Stuff from D. April 15th, 2019

Vancouver Island has its first all female car club story:

The Female car club has an interesting name, website here:

The Specialty Vehicle Association of Alberta has the Feb/Mar newsletter available online here:

An Ice Cream shop in Southern California I would like to visit, cool gas pumps:

Alyn Edwards reminds us of BC custom car shows of the past, cool vintage pics:

Short article on the Portland Swap Meet:

What an Uber driver really makes:

1949 Ford Truck article for Rod:

Fiberfab 54 Corvette (Ever heard of one?):

Goodguys GRT 100 giveaway truck part 3:

Goodguys GRT 100 Ford truck (Includes a link to the other parts of the build):

Wild twin turbo Ford Maverick:

33 Ford Roadster captures Goodguys award:

Bill Vance chats about the 1914 Dodge and when a all steel car broke new ground:

Bill Vance chats about the MG race car:

New Hellephant to debut in 2020:

Low Tech spends a day at the drags with pics:

The real Little Red Wagon getting restored:

Barrett Jackson Palm Beach pics:

Charlotte Auto Fair pics:

Gallery of Nostalgia Nitro March meet:

Four different power steering boxes tested:

How to choose the right Torque Convertor for your Chevy:

How to custom tune a Holley Vacuum secondary carb:

1969 Mustang floor pan replacement:

Prepping a coyote crate engine for a mustang swap:

The Triumph Spitfire story:

The Hot Rod Story Drag Racing (Vintage stuff):

1961 Chevy Impala Dan Gurney’s American Export:

Ultimate Factories Camaro plant tour:

I’ve posted a few pics I took at the Lethbridge Swap meet here:

Thanks to the Southern Alberta Antique & Classic Auto Club for putting the Lethbridge Swap meet on,
A small review of the swap meet can be found here:

Shop Tours:
Classic Car Studio (Speed is the new Black on TV) shop tour (Wow, what a huge shop!):

Note: Some links may expire over time.

Cheers, Darryl

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