Stuff from D. March 22, 2009.

Here you go… I hate snow!
Quick Times Red Deer Spring Swap Meet pics link:
The Northwest Cruise Calendar is now online at: You can pick it up around town at the regular places as well.
Harrison’s Auto Event List 09 is now online at:
The Saskatchewan Calendar 09 is now online at:
Portland Swap meet is April 3-5th, 2009:
Here’s pics from the Portland Swap Meet last year, Wow!:
“Zeebs”, New Performance/Restoration shop in Calgary:
“Hotrods Inc.” is moving to Red Deer:
Willy’s crash:
Pinto Pangra article(Thanks to Greg for the link):
Links to Automotive artist Jeff Norwell’s site and blog:
Jeff Norwell’s web site:
Old cars for sale:
1970 Torino Cobra article:
Flying car takes off “Terrafugia”:
Terrafugia Flying car video:
New Camaro article:
New Camaro First Drive article:
Dyno Run of the new Camaro:
Jalopnik tests the new Camaro:
How to Custom order a 2010 Camaro:
2010 Camaro article from Popular Hot Rodding:
Another 1939 GMC Futurliner for sale:
34 Ford Roadster photos from way back:
The March issue of Max Chevy is now online:
Paint Matching Guide article:
LeBaron Bonney Company – Antique Auto Upholstery
(Thanks to Rob for the link):

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