way of ensuring your tools stay in working order:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Magnets—how do they work in the shop?:

Reminder: Don’t neglect your classic:

How to Eliminate Wind Noise and Window Rattles in Your Ride from Steele Rubber:

Lada 111 Tuning: The toughest horsepower that was ever earned, Part 1:

How to Troubleshoot Your Car’s Ignition System:

How to Destroy an Engine with a $6 Part:

10 Biggest Carburetor Tuning Mistakes
We show you what to do if your carb isn’t performing up to its potential:

Wheel Spacer Facts: What to Know Before You Buy:

Gasket Scraping Tools: Taking Drudgery Out of the Equation:

Brothers Trucks’ 1964-1966 Dash Patch:

Door Seals Install on a ’59 Chevy Stepside:

Can you really powder-coat parts at home for less than $500? | Eastwood PCS-250 Review | Video:

For Sale:

1952 Chev Belair 2-dr Hardtop:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 13th, 2021

IMG_8424 Resized

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Habitat for Humanity Kamloops has a raffle for a 1969 Barracuda Convertible:

How a lift and a bathroom turned a one-car garage into one reader’s automotive happy place:

Even an expert Mustang restorer had the challenge of his career with Bill Goldberg’s “Lawman” Mustang:

World’s largest British car museum and all 500 of its jolly good cars put up for sale:

Down to the bomber seats, Joel Driskill’s scratch-built Manning Special replica gets all the details right:

The Subaru 360 is no Ferrari, but it’s a thrill nonetheless:

The last train home:

Gordon Prinster’s 1967 Ford Mustang:

More Than a Name – Show Cars Automotive’s “Impressive” ’63 Impala Wagon:

Infrared Camaro – Steve Aguilar’s Second-Gen Gem:

A Recap of Goolsby Customs Next Generation Award Winners (so far) for the 2021 Season:

2021 Spring Nationals Builders Choice Top 10 by All Ways Hot Rods:

Andrea Fappani’s 1965 GMC “Showman”:

Good Vibrations Motorsports March Meet in May:

Bill Vance chats about how the Morgan car production is still a cottage industry:

1926 Nash Roadster was rum runners’ choice during prohibition
Very rare restored roadster was originally sold to a Chicago man and has lots of ‘illicit’ qualities:

Motor Mouth: The Yorkville Car Spotters prove the future is in good hands:

Lucky’s Hot Rods Speed Equipment:

The Story Behind Texaco’s Futuristic Streamlined Tank Trucks:

Historic Trans-Am Racing at Sonoma Raceway- Report & Photo Gallery (Cool pics of trans am racing):

Nothing against Ed Roth, but there’s a less kitsch version of Tweedy Pie and this guy’s building it:

A 1970 Chevrolet K10 gets a DIY makeover
Work Truck Revivial, part 1:

A final look at a 1970 Chevrolet K10’s 10-year DIY makeover:

Show ‘n’ Shine Hot Rods from 2021 March Meet:

The Highs and Lows of Working on Old Cars:

2021 March Meet in Bakersfield: Swap Meet Treasure:

More Photos from the 2021 March Meet in Bakersfield:

Passing Down the High-Performance Passion:

Kate Russell’s 1953 Chevy sled:

Fast Fruit: The Bad Banana 1955 Chevy Gasser:–the-bad-banana-1955-chevy-gasser.html

The Last Real Hot Rod To Win The GNRS?:

Just How Smoky are Those Mountains? Jim’s Garages goes on a road trip cruise:

A Tribute to America’s Great Fuel Company, Sinclair Oil:

1933 Ford Roadster Built in 1950 and Unrestored to Perfection (Great pics):

Tech tips:
Just Like New: Five facts about vehicle interior cleaning:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Breathe easy with running vehicles indoors:

Vintage Air Demystifies How Air Conditioning Works:

How to strip a project car | Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Project:

Eight Tips for Staying Out of Your Own Way While Assembling a Car:

How to clean and shine your tires the correct way | Video:

