Stuff from D. October 20th, 2019

Car links that I find interesting.
Note: Some links may expire over time.


Vintage Ferrari, Buggati, or Delahaye cars go here to get fixed by the panel beaters:

Rod Emory has a wild Porsche Speedster that started out as a crashed coupe:

BC Sisters channel Thelma and Louise for their Pontiac Parisienne convertible road trips:

Ring brothers are bringing a 69 Camaro to Sema this year, here’s the teaser:

Ron Francis bringing Garret Rod Shops 68 Hemi-S to Sema 2019:

The US government is auctioning off a Burt Reynolds customized Trans Am:

Turbocharger proposal:

Goodguys 67 Nova build part 2:

1971 Camaro built by Z-Rodz and Customs:

Bill Vance chats about the Renault 4CV:

An electric crate motor you can drop into your car:

Barber Vintage Motorcycle festival and swap meet for Mike in Ontario:

Vintage bikes article for Mike:

Replacing radiator hoses on a Model A with a Sawzall:

Someone built a replica “Up in Smoke” Impala:

When buying a replacement steering wheel for a Corvair turns into a lunch bag let down:

Long distance hauling a vintage car with some interesting twists and turns (Some of the article comments are worth a read):

More TROG pics:

The engines of TROG:

Jalopy Jam Up in Rockton, Ontario, Canada:

Normandy Beach race pics 1 and 2:

Hershey swap meet pics:

Interview with Chip Ganassi:

Tips for changing spark plugs:

New door panels, rubber hardware for a 67 Camaro:

How to Upholster a Steering Wheel:

Bringing new life to your engine bay:

Powermaster improvements for flathead V8s charging and cranking:

Build a Hemi in less than 10 minutes:

Parnelli Jones and Bobby Unser remember Andy Granatelli:

Quick Jack for Al V.:

Enjoy what you are viewing on Darryl’s Drive In, throw a tip in the jar here:

Cheers, Darryl.

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