Stuff from D. February 3/08

Here’s this weeks links etc.
Rust Never sleeps article:
Dave Lindsay photos from Grand National Roadster show:
Dave Lindsay photos from Larry Woods Garage tour:
Here’s a link to Dave’s photo section on his site:
1926 Hudson article:
Studebaker Hawk article:
HOT ROD TV is back and on SPEED TV article and schedule listing:
Gasoline Regulations – Competition Vehicle Exemption article in the Canada Gazette,
(Banning leaded racing fuels in Canada):
Petition against banning leaded racing fuel in Canada:
Speedorama the end of an era article:
Morgan plus 8 article:
Morgan slide show/audio:
58 Impala article (Cool trailer pic):
65 Belvedere article:
Found this stuff in the archives section:
Hardtop article:
Road Runner article:
Bubble car article:
Sunbeam Alpine article:
56 F-100 Article:
71 MGB article:
Strong Loonie good for Classic car hobbyists article:
Cheers, D.

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