Stuff from D. Dec. 17th, 2008

Found a good deal on gloves at Home Depot,
2 pair of “Firm Grip” yellow and black gloves for
Vintage torque promo video(Crank it up!):
Video Drag Racing Crashes from the late 70s on You Tube(Thanks Bill):
Recreation of Alice Ramsey’s 1909 road trip in a 1909 Maxwell:
Alice Ramsey’s Recreation Road trip movie trailer:
Alice’s Drive 100 years later video:
They’re finally building a bridge from Langley to Maple Ridge B.C.
here is a link to the information:
1966 Chevrolet El Camino article:
Detroit small cars from the 50’s article:
Slide show of small cars from the 50’s(Plymouth, Henry Kaiser, Nash, Olds,Willys):
SEMA 2008 slide show:
Blog entries from SEMA:
Vintage Pickups article:
Vintage Pickups slideshow:
Rod and Custom’s Road trip to Bonneville:
Heres a new website to check out “Street Muscle Action”:
Dirt-Cheap Paint and Body article:
Christmas gift ideas for the gearhead:
54 years of car dealership ownership in Regina,
“Family now runs an appliance chain in Alberta”:
Chrysler recall for 2006 – 2008 Dodge Charger and Magnum control cable (Other recent recalls from the industry also listed):
Cars we drove web site (Crank it up!):
Here’s an update on the Comox Spitfire:
More info about the Spitfire at:
Info on Vintage Wings of Canada:

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