Stuff from D. Feb. 8th,2009

Hi, Here you go…..
Bianca Amor’s liquidation super center ( 5716 1st ST SE Calgary)
has a cool board game for gear heads,
“Raceway 57” for $8.00, its at the end of one of the isles on the East side
of the store.
Here’s a link to what the game looks like.
Bianca’s also has a cool “new Camaro” binder folder for $1.00 in the school supply section.
It’s in the school supply section near then end of one of the isles along with corvette and mustang folders.
Hinge rebuild article from Customs Classics and Rods shop:
Super Bowl 43 commercials:
Bull Run Season II premiers on Feb.19th. on SPEED
(Thanks to Neil R. for the Youtube links!) Here’s the promo:
Bull Run Season II Entry tape for Pantera team:

First billboard I've seen for the new Camaro!

First billboard I've seen for the new Camaro!

Fast and Furious commercial:
Farm rat, Custom International truck:
More summary stuff from January auctions:
1973 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia article:
1973 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia slide show/audio:
1965 Mercury Comet article:
The teaser for Issue 5 of Kustomramag is now online:
Very cool blog of old car ads etc:
2008 SoCal Nova BBQ coverage:
Hurst Peformance Edition Challengers:
Henry J Fiberglass bodies from Scott Rods:
Chevy TH200R Transmission build up:
Now thats a guy that drives his 57 Vette!
Reso Tips from the pros:
Another update on the Red Deer team running fueldtv site:
Fuller Hot Rods open house pics link:

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