Stuff from D. June 2/2008

Hi, Here’s the latest web finds:

The First Alliance Church is putting on a Show and Shine Saturday July 19th, 2008
Here’s the flyer:show-n-shine-july-19th-08

The results from the May Car Crazy Auction are on the web at:
73 Vega article:
Ford Crown Victoria article:
Steve McQueen Bullitt article:
Pony Corral cruise night in Manitoba:
40 Mercury article:
Corvair Truck article:
Bathtub Nash article:
Cobra Father/Son project(Be sure to check out The Making of a Snake videos):
Stock Car racer story:
33 Ford Phaeton, 1964 Beaumont article:
Car Junkie TV has now has some videos on its site check them out at:
If your in the Bowness area in Calgary check out “Angle’s Drive In”:
Airstream Trailers growing wild:
Cheers, D.

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