Stuff from D. October 1st, 2015


It’s been a busy summer. Hope you took advantage of the weather and got your ride out regularly or worked on it…….


Nice Mopar

Torque Masters Car Show 2015 pics link:

Portland Swap Meet before and after pics link:

Portland Expo Swap Meet 2015 pics link:

Portland PIR Swap Meet 2015 pics link:

The Forge Hot Rod Shop (Thanks Todd):

Swedish car show:

Fast and Furious film story:–furious-films

Safari Wagon story:

Calgary Morgan collector:

2000 Classic cars lined up in Coventry:

RCMP Bust up Horsepower Hooligans Illegal Street Race:

Newest Mad Max Trailer:

Fast n Furious car builder:

A track on the Island for the rich folk:

New Medical Taxi:

The Beast of Turin coming to Goodwood in June (Go to full screen mode and crank the sound up!):


Cool 49 Chev Deluxe:

Original Parts Group shopping trip:

Challenger Scat Pack idea:

Dentist’s beware, Camaro used to pull kid’s tooth out:

Unassuming garage:

V16 Marmon motor in Hot Rod:

Bug Eye motor swap:

Caddy pickup for Dave:

Don’t let the Valet park your Ferrari:

Corvair article for Shane:

Nash Metropolitan story:

1963 Zip Van article:

Giant Ball of Death:

Collector still going strong:

Honda Motocompos, I want one:

1955 Belair article:

Electric Car article:

Edmonton Motor Show article:

Dream or Nightmare vette:

Ring Brothers Shop Truck (Nice Burnout):

Nuclear sub goes into dry dock (Watch the video):

Crane crash mistaken for art:

Ford’s 11 speed transmission:

John Force wins in a Chevy:

10th Annual Restoration Fair Swap Meet at Heritage acres:

A Mercedes for the El Camino group:

Trending backwards:

Cricket light weight trailer:

Bugattis live on:

RM Auction preview catalog with price estimates:

Another 442 ragtop for Tony:

1969 L88 Corvette:

Nondescript Shop restores classics:

Greatest car movies of all time:

Gearhead terms:

I think Martin would like the Jowett Jupiter:

Mystery break-ins answered:

Helcat fun to drive:

Ford Mustang turns 51:

Cadillac collection:

DB4 project:

Corvette Dreams:

Volkswagen T6 Van:

Station wagon story:

A look at Bodie Stroud builds (Cool guy!):

Hemi Cuda goes up for auction:

Jetstream mini tour:

One for Paul M 1960 Desoto, 1959 Edsel:

Cool Airport shuttle:

How not to get rid of bed bugs in your car:

All of the Fast and Furious car crashes:

Sinister Dodge Dart goes up for auction:

60s inspired deuce coupe:

Old English Car Club of BC (Lot of newsletters available from the Newsletters link):

Where they rust article:

Rick Dale tells all:

64 Impala work of art:

Moto Exotica:

Old Cars Weekly publication (Desoto article Paul M…):

Owner reunited with stolen 240Z:

1941 Packard 120 article:

The auto art of Mark Ervin:

How crowd funding got these car projects going:

Ford Model A competed in gruelling rally:

Gene Winfields Custom Car Shop Tour:–0?utm_source=HRHLNewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HRHLNewsletterApr242015

Mad Max cars:

Hagerty Spring Thaw car cruise:

My kind of house/garage:

Cool Pliers, Vampliers:

1937 Ford article:

Article about Kindig it Design:

Restored Mercury wagon rides again:

Pole mounted cars coming to an end?:

Automotive facts:

Ferrari crash at Bear Mountain:

Nice Ford GT40 Replica for sale:

1924 Ford TT pickup:

How to park your bicycle in Japan:

Another article and trailer for Mad Max:–tom-hardy-takes-over-as-the-road-warrior

Mad Max cars of wasteland weekend:

Conrad and the steamplant video(Is this what it’s like Todd?):

The Shoemaker video:

Five generations of Camaro’s:

Mad Max car comes back in BC:

The new Ford GT:

Max Max Heroine article:

Ryan’s Rod and Kustom (Cool shop):

Wescott Auto tech tips:

1926-1927 Ford Frame dimensions:

1932 Ford Frame dimensions:

How to and tech stuff:

Nice blasting cabinet:

