Seaside Cruizers, Fathers Day Show 2017

Further details can be found on there website, Seaside Cruizers

As of today they are at 563 entries! The cap is 600 so register quick!

Sunday June 18th, 2017.

Seaside Cruizers Show 2017



Stuff from D. October 1st, 2015


It’s been a busy summer. Hope you took advantage of the weather and got your ride out regularly or worked on it…….


Nice Mopar

Torque Masters Car Show 2015 pics link:

Portland Swap Meet before and after pics link:

Portland Expo Swap Meet 2015 pics link:

Portland PIR Swap Meet 2015 pics link:

The Forge Hot Rod Shop (Thanks Todd):

Swedish car show:

Fast and Furious film story:–furious-films

Safari Wagon story:

Calgary Morgan collector:

2000 Classic cars lined up in Coventry:

RCMP Bust up Horsepower Hooligans Illegal Street Race:

Newest Mad Max Trailer:

Fast n Furious car builder:

A track on the Island for the rich folk:

New Medical Taxi:

The Beast of Turin coming to Goodwood in June (Go to full screen mode and crank the sound up!):


Cool 49 Chev Deluxe:

Original Parts Group shopping trip:

Challenger Scat Pack idea:

Dentist’s beware, Camaro used to pull kid’s tooth out:

Unassuming garage:

V16 Marmon motor in Hot Rod:

Bug Eye motor swap:

Caddy pickup for Dave:

Don’t let the Valet park your Ferrari:

Corvair article for Shane:

Nash Metropolitan story:

1963 Zip Van article:

Giant Ball of Death:

Collector still going strong:

Honda Motocompos, I want one:

1955 Belair article:

Electric Car article:

Edmonton Motor Show article:

Dream or Nightmare vette:

Ring Brothers Shop Truck (Nice Burnout):

Nuclear sub goes into dry dock (Watch the video):

Crane crash mistaken for art:

Ford’s 11 speed transmission:

John Force wins in a Chevy:

10th Annual Restoration Fair Swap Meet at Heritage acres:

A Mercedes for the El Camino group:

Trending backwards:

Cricket light weight trailer:

Bugattis live on:

RM Auction preview catalog with price estimates:

Another 442 ragtop for Tony:

1969 L88 Corvette:

Nondescript Shop restores classics:

Greatest car movies of all time:

Gearhead terms:

I think Martin would like the Jowett Jupiter:

Mystery break-ins answered:

Helcat fun to drive:

Ford Mustang turns 51:

Cadillac collection:

DB4 project:

Corvette Dreams:

Volkswagen T6 Van:

Station wagon story:

A look at Bodie Stroud builds (Cool guy!):

Hemi Cuda goes up for auction:

Jetstream mini tour:

One for Paul M 1960 Desoto, 1959 Edsel:

Cool Airport shuttle:

How not to get rid of bed bugs in your car:

All of the Fast and Furious car crashes:

Sinister Dodge Dart goes up for auction:

60s inspired deuce coupe:

Old English Car Club of BC (Lot of newsletters available from the Newsletters link):

Where they rust article:

Rick Dale tells all:

64 Impala work of art:

Moto Exotica:

Old Cars Weekly publication (Desoto article Paul M…):

Owner reunited with stolen 240Z:

1941 Packard 120 article:

The auto art of Mark Ervin:

How crowd funding got these car projects going:

Ford Model A competed in gruelling rally:

Gene Winfields Custom Car Shop Tour:–0?utm_source=HRHLNewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HRHLNewsletterApr242015

Mad Max cars:

Hagerty Spring Thaw car cruise:

My kind of house/garage:

Cool Pliers, Vampliers:

1937 Ford article:

Article about Kindig it Design:

Restored Mercury wagon rides again:

Pole mounted cars coming to an end?:

Automotive facts:

Ferrari crash at Bear Mountain:

Nice Ford GT40 Replica for sale:

1924 Ford TT pickup:

How to park your bicycle in Japan:

Another article and trailer for Mad Max:–tom-hardy-takes-over-as-the-road-warrior

Mad Max cars of wasteland weekend:

