Stuff from D. Dec. 26th,2008

Hi, Here’s this weeks stuff to check out:
Found another cool online car mag,
“Still Runnin Magazine” from the East Coast, Four issues to read so far!
(Be sure to check out the slide shows in each issue, lots of cool car pics!):
Rick Stewart Seven Second Love Affair dragster video:
Chysler best from past to present, slide show and article:
Big Three automakers go high performance article:
1953 Lincoln article:
Number 1 off the assembly line 68 Camaro article:
Allways wanted your car on a stamp, well then look no further than: I’ve gotten one of these that a friend had made up and its very cool!
GM vehicles being auctioned off at Barret-Jackson.(Wow that’s some list!):
Another article about the GM collection going up for auction:
59 Impala and 59 Biscayne Brookwood Wagon article:
Project car build tips and tricks article:
Shasta trailer made out of lego:
1/6 scale Chevy V8(Thanks Randy):
Lancaster aircraft video:
Happy Holidays….

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