1958 Dodge D100 pickup:

Arrival of new Camaro celebration:

Redesigned 2016 Camaro:

55 Chevy Truck Custom:

56 Chevy Truck ad:

56 Chevy Truck resto video:

Awesome Highboy (Thanks Todd):

Street Rodder welding videos (Thanks Alberta Tom):

Beechcraft Staggerwing belly lands in Abbotsford in March(First flight after resto)
JellyBean Autocrafters are working on the cowl:

Wounded Warrior Willy’s Wall art episode on Count’s custom:

Vintage Car Club of Victoria news letter (Nice article on one of Jamie’s trips and some cool garage tours):

Ernie’s Calendar of Car Shows for 2015:

Mopar Dakota truck ragtop(Dan and I saw one of these recently):

New Club limo project:

Roman Candle drone flying:

VW engine removal:

1979 Dodge Power wagon:

1973 Corvette Stingray article:

1978 Oldsmobile restoration:

Alberta Muscle car looses rear axle (Apparently a new purchase too….):

Sixth Gen Camaro:

Interesting trip for Ryan from Jalopy journal:

Nice Scooby Doo van, but pricey….. (Thanks Michel):

Nice pro-street Honda:

1956 Volkswagen Beetle article:

Cougar collector:

Article on automotive artist Jeff Norwell:

1941 COE truck:

Volvo P1800 video (Hit the translation button):

More from the same video section:

2015 Jalopy Showdown (Looks like a fun time!):

A great article on my Calgary friend, Mike’s resto of his dad’s GTO:

1977 Honda Civic article:

1908 Sears Motor Buggy for Miles:

32 Ford Roadster article:

Weird Wagons:

Interesting key fob:

1984 Celica for Dan:

Mad Max movie article:

Cool automotive art at Precision Illustration:

1933 taxi maternity video:

1970 Cuda, sick:

Hazan Motorcycle builder video:

Desoto article for Paul M:

Bad day on the freeway:

Chevy LT4 build video:

See how much fuel gets pumped into a Top Fuel engine. It starts at an idle rate then ramps up to race mode.
Unbelievable volume of fuel! (Thanks Todd):

Nice 66 Chevy C10 Truck spotted on used Vic:

Car of the week 1954 Kaiser Darrin Drag Car:

Female bodyshop owner article:

Olds 442 article:

Weird car collection:

1956 Meteor Rideau Victoria airport:

Impressive collection of car club plaques:

V-Drive system, my GMC Rv friend spotted one of these on Quadra Island: Old Cars Weekly Express May edition:

Serious Hot Rod Build pics:

Stash of race cars:

1970 El Camino article:

Tesla assembly line video:

Lost Tatra:

Car spotting:

California Black License plates going back into production at the jail:

70 AAR Cuda article:

New corvette owner and launch mode:

1960 VW Bus on engine number 3(Interesting they mention the bellows that were missing from our doghouse):

Man space, Work hard play hard:

Ferrari 512 video:

10 questions for the Ring Brothers:

Double Decker bus home:

56 Belair Shorty:

RIP Roger Garten:

1949 Fargo truck:

Cool Military style shop build:

Steve Stanford, Auto Artist:

PBY sinking article:

PBY sinking. Sad:

Duo 64 Impala’s:

Deloreans offer trip back in time:

Forty Ford day car show:

The Bug movie trailer:

The Bus movie trailer:

1940 Plymouth Club:

Cartoons Mag:

Subaru collector:

Three wheel Electric Sparrow:

This would be a perfect vehicle for Cam:

Two men injured in vintage car collision(Sad……..):

NSRA Nats East York:

V8 bettle from Dan:

Vintage Triumph:

Step inside old car city:

Need these for the Island(Thanks Martin):

A nice 60 Desoto for Paul M:

1957 BMW Isetta:

1967 Dodge Monaca article:

Fireball 500 movie:

Hot Rod Nomads movie:

Seattle Speedometer video:

My kind of Man of Steel:

Building a dream, Ferrari kit car, Awesome!:

1973 Corvette article:

Mercedes Benz article:

Hot Rod trip, check out the photos:

Model T club rolls through Alberta:

Electric Bug for sale:

2015 Portland Roadster Show pics from Shane:

Mopar launches new drag race package:

Resto update from Mike Owens shop:

Morgan 3 wheeler electric:

