Stuff from D. June 20th, 2021


Amazing Rat Fink Art by Dwight Lockhart!

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Car Cruise for Care Homes video (Turn the audio on for the commentary):

Craig Morrison, of Art Morrison Enterprises, Passes away at 44 (RIP Craig):

Rolls-Royce technicians restore one of the company’s most important cars:

Rolls-Royce completes restoration of its most special vehicle:

Breaking glass: It’s rare, but windows and sunroofs are shattering
And when they do, you might be on the hook for it — even if it wasn’t your fault:

Flamboyant coachbuilt Talbot-Lago stars in Bonhams’ Quail Lodge Auction:

Alumination: Documentary illuminates the story of an American icon (Airstream trailer):

Auto shop class is still around, and thriving, at this upstate New York high school:

Stock Stories: BSA DBD34 Gold Star Clubman (For Mike in Ontario):

Blowing Through the Years – Five Decades and 360,000 Miles in a Blown Drop-Top 1965 Chevelle:

Psychedelic Vette – Keeping the ’70s Spirit Alive in a Candy-Coated Custom Corvette:

The Truck With a Hinge In the Middle: The Willock Swivel Frame:

Ever admired vintage automotive sketches in a museum? Thank Fred Sharf:

Street Dreams Texas (Classic and Special Interest cars for sale)(As seen on Iron Resurection):

I spent more on a parts car for my project car than I’ve spent on many daily drivers, and I have zero regrets(Nissan Leaf for EV conversion):

Vehicular horror movies tap into our fear of losing control of our cars:

Drag Slash – Engineered to Win!:

After Nearly 60 Years, Ray McDonald’s ’53 Chevy Has Fulfilled its Custom Calling:

Larry Fulsome Has Kept His First Car Since 1962, and Logged More Than 400,000 Miles On It:

CPP AutoCross Series Recap! 1st Meguiar’s All-Star Get-Together:

Bill Vance: Luxurious Royale was beginning of the end for Reo cars:

How to Go Back in Time With Continuation Cars:

Six Ways to Sunday: Code word discomfort(Dirt Biking trip):

Street Freaks and Hot Rods at the 2021 Route 66 Show—Huge Gallery!:

Dick King roadster: Lost, found, restored, and still in show-winning shape (For Cam):

On the Road: 1979 Yamaha XS750 Special
Search for vintage plate-worthy bike led Saskatchewan rider to a quirky, and comfy, classic cruiser:

Electric classic Bentley-inspired Bensport La Sarthe unveiled
Somerset-based coachbuilder has added an electric powertrain option to its classic Bentley-inspired La Sarthe model:

5 dad-built custom toy projects(Lucky kids):

After Nearly 60 Years, Ray McDonald’s ’53 Chevy Has Fulfilled its Custom Calling:

SquareD – Cody Veibell’s Duramax-swapped ’81 Chevy K2500:

Ak Miller – A Hot Rodder’s Hot Rodder:

Lew Bisbing’s 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda:

7 underappreciated 1970s cars:

The AMC Javelin Was The Last True Independent Muscle Car In America:

The Big Block C2 And C3 Corvettes Ruled Chevy’s High Performance Muscle Car Golden Age:

The 1967-1970 Mercury Cougar Is The Mustang-Based Muscle Car Everyone Forgot About:

Civic, NSX, S2000 & Beyond: How Honda VTEC Changed the Engine Game:

A Very Special Secondhand ’66 C10 Project:

Welcome to the Indy Mopar Swap Meet! (From March of this year):

The Story Behind Jason Lubken’s 1963 Chevrolet Impala:

MSRA Back To The 50s Weekend 2021:

426 Hemi-Powered Ramchargers Dodge 330 Tribute:

Dave and Crystal Kaveshan’s 1962 Chevy II is Ready for the Highway:

LS3-Powered 1966 Chevy Pickup: The Dream Fulfilled:

Father-and-Son Built Big-Block Chevy C10 The Upper Crust:

LS3-Powered 1966 Chevy Pickup: The Dream Fulfilled:

Red-Ram Hemi Vs. 5.7L Hemi – Identical ’32 Ford Builds:

Archie’s lets the good times roll
Blast from the past at new diner in the Chemainus Public Market(Article is from June 2020) (Thanks to Dan at VIHR for letting me know about it):

The Ford X-100 Show Car was a Laboratory on Wheels:

Car of the Week: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T:

Shop Tours:
 “The Shop” is Open
La Vuelta organizers aim to keep Barrio Logan San Diego jamming year-round.:


Mendenhall’s Museum website here:

Hot Rod Shop Tour: Jimenez Bros. Customs:

Product Test: Channellock’s 8-inch Convertible Retaining Ring Pliers make installing and removing snap ring a snap:

Rejuvenating your vintage air conditioning can be a cool project:

Your Corner Wrench: Keeping your workspace clean can save you a headache
Paying attention to the details is a good way of ensuring your tools stay in working order:

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Magnets—how do they work in the shop?:

Reminder: Don’t neglect your classic:

How to Eliminate Wind Noise and Window Rattles in Your Ride from Steele Rubber:

Lada 111 Tuning: The toughest horsepower that was ever earned, Part 1:

How to Troubleshoot Your Car’s Ignition System:

How to Destroy an Engine with a $6 Part:

10 Biggest Carburetor Tuning Mistakes
We show you what to do if your carb isn’t performing up to its potential:

Wheel Spacer Facts: What to Know Before You Buy:

Gasket Scraping Tools: Taking Drudgery Out of the Equation:

Brothers Trucks’ 1964-1966 Dash Patch:

Door Seals Install on a ’59 Chevy Stepside:

Can you really powder-coat parts at home for less than $500? | Eastwood PCS-250 Review | Video:

For Sale:

1952 Chev Belair 2-dr Hardtop:

Cheers, Darryl.

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