Stuff from D. January 12th, 2020

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Cool Hook and Rug Camaro spotted at a swap meet.

Car links that I find interesting.
Note: Some links may expire over time.

Pat Ganahl gives us his take on the shutdown of all the car magazines:

The Chrysler Car Club of South Australia posts of their “Torqueback” magazine online here (I like the comics):

British mans Matchbox car collection sells for over $500K:

Sean Keirnan talks about his decision to sell the Bullitt Mustang his dad bought years (Cool pic of letter from Steve M. trying to buy it back):

Mustang from Bullitt movie sells for $3.4 million US($4.85 million CAN):

Former owner of Bullitt Mustang will use some of the money to build another 1968 Mustang 390:

1958 Plymouth Fury from Christine movie going across the block:

Auction listing for Christine car from Mecum:

Right hand drive cars becoming more popular:

1959 Austin Healey with an LS motor swap:

Voting open for Speedway Motors 2019 Homebuilt heaven:

1958 Edsel Roundup wagon:

Bill Vance chats about the Citroen Deux Chevaux:

1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible:

Willy Williamson chats about a memory with his dad:

Is your classic car properly insured/?:

Three Woody wagons going across the block including a 1953 Buick for Rob R.:

Why farmers are going back to old school tractors instead of the new computerized ones (For Tom and Byron):

Mud bogging 69 Camaro:

A story about a favorite steering wheel:

AMC Javelin values are rock steady:

Two Corvette Engineers get busted for street racing with C8 corvettes:

Pics of some cool Roadside eateries and Gas Stations:

Firestone Service station pics (Cool pic of all the cars in for service):

Dumping dollars down the crankcase story with some vintage pics:

Red’s Headers is set up for business:

LS based V-16:

American Graffiti museum is here:

RIP Jack Costella benneville 300mph club member:

Secrets of the Chevy powerglide from 1950-1973:

Electric 1949 Hudson built by ICON:

1994 Pontiac Firdbird Trans Am rescue for Rod:

Story and pics on Ken Lingenfelter’s love of Corvettes:

Batmobile article for Mike B.:

Plowing snow on the ice with a tractor, What could go wrong…:

Handy engine tips/hints/procedures from Jeff Smith:

Dog and Wedge tools for Fabricators:

Special Car Store video from The Love Ride, After a few years on hiatus, the famous Love Ride has returned celebrating a new Harley-Davidson dealership seems like a particularly good reason – especially when the new owner is Robert Patrick -former Terminator cop and current long-time Love Ride Alumni.

Special Car Store captured the highlights of the 2019 show condensed to a couple of minutes.

Special Car Store video from Art Center Car Classic 2019:

Special Car Store video from Friends of Steve McQueen car show:

Chysler Airflow videos:

1924 T-bucket Traditional Hot Rod:

Canada D’eh Car Show with Jelly Bean Autocrafters & Customs coverage:

The 2020 Harrison’s Auto Event List for B.C. and N.W. Washington is posted already here:

For Sale:
1984 Pontiac Firebird somewhat customized for sale:

Cheers, Darryl.

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