Conrad and the steamplant video(Is this what it’s like Todd?):

The Shoemaker video:

Five generations of Camaro’s:

Mad Max car comes back in BC:

The new Ford GT:

Max Max Heroine article:

Ryan’s Rod and Kustom (Cool shop):

Wescott Auto tech tips:

1926-1927 Ford Frame dimensions:

1932 Ford Frame dimensions:

How to and tech stuff:

Nice blasting cabinet:

1958 Dodge D100 pickup:

Arrival of new Camaro celebration:

Redesigned 2016 Camaro:

55 Chevy Truck Custom:

56 Chevy Truck ad:

56 Chevy Truck resto video:

Awesome Highboy (Thanks Todd):

Street Rodder welding videos (Thanks Alberta Tom):

Beechcraft Staggerwing belly lands in Abbotsford in March(First flight after resto)
JellyBean Autocrafters are working on the cowl:

Wounded Warrior Willy’s Wall art episode on Count’s custom:

Vintage Car Club of Victoria news letter (Nice article on one of Jamie’s trips and some cool garage tours):

Ernie’s Calendar of Car Shows for 2015:

Mopar Dakota truck ragtop(Dan and I saw one of these recently):

New Club limo project:

Roman Candle drone flying:

VW engine removal:

1979 Dodge Power wagon:

1973 Corvette Stingray article:

1978 Oldsmobile restoration:

Alberta Muscle car looses rear axle (Apparently a new purchase too….):

Sixth Gen Camaro:

Interesting trip for Ryan from Jalopy journal:

Nice Scooby Doo van, but pricey….. (Thanks Michel):

Nice pro-street Honda:

1956 Volkswagen Beetle article:

Cougar collector:

Article on automotive artist Jeff Norwell:

1941 COE truck:

Volvo P1800 video (Hit the translation button):

More from the same video section:

2015 Jalopy Showdown (Looks like a fun time!):

A great article on my Calgary friend, Mike’s resto of his dad’s GTO:

1977 Honda Civic article:

1908 Sears Motor Buggy for Miles:

32 Ford Roadster article:

Weird Wagons:

Interesting key fob:

1984 Celica for Dan:

Mad Max movie article:

Cool automotive art at Precision Illustration:

1933 taxi maternity video:

1970 Cuda, sick:

Hazan Motorcycle builder video:

Desoto article for Paul M:

Bad day on the freeway:

Chevy LT4 build video:

See how much fuel gets pumped into a Top Fuel engine. It starts at an idle rate then ramps up to race mode.
Unbelievable volume of fuel! (Thanks Todd):

Nice 66 Chevy C10 Truck spotted on used Vic:

Car of the week 1954 Kaiser Darrin Drag Car:

Female bodyshop owner article:

Olds 442 article:

Weird car collection:

1956 Meteor Rideau Victoria airport:

Impressive collection of car club plaques:

V-Drive system, my GMC Rv friend spotted one of these on Quadra Island: Old Cars Weekly Express May edition:

Serious Hot Rod Build pics:

Stash of race cars:

1970 El Camino article:

Tesla assembly line video:

Lost Tatra:

Car spotting:

California Black License plates going back into production at the jail:

70 AAR Cuda article:

New corvette owner and launch mode:

1960 VW Bus on engine number 3(Interesting they mention the bellows that were missing from our doghouse):

Man space, Work hard play hard:

Ferrari 512 video:

10 questions for the Ring Brothers:

Double Decker bus home:

56 Belair Shorty:

RIP Roger Garten:

1949 Fargo truck:

Cool Military style shop build:

Steve Stanford, Auto Artist:

PBY sinking article:

PBY sinking. Sad:

Duo 64 Impala’s:

Deloreans offer trip back in time:

Forty Ford day car show:

The Bug movie trailer:

The Bus movie trailer:

1940 Plymouth Club:

Cartoons Mag:

Subaru collector:

Three wheel Electric Sparrow:

This would be a perfect vehicle for Cam:

Two men injured in vintage car collision(Sad……..):

NSRA Nats East York:

V8 bettle from Dan:

Vintage Triumph:

Step inside old car city:

Need these for the Island(Thanks Martin):