Piston Slap: Adding EFI to a Tri-Five Chevrolet?:

Your handy 1975–93 Volvo 240 buyer’s guide:

Just Like New: Five facts about vehicle interior cleaning:

Replacing rusted-out Ford Mustang panels is a fix you can do yourself
From rust to lust:

Inside the Dana Spicer Powr-Lok limited-slip differential
A little cleaning and some fresh parts for a well-used Positraction unit:

Hemi Engine Sizes:

Upgrading Worn Brass Bushings on Early Ford Kingpin Suspension:

5 Minutes With Ron Capps:

Spending An Afternoon With Seven-Time Isle Of Man TT Winner Mick Grant And His Suzuki XR69:

Shop Tours:
Scott’s Hot Rods | Full Shop Tour | Ford Era:

About Scott’s Hotrods ‘n Customs:

Master Motorcycle Mechanic: Yoshi Kosaka and Garage Company:

Stormin Bonneville(Lucky’s Hot Rod shop build for Bonneville):

The Walk of Fame: Feats Of Human Strength At The Pick A Part’s $59.99 Carry Out Day:

Aces Hot Rod Reunion 2021:

Backfires and Burnouts starts a Model T Modified Part 1:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. June 6th, 2021

IMG_7322 Resized

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Note: Some links may expire over time.

2021 Okotoks Collector Car Auction
‘Hybrid’ event to be held at New Horizon Mall north of Calgary on June 12:

2021 Okotoks Collector Car Auction vehicle list:

Okotoks Collector Car Auction web site:

Re-opening plan presents open road for Langley Good Times Cruise-In:

SVAA Alberta Rides Summer 2021 magazine now online:

Richard and Penny Hammer from Alberta, Go All-In With Their ’65 Acadian Canso Sport Deluxe:

John Hornbrook‘s ’32 Ford Three-Window Coupe Captures Goodguys 2021 Tanks, Inc. Hot Rod of the Year Crown!:

Music For Your Road, no. 5: The Guitars that Took Over the World, Part 1:

Music for your Road, no. 6: The Guitars That Took Over The World, Part 2:

In the big picture, how important are the cars and the garage space?:

GALLERY: A First-Timer’s View Of The Grand Prix De Monaco Historique 2021:

Finding The Stylish Side Of Safety Regulations With A Soft-Window Porsche 912 Targa:

Quick Times Magazine June 2021 issue now online here:

Good Guys magazine July 2021 issue now online here:

The ultimate Aston Martin DB5 collection: yours for £4 million:

Ford’s electric Mustang production has now exceeded its gas-powered Mustangs’
Mach-E sees sales soar globally, but in the U.S. the car outsells the SUV almost three to one:

End of the Road: Building cars in Atlantic Canada
There was no shortage of automotive entrepreneurs Down East:

Barry Blomquist’s Pontiac 2+2 Goes Well Beyond the Sum of Its Parts:

John McLeod Inducted to the Daryl Starbird Rod and Custom Hall of Fame:

John Hornbrook‘s ’32 Ford Three-Window Coupe Captures Goodguys 2021 Tanks, Inc. Hot Rod of the Year Crown!:

Bill Vance: Ford Taurus a big gamble that paid off handsomely:

NASA Jim and his Gray Ray Corvette
A machine made to move:

Totaled Toyota Supra Has Unexpected Value:

A Bad or Missing Title Can Derail That Project | Column:

Patina: The Good, The Bad, and How to Preserve the True Time-Worn Classics:

Did a Cadillac boat penned by Brooks Stevens inspire the 1959 Cadillac’s tail fins?(For Brad L.):

Is the Nissan Z poised to become the next 911?:

What If? 1957 Tesla:

The 1968 Buick Electra 225 was Flint’s finest:

Prewar cars, the cornerstone of our hobby, are doing just fine:

Frank Sinatra wasn’t the only celeb to own this sweet 1970 Maserati Ghibli:

