Stuff from D. Oct. 5th, 2009.

The Big Money test drive show promo from Willy’s Garage(Looks like a wicked show!):
Feature video on Calgary Hot Rodder passing on his knowledge to the next
generation of gear heads (Way to go Don!):
1955 Thunderbird article:
1932 American Austin article:
Fall Hershey Swap Meet 2009:
1956 Chevrolet Apache Half-ton truck:
Davis Divan Three wheeler:
Pics of that 09 Malibu crashing into the 59 Bel Air(Make me want to cry):
2010 V6 Camaro review:
2010 Camaro Service Bulletins:
1950 A20 Mack truck article:
Barrie Swap Meet review:
Supercharged Hennessey 2010 Camaro’s:
2010 Camaro Tuning tips:
Metal Shaping fundamentals part 7:
Northwest Duece Day – July 16-18, 2010 Victoria B.C.:

From Duece Day 2007 Victoria, B.C.

From Duece Day 2007 Victoria, B.C.

To see pics from the 2007 Duece Day events see the links below:
Watercar Python(I need one of these!):
1968 Jaguar E-type article:
1968 Jag slide show:
Honda S beginnings:
Troubleshooting EFI cars:
1959 Corvette article:

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