Stuff from D. October 13th, 2019

Car related links I find on the net.
Note: Some links may expire over time.

Canadian cars vie for best in show at Pebble Beach Concours:

Toyota Supra history lesson:

Goodguys Kentutucky Nationals pics:

Goodguys Autocross championship pics:

Goodguys Motown to Cowtown Hall of Fame road tour east pics and videos:

Goodguys Hall of Fame road tour:

Goodguys Kentucky Nationals event, watch out for the horses…:

Bill Vance chats about the AMC Concord:

Kaiser car history from 1947 – 1955, Thanks Kelsey Wright:

Factory five Cobra with a tilting front end:

The Race of Gentlemen keeps getting bigger and better:

The six wheeled El Cadillette for Dave:

Another article on the El Cadillette:

Mopar Kids these days (Read the comments, the girl in the pic reply’s..):

Here are articles Olivia has written for Dodge Garage:

Dodge Garage:

When being first in line to racing events was a thing:

Interesting story on a 1971 AMC Hornet SC 360 for sale:

Parking garage races from back in the day:

Moon eyes Camaro, great pics:

Two early novas found in North Carolina junkyard:

Krass and Bernie find a 69 Camaro Z28:

Ant Anstead is working on his dream build during the off season of Wheeler Dealers:

Canadian Jeff Norwell’s 32 Ford pickup featured in Hot Rod:

Photographer James Lipman shoots some cool automotive shots:

Lunaz design is converting old cars to electric power:

An electric bug eye sprite for Martin:

Vintage Ford Hot Rodding Lego style:

Land Rover Discovery owner is fixing stuff again:
Roof repaint:
Finding the cause of a leaky sunroof:
3D printing a replacement sunroof drain part:

Hot Rod hauler pulls off unconventional look:

Why you don’t want to run ethanol in your classic cars tank:

To start or not to start question for winter storage:

Professor Hammers metal working tips #57:

An in depth look at engine fasteners:

How to get properly fitting door gaps on a 1969 Camaro:

Shop tours:
Calgarian enjoys his time working in the shop on motorbikes:

Coldwar motors on YouTube:

Chevy Automobiles vs Foreign cars from 1970:

Jessi Combs uncut video(RIP Jessi):

Cheers, Darryl.

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