VIN 001 Mustang Sold to Airline Pilot Three Days Before the Official Launch:

We Dairy You to Restore This Dodge Milk Bottle-Mobile to Its Former Glory:

A series of terrible ideas: The Stoner T, Part 22(Interesting hiding place for an alternator):

Win or lose, these five Indy cars became some of the most legendary racers to lap the Brickyard:

Drive or restore? That’s the question facing the buyer of this Full Classic Cadillac:

Facel Vega founder Jean Daninos vainly hoped his modified personal 1960 Facellia 2+2 could save the company:

Daily Briefing: projects sell well at Bonhams, belated Diablo Bash:

Amazing Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2021- Report & Photo Gallery:

Studebaker’s Italian Job: The 1960 Lark Frua:

Lowrider Garage Ep. 59 – Intruders C.C.:

David Freiburger Recalls “Times I Failed Horribly!”:

Oak Glen Rod Run 2021(Tons of pics):

Father Knows Best (Mopar family):

The Great Texas Mopar® Auction: Preview:

Broncos, Gladiators, Raptors & More: How to Hit the Trail with Hot Wheels:

Sydney Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo 2021(Nice rides):

Jerry Wiegert: The man behind the American supercar, The Vector:

Jim Ewing’s Texas T – No Brakes, No Shocks (For Ken C):

How to Build a 1955 Ford F-100 in 300 Days:

Coverage from the 47th Annual NSRA Street Rod Nationals South:

Hagerty: Free Automobile Assurance(Story on collector car insurance by Randy from Special Car Store):

English Racing Automobiles Live On
The story of the iconic E.R.A.(That would be a blast!):

Remembering the Great Accomplishments of Betty Skelton:

Aces Hot Rod Resurrection 2021:

Car of the Week: 1955 Ford Thunderbird ‘Gasser’:

For Sale:
Rust Bros Restorations 1957 GMC Sierra resto-mod goes up for auction on AutoHunter(The behind the scenes story):

Here is the auction listing for the Rust Bros Restorations 1957 GMC Pickup:

How to rebuild a steering rack | Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite project | Video:

Your handy 1955-62 MG MGA buyer’s guide:

2001-2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Buyers Guide:

Glasswork: Fiberglass Bodywork Tips:

Tech Tips: First-Generation Mazda Miata

Edd China’s Workshop Diaries: Plumbing Shop Air, And Getting Close To Done With The Worlds Fastest Electric Ice Cream Van:

Piston Slap: Do water jackets ever need a life jacket?:

Five things you should know about wax and polish before shining your ride:

What to consider when reassembling your first restoration project:

EFI Troubleshooting/Tuning Tips:

Upside-Down Tool Storage Systems Based on Their Connection Points:

Bello’s Kustoms build some cool stuff:

Soul Made: Mark Jarel-Built Slot Car Tracks :

The story of the lost Chevrolet Corvair rotting away in the Darien Jungle for 60 years:

WATCH THIS: Cackle!:

Cloud Model T Car Museum – Bard Ca:

Shop tours:
Mark Jarel shop pics (Wow):

Mark Jarel, Is It A Garage, Home, Or Heaven?:

Jim Bridgewater: ‘I am Blessed’ (Nice garages and cars!):

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 30th, 2021

P8250035 Resized

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Barrett Jackson summer 2021 magazine:

The 1935 Bugatti Aerolithe “Electron Coupe” that was built by Guild of Automotive Restorers is now on display at Precious Metals:

The 1973 Pontiac Trans Am I first saw at 17 is mine and ready to finally hit the road (This car premiered at the 2020 Calgary World of Wheels):

Unfolding a Guide to the Past
Road maps do more than just tell you how to get somewhere, they also reveal something about the history of a place and people:

Reliable Rods! Goodguys 2021 Tanks, Inc. Hot Rod of the Year Contenders Hit the Road:

“El Chapo” – River City Rods’ 1976 Ford B100:

Goodguys and Murray Kustom Rods Team Up for Rockin’ TGIF Party in Texas:

