Stuff from D. Nov. 20th, 2008

Hi, Heres this weeks entry:
Porches crunched in Europe train crash:
If your into Mercurys this sites for you:
Barn find Pontiac nets big money on eBay:
Flying car journey:
64 Pontiac GTO story:
Oldsmobile Rocket engine story:
1966 Porche converted to Electric power article:
1965 Cadillac convertible story:
1965 Cadillac covertible slide/audio show:
1952 Chevrolet Bel Air story:
1970 Dodge Challenger Garage find:
How to fix cracking paint story:
1967 Acadian Canso Targa car story:
Peterson Automobile Museum story:
2009 Shasta Trailer brochure link:
POWERBLOCKTV has lots of videos to check out. Including how to tips:
Chevy Comfort-Tilt steering wheel ad on You tube:
1965 Chevys arrive video on You Tube:
1965 Chevrolet Commercial on You Tube:
1959 Chevrolet Commercial on You Tube:
Ken Block WRX demo (Wow!):
GM Canada Intake Manifold Gasket class action settlement link:
Automotive artist Dave Snyder has a book out, heres the link:
The Stanley ratchet wrench I mentioned in a previous blog is on sale at Walmart for $29.95 CAD.

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