Stuff from D. Jan.30/09

Hi, Here you go…..
I’ve now added an “Aviation links” section to my site,
Restoration of a 1963 Shasta Airflyte Vintage trailer blog:
Pics on Flikr of the 63 Shasta Vintage Trailer mentioned above:
13th Annual Fort Langley Glass Egg Meet (Fiberglass trailers: Boler, Trillium, Casita, Burro, Bigfoot, Scamp, etc):
Auction Bids that mattered article:
Collector car auctions article:
Bargain Hunter Vette buyer at the auction:
Collector car auctions summary:
Breakfast Club article(We need to do this in our town!):
1956 Mercury Montery wagon article:
Winnipeg Charity night to watch Barrett-Jackson overview:
Hot Rod magazine editor goes on road trip to India:
Article on “Auto Tech Training: Is it time for Reform?”:
Readers response to Mechanic shortage issue from “Is it time for Reform?” article:
59 Cadillace restoration article:
Car models of Classic cars article:
“Drag masters” for you Hot Wheels fans. I want one!:
Demo of the GNRS winner:
Article commenting on Auction results:
Horespower Heaven at BJ auction:
There were definitely some bargains….
Top 28 GM car commericials from JALOPNIK:

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