George Poteet’s Holman Moody-Inspired ’57 Ford F100:

Bill Vance chats about the Continental was engine supplier to the industry:

Iconic Vancouver car wrecking yard closes doors forever
Coast Import Auto Supply was the go to place when searching for a hard-to-find bit of British or Italian treasure:

Death-defying daredevils and their flying machines
It was hell on wheels at Vancouver’s Pacific International Exhibition 50 years ago:

Motor Mouth: Finding religion — on the back of a trailer
The well-equipped Good Samaritan packs a Bible and tie-downs:

Smithology: Until you one day wake up and have actually gone someplace:

The first Oldsmobile Toronado, full of front-drive muscle, was never chained to convention:

1930s Isky Roadster Was Assembled Back When Hot Rods Were Called Soup Jobs
Builder Ed Iskenderian cast the unique hood ornament in his high school shop class.:

On the rebound: Five facts about shock absorbers and struts:

Remembering the Partnership between Hurst and Oldsmobile:

Rare Car Network “Reincarnation” car magazine can be viewed online here:

Shop Tours:
Lowrider Garage Tours Pinstriper Ron Herandez Museum of Fine Art
Get a behind the scenes look at a mancave full of art, lowrider history, and countless memories:

Tech Tips:
Tanked up: Learning to make aluminum fuel tanks with Tab Classics:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Craft your own bead crimping pliers:

What’s the charge? A Mustang’s vexing electrical issue:

The final push: Six Ways to Sunday racing begins this week (Honda XR250R build):

10 Auto Restoration Dos and Don’ts
How to make the most of your restoration investment:

Tools You Need to Assemble Deutsch Connectors: Affordable Options for High-End Vehicle Electrical Systems:

Classic car meet 2021 in Alberta:

You can see more videos from the above Youtuber here:

I Build Tiny Cars Out Of Old Fridges | RIDICULOUS RIDES:

Dwarf Cars: Mechanic Hand-Builds Mini Motors:

Dwarf Cars as shown on My Classic Car:

Video: Was This TruckVan Unsafe?(brief excerpt from a 1963 Chevrolet sales film):

Video: Field Testing the 1963 Chevrolets (The full version of the video mentioned above):

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 23rd, 2021

IMG_0185 Resized

Pratt and Whitney Radial Engine wall art.

Calgary Grey Eagle Drive-In to resume, but frustrations persist around Alberta rules:

Rocky Mountain Motorsports track just outside Calgary is getting closer to completion:

10 most memorable movie wagons:

Danny Vandergriff Showcases Mild Custom Class with His Forward Look 1957 Chrysler:

Reggie Kopecky’s 1967 Pontiac GTO:

Foothill Fabrication Thinks Beyond the Traditional Hot Rod Mold:

“F1K” – John Jinnings 1,000HP Twin Turbo ’72 F100:

Bentley celebrates centennial of its first racing victory:

River City Classics @ Eamon’s Garage (Some great pics from Off the Beaten Path with Chris and Connie):

Bill Vance chats about the Bugatti Type 41 Royale was created for European royalty:

Bill Vance chats about how the Post-war Roadmaster helped Buick stay in the lead:

Turn Four Restorations keeps Brickyard relics race-ready:

The Urban Outlaw, the Hack Mechanic, and four old tires:

Meet the Port Coquitlam Tomb Raider of beer cans:

Holy Little Red Lie, Batman!
A quasi-fib led to Andrew Goodwin becoming Adam West’s agent, and the creation of a Canadian-made Batmobile.:

Wheely great reads for Father’s Day:

In Monaco, a Royal Collection of Cars:

Get in your Garage – June 2021:

El Diablo – Fred Bishop’s Red-on-Red ’71 F100:

Bottled Lightning – Electric Racing Goes Mainstream:

This 1970 1/2 Chevrolet Camaro is frill-free and totally amazing:

Amelia Island Concours d’LeMons “gets bigger and dumber every year”:

