Stuff from D. Aug. 10th, 2009

Article about Motive Industries work on a Canadian car:
Chickenmobile article:
All New Camaro Billboard

All New Camaro Billboard

1970 – 1976 Plymouth Duster:
1967 Camaro Z28 article:
Dunn Chevrolet article, WOW! Check out the pics:
Spark Plug and Ignition System basics:
Wiring your old Chevy Truck article:
1969 AMC SC Rambler article:
Audi speeder in Edmonton passes ghost car:
1969 Dodge Charger article:
Tail Fins of 1959 article:
1964 Willys Jeep Pickup article:
1964 Willys Jeep slide show(Sound on!):
Cool post on how to sand cast aluminum car club plaques:
Want a Helicopter pic for your desktop wallpaper? Here you go:
Tractor Squaredancing(Thanks Randy!):
1950 Chevy Gets a chop article:
1953 Corvette Article:
Langford’s Western Speedway in Victoria, B.C.(Video at the end of the story):

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