Stuff from D. Jan.23,2009

Hi, Here’s this weeks stuff:

I’ve updated the “Car clubs” link section on my website,
Vintage trailers on display at recent RV show:
Vintage Aero Flite Trailers site:
“Amusin Kruisin” magazine hits the stores:
Link to JF Kustoms “Desert Speed Shop”(Builds wicked Kustom cars!):
Willy’s Garage “Rockin’ around the block”:
Willy’s Garage “Buy in now” Summary of car hobby prices:
Larry D’Argis talks about annual car auction in Phoenix:
1978 Trans Am article:
Rebuild your first gen Camaro or buy a new body?
The January issue of “Max Chevy” is now online:
Top 10 Electrical fixes article:
1964 Ford Galaxie article:
“Great Builds” show coming on Speed in August:
Harrison’s B.C. & N.W. Washington Event Schedule
for 2009 is now online:
The Saskatoon Auto events schedule for 2009 is now online:
Volkswagen Beetle story:
Don’t forget the Lethbridge swap meet is Saturday Feb. 14, 2009:

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