Race track for the Mustard crowd getting closer to happening:

(If I have to explain what the mustard crowd is you don’t remember the Rolls Royce commercials):
Here is a newer version:

Superbird gets full resto:

Collector Classics block party:

1977 Trans Am article:

Touring one of Canada’s most incredible Car collections:

Article about the upcoming Torquemasters car show:

1957 Chevrolet:

Barrett Jackson Custom Cup results, big money prizes:

Barrett Jackson RenoTahoe 2015 auction highlights:

Barrett Jackson RenoTahoe 2015 results, just click on each vehicle to find out the details and final selling price:

History Lesson on the Model T Ford (Thanks Tom from Alberta):

Plymouth Superbird article:

Digital Design Tool’s at Steve’s Auto Restorations video (Thanks Todd!):

Henry J article:

Olds Starfire article:

Mopar Diecast collector:

Other great car chase scenes in movies:

Ontario shop became place for car collectors:

Man space reflection of the owner:

A more door packard for Chuck:

Polaris introduces Electric Motor Bike:

A cool VW bus for Paul B:

Concours dlemons(A divco in the mix for Ken C.):

Mystery plumber passes away, estate goes to auction:

Cool Flathead front engine dragster video (Thanks Todd):

Cool Gasser 2015 video clip (Thanks Todd):

2015 Hot Rod Hill Climb pics link:

Just watched the episode about this Cuda. Nice car! Built 5 years ago but still for sale…………….

Street Rod Life:

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner:

2015 Camaro Convertible and good bye Oshawa:–2015-chevrolet-camaro-convertible

68 Camaro SS article:

Firebird goes sideways on street race:

Top 10 Man spaces:

News article and video on the Torque Masters show last weekend:

Corvette Nomad article:

Harold Lemay article:

AmphiCar article:

Farkle Garage(New Motor bike show on Shaw), First episode here:

The cars of Mad Max Fury road movie:

1957 VW beetle story:

Update on car barge oops:

Gasser photos, thanks Todd:

1942 Mercury Convertible:

1965 Corvette Roadster article:

Pontiac assembly line story:

Quebec’s Hot Rod and Kustom scene:

Steve Barton car collection(Wow!!!!):

Car Capsule from Michel:

Mantiques of Calgary’s, Quality Tools makes it on Global:

1947 Chevrolet pickup:

Ferrari article and video:

Ferrari driver blasts through neighborhood:

Ferrari roller coaster:

Dodge D200 engine swap into older truck:

Hot Rod Garage videos:

Vancouver Island Toyota Delica run on kitchen grease:

Legends cafe:

Father daughter Duster build video(Nice collection in the garage!):

Mob steel Season 1 Episode 2:

53 Sedan Delivery giveaway vehicle:

Detroit Dealership history:

Six arrested from chop shop related to Woodward Dream cruise car thefts:

1924 Ford touring article for Miles:

Shaker Run car chase:

A magazine Nikki and her truck should be in:

Ford Flat head article:

Cool track video from Todd:

Mr. Chevy restoration:

Removing rusty hardware from cars:

Classic Car Blog:

Calgary couple tackles Jalopy Jam up:

Delorean story:

Barrett Jackson announces Connecticut auction:

Crowd funding your workshop “Kustom Kommune”:

Lenny’s garage, Awesome car collection:

Nice Fire pits:

Cuda Fiction video:

V8 Hotel from Martin:

Here is an english version of the video about the V8 Hotel:

VanDusen pics from Todd:

Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. April 2015

Rainbow Truck

Over the Rainbow in Clinton, BC.

Hi, Spring has arrived. Get out there and drive!!!!!:

Northwest Cruise Calendar for 2015 now out (Big Thanks to the team
that puts it together!):

Swedish car show “Power Big Meet”:

Fast and Furious film story:–furious-films

Safari Wagon story:

Calgary Car guy builds his own Morgan:

2000 Classic cars lined up in Coventry:

RCMP Bust up Horsepower Hooligans Illegal Street Race:

Newest Mad Max Trailer:

Fast n Furious car builder:

A track being built on Vancouver Island:

New Medical Taxi:

The Beast of Turin coming to Goodwood in June (Go to full screen mode and crank the sound up!):

Articles about the Beast of Turin:

Cool 49 Chev Deluxe:

