Tillicum Outdoor Theatre tee shirt

Goin Back !! Tillicum Outdoor Theatre:

Anyone who wants to attend the drive in movie event next spring prints up this admission ticket and shows it to the ticket booth person at the Saanich fairgrounds parking lot next spring to get in free!

6 Tilicum ticket

1 Tillicum Tee Ad Xmas 2017 mas - E

NEW FOR CHRISTMAS 2017 !! The return of the 2014 classic white Tillicum tee shirt!.. this original Tillicum tee began as a rush job using heat transfers now its high quality printed tee, all the same classic cars an hot rods are featured on this tee it comes in all sizes an women’s style tees as well as hoodies! by next spring my partner an i will have the equipment an location ready for the coolest event of all time: “The return of the Tillicum drive in” this historically cool movie event will be in a parking lot in Saanich an it wont be for free so attendees will be asked to pay admission of $20.00 per car but for that we guarantee a super awesome movie event filled with loads of oldest, coolest, grooviest, tv commercials for one super nostalgically cool evenings entertainment !! “bring your own food, an munchies” go to: www.tillicumtshirts.com for the time of the event and which evening of week it’ll be.

Order yours here: Tillicum T-shirts

Find the ad about Tillicum T-shirts in the Times Colonist here:
Tillicum outdoor theatre – tee shirts for sale

Dan VIHR Resized
13A -- 57 t-bird 1 white tee - 2017 master -E

1Tillicum story --{ top half

2Tillicum story -tees a the drive in -Master --{ bottom half

Tillicum T-shirts art

More info at their website:
Tillicum T-shirts


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