A nice 60 Desoto for Paul M:

1957 BMW Isetta:

1967 Dodge Monaca article:

Fireball 500 movie:

Hot Rod Nomads movie:

Seattle Speedometer video:

My kind of Man of Steel:

Building a dream, Ferrari kit car, Awesome!:

1973 Corvette article:

Mercedes Benz article:

Hot Rod trip, check out the photos:

Model T club rolls through Alberta:

Electric Bug for sale:

2015 Portland Roadster Show pics from Shane:

Mopar launches new drag race package:

Resto update from Mike Owens shop:

Morgan 3 wheeler electric:

Race track for the Mustard crowd getting closer to happening:

(If I have to explain what the mustard crowd is you don’t remember the Rolls Royce commercials):
Here is a newer version:

Superbird gets full resto:

Collector Classics block party:

1977 Trans Am article:

Touring one of Canada’s most incredible Car collections:

Article about the upcoming Torquemasters car show:

1957 Chevrolet:

Barrett Jackson Custom Cup results, big money prizes:

Barrett Jackson RenoTahoe 2015 auction highlights:

Barrett Jackson RenoTahoe 2015 results, just click on each vehicle to find out the details and final selling price:

History Lesson on the Model T Ford (Thanks Tom from Alberta):

Plymouth Superbird article:

Digital Design Tool’s at Steve’s Auto Restorations video (Thanks Todd!):

Henry J article:

Olds Starfire article:

Mopar Diecast collector:

Other great car chase scenes in movies:

Ontario shop became place for car collectors:

Man space reflection of the owner:

A more door packard for Chuck:

Polaris introduces Electric Motor Bike:

A cool VW bus for Paul B:

Concours dlemons(A divco in the mix for Ken C.):

Mystery plumber passes away, estate goes to auction:

Cool Flathead front engine dragster video (Thanks Todd):

Cool Gasser 2015 video clip (Thanks Todd):

2015 Hot Rod Hill Climb pics link:

Just watched the episode about this Cuda. Nice car! Built 5 years ago but still for sale…………….

Street Rod Life:

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner:

2015 Camaro Convertible and good bye Oshawa:–2015-chevrolet-camaro-convertible

68 Camaro SS article:

Firebird goes sideways on street race:

Top 10 Man spaces:

News article and video on the Torque Masters show last weekend:

Corvette Nomad article:

Harold Lemay article:

AmphiCar article:

Farkle Garage(New Motor bike show on Shaw), First episode here:

The cars of Mad Max Fury road movie:

1957 VW beetle story:

Update on car barge oops:

Gasser photos, thanks Todd:

1942 Mercury Convertible:

1965 Corvette Roadster article:

Pontiac assembly line story:

Quebec’s Hot Rod and Kustom scene:

Steve Barton car collection(Wow!!!!):

Car Capsule from Michel:

Mantiques of Calgary’s, Quality Tools makes it on Global:

1947 Chevrolet pickup:

Ferrari article and video:

Ferrari driver blasts through neighborhood:

Ferrari roller coaster:

Dodge D200 engine swap into older truck:

Hot Rod Garage videos:

Vancouver Island Toyota Delica run on kitchen grease:

Legends cafe:

Father daughter Duster build video(Nice collection in the garage!):

Mob steel Season 1 Episode 2:

53 Sedan Delivery giveaway vehicle:

Detroit Dealership history:

Six arrested from chop shop related to Woodward Dream cruise car thefts:

1924 Ford touring article for Miles:

Shaker Run car chase:

A magazine Nikki and her truck should be in:

Ford Flat head article:

Cool track video from Todd:

Mr. Chevy restoration:

Removing rusty hardware from cars:

Classic Car Blog:

Calgary couple tackles Jalopy Jam up:

Delorean story:

Barrett Jackson announces Connecticut auction:

Crowd funding your workshop “Kustom Kommune”:

Lenny’s garage, Awesome car collection:

Nice Fire pits:

Cuda Fiction video:

V8 Hotel from Martin:

Here is an english version of the video about the V8 Hotel:

VanDusen pics from Todd:

Cheers, Darryl.