Stuff from D. Jan. 3rd, 2008

Hi, Welcome to 2009!
Saskatoon Super Run 2008 pics link collection:

Found this one while prowling around: “Hub Garage” Car community.
To check out video’s from the “King of Customs” show in Calgary,
“Fully Loaded TV”, and “Fueld TV On Location” go to:
The Barrett-Jackson January auction is January 11th – 18th, 2009:
You can view and download “The Lifestyle Magazine” from the main page,
gives you a good preview of the highlights.
Here’s a Camaro desk and Couch going on the block at the Auction:

The first production 2010 Camaro built is going up for auction
at Barrett-Jackson,
get your bidder car ready!:
Barrett-Jackson bash in Winnipeg (What a cool idea!):
The Northern Mopars club has a new web site,
General Lee car story from Freiburger’s Junkyard site:
General Lee car update from Freiburger’s Junkyard site:
Post about the General Lee car saga:
Air Compressor line plumbing article:
Popular Hot Rodding’s third photo contest winners:
Sudbury woman that went fast at Bonneville article:
69 Mercury Cougar article:
2009 Dodge Challenger article:
Interior supplier issues with new Camaro release:
Jalopnik’s Ten Most Popular stories of 2008:
Cool vintage trailer slide show:
Cool Race Museum “Hajek Motorsports Museum” featured on My Classic Car:
Viking Air article about refurbishing Government search and rescue Buffalo aircraft:
Always wanted a Jeep Grand Wagoneer? Here’s a
guy that restores them and resells them:
Vintage Bugatti barn find:
Mercedes-Benz Diesel’s go forever article from New York Times:
Car Articles published/posted by Dave Y. using an online publishing tool:
Who said Pacers aren’t cool:

Wicked Willys coupe article:
Drag Rod & Classic Review:

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