Stuff from D. May 11,2009

Cool site of the week, “”:
“Jesse James is a Dead Man” show coming:
Metal repair article from Car Collector magazine:
The Digital version of the May issue is all online at:
Nash Metropolitan article:
1962 Pontiac Catalina article:
1977 Pontiac Trans Am article:
1972 Corvette Stingray article:
Rodarama rocks article:
Pin Striper/Painter “Sam Radoff” article:
1971 Mustang article, now there’s a guy that drives his car!!!!!
Here’s a link to a guy driving through 49 states in 9 days in his hot rod:
Keisler Tremec five speed install article:
Recall on the New Camaro:
Old Car Weekly Welding series 3:
Nastalgic Photos from the 70’s(Thanks Kevin!):
Ten Greatest Pontiacs article:
1971 Ford Boss Mustang:
Cool GTO article and pdf:
GTO article:
Review of the MaxJax Portable 2-Post lift review:
Volume 8 of Bench race is now online:
How to install a new Distributor:
New Camaros start arriving at the Dealerships article:
TPMS Tire Pressure monitoring 101:
Vancouver’s first hotrodder still at it:
Chevy C-10 truck interior article:

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