Original Parts Group shopping trip:

Challenger Scat Pack idea:

Dentist’s beware, Camaro used to pull kid’s tooth out:

Unassuming garage:

V16 Marmon motor in Hot Rod:

Bug Eye motor swap:

Caddy pickup for Dave:

Don’t let the Valet park your Ferrari:

Corvair article for Shane:

Nash Metropolitan story:

Mercedes Gull Wing article:

Flying car goes across the block:

Ontario collector with warehouse of cars:

Trikes get a makeover in 2015:

Catch the Auction action:

Cool pivoting vice:

Interesting Jag restoration at Owen Auto:

Nice starter rebuild project:

Parts hunting in China:

32 Ford advertising video:

Coffee Clutchers (These guys have the right idea…):

Corvette Commercial:

Javelin article:

Sema 2014 slideshow (Thanks Todd):

Tractor video, Crank up the sound (Thanks Todd):

69 Cars do burnout video (Thanks Todd):

Cool car sales place:!/

Nice Eldorado from Paul M.:

Thunderbird article:

Barracuda Clone article:

Eye candy pics from the auction week:

Alpha Romeo build up video:

Never enough Alpha video:

Mustang article:

Crunched Cobra kit car goes for $24K:

Classic Ford article:

A nice Dodge Lancer for Paul:

Ford Turbo scream from Dan:

Jimmy Shine’s pick up sold for $236,500.00 at BJ, wow:

Got to love low bridges:

Dale Adams Automotive in Calgary gets Shelby certified rights:

Philip from Car Talk passes away (He was a great car guy……):

Cabin Fever cure:

Magazine addiction, (see it’s just not me):

A tour of Coker Tire:

67 Cougar article (Some inspiration for Steve):

Some info on Boyd Coddinton’s wife, I didn’t know he didn’t have a will:

Factory Five Power Nation all girls build (Boyd’s wife is one of the builders):

Detroit Muscle 49 Ford Project Banana Split – Deadly Doors(You have to hit the “+” on the speaker to get the audio on):

Challenger Truck Floor change video(You have to hit the “+” on the speaker to get the audio on):

Our Sunfire Rear defroster wasn’t working(The switch would engage and the light/relay would come on but not power at the window:

A quick google search and:

Melted pins in the plug behind the carpet. Install a butt splice and back in business. Thanks. Google……

1958 Ford Skyliner article:

Cool Dorsel fin car:

Toronado Pusher:

Dubai Police video (Thanks to Tom 35 Ford):

Red Neck Fisherman (Thanks Todd):

Studebaker Woody:

Adams Farwell video (cool motor):

Nice Corvette at auction:

Got this one from Martin (I want a red phone booth!):

Nice Chevy II:

Tempest article:

Nice shop and car collection:

Car Stackers:

3D printed cobra:

1970 Monte Carlo article:

Fire Truck crushes Firebird:

Tony’s new business ad:

Car Collection going to China:

Aluminum Ford Truck Hype:

The Bubblegum man gets some media exposure talking about the cruise

calendar that’s the bible for the car show schedule:

First Camaro build:

Old Cars Weekly online mag issue:

1963 Impala article:

Happy Valentine’s (Thanks Todd):

Check this out – you might be in here a while! (Thanks Ken):

Peugot commerical:

Garage Magazine:

1958 Chrysler article:

1970 Oldsmobile ragtop article(Tony will like this one!):

Tesla battery hacking article:

1971 El Camino article:

Life on the shop floor:

1972 Ford Capri resto video:

Mercedes Gull Wing article:

A few pics from my stopover in Clinton, BC:

Chevy small block time lapse rebuild:

Mustang replica:–120-000–triple-the-cost-of-an-original-083641985.html

Cool Willy’s Glass car build (Thanks Todd):

1940 Buick Ragtop:

Schwinn Sting Ray bikes:

Old Tires live on:

Lethbridge Swap Meet pics from a friend in Calgary:

New changes from ICBC regarding collector car builds in progress:

When Sears sold cars(Paul B should like this one):

Nice truck for sale on eBay:
Video of the truck (Turn up the sound!):

Nice electric bicycle (I want one):

Classic Shelby article:

1922 Ford Tow truck:

Larry Dixon dragster crash:

How body shops must adapt to aluminum now:

1967 Chevelle SS 396 article:

Vancouver Auto Show highlights:

Vintage Trailer article:

Divco article for Ken C:

59 car build video from GM:

Nice custom El Camino for Dave:

GMC Motorhome story:

GMC Motorhome article:
Cheers, Darryl.