The new Hagerty Drivers Foundation champions car culture, education, and innovation:

Dale Clifft’s original three-wheeler prototype emerges from hiding after decades, heads to Petersen:

Yes, a supercharged, 8-second Boss 429 1970 Mustang can be used for safety education(Lawman Ford Mustang):

The Story of the GM Electrovan – The First-Ever Working Fuel Cell Vehicle – Made in America:

Woodies Cruise in Memory of Builder Doug Carr of Wood N’ Carr:

1969 Chevy Chevelle Restomod Build For The Road And For SEMA:

The 3rd Gen Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z and Z28 Are About To Skyrocket With Classic Muscle Car Collectors:

The Pontiac 455 V8 was The GTO and Firebird Brand’s Last “Big Block”:

The 1959 Corvette Sting Ray Racer Offered a Timeless Design:

Reggie Jackson, Baseball and Classic Cars: A Success Story:

Shop Tours:
Hot Rod Shop Tour: South City Rod and Custom:

How to easily, quickly detail your paint | Project Porsche 911:

Buyer Guide: Volvo 122S and 123GT :

My XR250R wrenching philosophy: I’ll cross that Bridge(port) when I get there:

10 Biggest Carburetor Tuning Mistakes:

Why Adding Power Brakes To Any Classic Chevy Is A Great Upgrade:

Jerry’s 32 Deuce by Vancouver Island Hot Rods:

How to Restore a Car, Part 4: Rebuilding Brake Calipers | Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite Project | Video:

The Number One Team: A 1967 Chevrolet Film:

Master Mechanics: Kingsbury Racing Shop:

Next Exit: A History of Roadside Attractions (Thanks Brad A.):

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 16th, 2021

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Heritage Car Bike and Machinery Show shining success(From Australia):

Cruisin’ Clearwater brings over 200 fancy vehicles to town:

The Legacy of Steve McQueen:

On the Road: 1964 VW Transporter
‘Rocky’ restored and back with the Calgary family after quarter century absence:

Arch Rivals: Mazda RX-7 versus Toyota Supra:

Take a peek inside the wacky, wonderful world of ‘NardoLand’
Maltby’s Ron “Nardo” Nardone has spent a lifetime collecting signs, vintage gas pumps and a whole heckuva lot more.:

Eric’s Heroes: Maltby man creates 1950s world in his backyard:

Welcome to Nardoland:

Classic Bus Owner Wants Province to Get Onboard:

Pebble Beach is back on, but not all automakers are on board:

On the Road: 1964 VW Transporter
‘Rocky’ restored and back with the Calgary family after quarter century absence:

Buy It! This 1971 Plymouth may become the most expensive muscle car ever sold:

The iconic Caterham Seven will see an electric version in 5 years:

Caterham is set to go electric and the fans aren’t happy:

A Rare Ford Consul Capri Shows Off Its American Side:

$25K black-sheep Ferrari project car: Interesting or insufferable?:

From pristine to battle-scarred, our 4 favorite American race cars up for auction:

How a ’60s slot-car championship propelled three Midwest kids to the big leagues:

“It was a party”: The oral history of the most monumental classic car sale of all time (Part II):

The unsung hero of American spaceflight is … a van?:

This wild RX-3 is another crazy feather in Mike Westwood’s Canadian cap:

This 1941 Ford truck proves you can go home again, or at least back to camp:

20 rock stars’ cars: For those who love to drive—we salute you (The Keith Moon pic is my favorite):

Opinion: The art of the flip is inevitable, but it’s not foolproof:

Dean’s machine: My long pursuit of Dean Jeffries’ custom Dodge van:

The 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT was the last of a breed:

Daily Briefing: Cobras to assemble, registration for 2021 SEMA Show begins:

Tour the mountains by rail in the 1956 Pontiac Fairmont Hy-Rail #18 replica:

Updating the tradition of cutting-edge technology in a traditional hot rod with new, classic aviation gauges:

