Stuff from D. February 23/08

Here’s a link to my Lethbridge swap meet photos:
Lou from Muscle Car TV video interview:
49 Mercury article:
AMX article:
Indy’s Turbine era:
Are new oils killing your old engine? article:
Pop culture car article:
Flames and cars article:
Cruise winners dock at auto show article:
Cruise winners slide show:
74 Triumph TR6 article:
New Camaro arriving late in the race:
New Camaro photo gallery:
Camaro through the years gallery:
High tech muscle cars debut at Motor show:
Paul and Vern’s truck collection:
Graham Paige article:
How it works — Differential article:
Abbotsford World of Wheels article:
Family’s junkyard prospect turns heads article:
LA Ink’s Pixie favors Pacific Coast ride:
Choppers’ star revved up for World of Wheels:
Art Morrison moving shop to Tacoma, Washington article:
69 firebird build up article:
Ed Roth’s Long Lost Orbitron article:
Promo video for Car Junkie

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