Stuff from D. Jan. 4th, 2015

Happy New Year to everyone!

P1130661 Resized

Cool wall art spotted in Downtown Victoria, BC.

New Years Day 2015 Cruise pics link:

Sidney Xmas Parade pics link:

1929 Peerless car of the week:

Scoot Coupe (I want one!):

El Camino article:

I was wondering what that Fire Truck parked on the side of the highway going into Victoria was for:

California Mille run:

Ricks Rodz:

Some articles on the Ron Pratte’s collection going up for auction:

Ron Pratte collection must have’s:

Royal’s Car Club video:

Chevy Bob 1957 Chevy Truck:

I knew that turn signal went somewhere:

Farm Ford resto:

Barn fire destroys car collection:

Some pics from the Calgary Firebird Show (not mine):

Alberta Iron Indians show (from same guy):

A nice 57 Desoto:

1939 Packard Sedan article:

More updates to the Tool rescue blog:

Cool Car Stamp maker winding down:

Rust never sleeps:

Powder Coating article:

Cool Buick Concept car:

Ghoulish Hot Rods:

Nice Nova:

West Van MG lover:

Interesting truck mods:

Winter projects time:

Looks like they had a fun road trip:

What to look for:

Chrome place up Island:

Article about Rudy and his gullwings:

A cool vintage boat, a bit pricey though:

47 Dodge cop car:

Nice birthday Packard:

Jay Leno playing in the desert:

Handy site to identify dash instruments:

Model A adventure:

Homemade Batmobile, that’s cool, watch the video:

A cool youtube site:

Nice upside down Ford Truck:

1955 Truck article:

Peugeot commercial filmed in Banff (Thanks Todd):

Futurliner bus update:

Bitchen Rides TV show on Velocity:

Car video:

Sheet Metal Terms:

Nice Corvair:

Nice 57 Chev:

Sweet 50 Buick ragtop:

Van Commercial (Thanks Michel):

64 Chevy’s commercial (Thanks Michel):

65 Chevy’s commercial:

65 Fleetside commercial:

66 Chevy Truck and Van Commercial:

Family Truck builds:

My favorite dog car:

Cardboard Box racing (Thanks Todd):

Barn Finds article (Thanks Todd):

Fuel line 101:

Beast of Turin, watch the video (Sounds like a cannon on start up, wicked!):

53 Cadillac Concept Car:

Duracell Truck:

Spot welders:

Kool ride:

Jimmy Shines truck goes to auction:

Hagerty insurance claim:

Mad Max trailer (Thanks Todd):

Elcamino article:

Nice garage bench setup:

B-24 Liberty restoration:

Turning an accident into a new job:

59 Impala convertible “Car of the week”:

Jay and his Mopar, Hellcat….:

Grocery getter:

Burt’s Bandit car’s still fetching money:

Icon Derilicts:

Shelby Canada West Dealership:

Cool Museum video from Shane:

Dodge Brothers muddy day:

Nice Triple car garage(The use of pallets interesting):

Studebaker article:

Umm Sedan Delivery:

Howard’s Buick:

Cool cars:

Another article on the new Mad Max movie:

Car of the week 1946 Ford Custom:

Rat Rod video:

Turbo article:

Fire Truck decorated for xmas:

Mike Owen’s builds up a cool tool case:

Free floating floor:

Properly adjusting your Oxyacetylen torch:

Truck article:

Chasing Cars show:


Sealegs boat:

Cool Bugatti Replica:

69 GTO full resto:

Update on Jay Leno’s projects:

Highway to Sell Episode 1 Barracuda and Camaro:

Highway to Sell Episode Mustang and T-Bird:

Slicks Garage:

Highway to Sell Elcamino Episode:

Highway to Sell 55 Chevy and Catalina Ragtop Episode:

Highway to Sell Chevelle and Dart Episode:

Highway to Sell Cougar and Chrysler Wagon Episode:

Misfits garage Episode 1 Part 1:

Misfits garage Episode 1 part II:

Cuban classics not likely coming stateside any time soon:

Cheers, Darryl.