A Shelby-tinged Mustang restomod for the track and the street:

Huge turnout for the 25th-Annual AACA Wilson Bank Spring Meet in Mt. Juliet:

100 Years of Supercars at the Petersen Museum:

Huge Event Gallery! Super Chevy Chicago Lost Show Images:

Six-Pack of Diesel Rat Rods:

Justin Keller’s 1929 Model A Hot Rod Tudor:

NAPCO 4×4 Conversion Kits: When 4WD Wasn’t an Option From Truck Manufacturers:×4-conversion-kits/

Learning As He Went, This Enthusiast Built A Better-Than-New Porsche 944:

Bonhams’ Supercars on Sunset 2021(Thanks to Special Car Store):

Been There, Done That
When the automobile was the world’s technological savior (Cool vintage pics):

Lowrider Volkswagen Beetle from Japan:

Tech Tips:
Buying Used: 2016-2020 Chevrolet Camaro:

80s and 90s Cars to Invest in Now:

Your handy 1986–91 BMW M3 (E30) buyer’s guide:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Perfecting the almost-perfect giant drain pan:

Not just black boxes: Five things to know about electronic fuel injection:

How to choose the right restoration shop:

A New Five-Speed in Town (Tremec TKX):

RCTS AUTOWORX now has a YouTube channel
The first three videos uploaded are of the HellCat RX-7 doing some road tests:

Small Block Tear Down by Backfires and Burnouts (Thanks, Cam):

The Boy Who loves Cars:

Eric’s Heroes: The All American Root Beer Drive In:

Watch what it takes to rebuild an NHRA Top Fuel supercharger:

Soul made, Ciccio Racing shoes for Vern:

Westcoast Mopar Muscle by Light Em Up TV:

Sears Social – Nanaimo – May 12 2021 by VIHR:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. May 9th, 2021

P8100266 Resized
Note: Some links may expire over time.

Good Guys magazine June 2021 issue now online:

Stock Stories: 1958 Honda Super Cub:

This newly acquired Chrysler Turbine had better get ready for some exercise (Some cool pics of the car):

The Messerschmitt bubble car rides again
Tiny tandem two-seater offers gas or electric powered 1950s thrills:

2021 Spring Lone Star Nationals Builders Choice Top 10 Trucks from Hill’s Hot Rods:

Beyond Business – Brian Baker’s 1950 Plymouth Business Coupe:

Refined & Rowdy – KC Mathieu’s ’68 F100 Blends Show Truck Style and Big-Time Power:

5TSHDZZ – Jerry Wood’s ’72 F100 Bumpside:

Gary Goodin’s Burnished Brown 1969 Camaro Z/28:

Bill Vance chats about the Stylish and roomy 1956 Rambler was AMC’s salvation:

Good things come to those who wait? Jonny Smith and his 18-year Chevrolet Impala lowrider project:

At Gasper’s Restoration, a passion for restoring old fire trucks evolved into a business:

Bobby Unser, three-time Indy 500 winner and 13-time Pike’s Peak champ, 1934-2021 (RIP Bobby Unser):

Video: Remembering Bobby Unser, 1934-2021:

Rest In Speed: BOBBY UNSER, Feb 20, 1934 – May 2, 2021:

Restoration Conundrum: Keep it in driving condition, or give it the works?:

Find of the Day: When Jaguar won at Le Mans, its customers were rewarded with the likes of this 1956 Jaguar XK140MC OTS:

100-Year-Old Family Wrecking Yard Sells Off Cars and Parts (Lots of cool vintage pics):

The Henry Ford: “Driven to Win” with its New Racing Exhibit:

John Walker’s Cobble Hill Express has been a labour of love for the past five years.(Go to min 2:52 to see train part):

5 Minutes With Steve Tracy of Advanced Plating:

Looking for answers about mechanical ignition? Check out this FAQ:

Critical Cargo – A Guide to Towing and Transportation Safety:

How to Paint a Car:

Cheers, Darryl.