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Stuff from D. June 8th.


Thanks to Pete for the Raduim Car Show flyer, I always enjoyed that show when I lived in Calgary.

Show and Shine Flyer

ShowShine14 map Resized

On with the cool stuff:

A few pics from the Portland Swap Meets:

A few pics from the Parksville Swap Meet:

A few pics from the Abbotsford, Coastal Swap Meet:

GT 40 story:

Camaro Z28 story:

Marti report creator:

Lost in the 50’s collector:

The General Lee new commercial for Auto Trader:

Electric Mustang:

Model T story:

All about anodizing:

Cool Man Cave:

Airplanes, Crank it!!!!!

Video of Ron Pratte’s collection”

Flood damaged calgary car for sale caught by off duty officer:

Car club plaques site now found here:

Some nasty crashes in Boston a long time ago:

Nice COE tanker:

Nice Buick:

A few pics and comments on the show this weekend:

A few pics from Rock and Roll for Little souls car show:

A few pics from the Abbotsford Swap Meet:

Classics rediscovered:

Bargain classics:

“It’s an acquired taste…” Cool video trailer:

Mario Andreti Hudson video:

Full video:

Electric Drivetrain from Errington now in New York car:

Electric truck from Steamwhistle Brewery(Thanks Michel):

check out all the other hot rods they have on their site:

A touring car for Miles:

Mopar treasure trove:

Some pricey cars at auction in Indy(Thanks Todd):

Quiet intersection(Thanks Todd):

Aluminum welding with Gas,:

Chevelle build up:

Another Elcamino(Interesting front end….):

End of the high end die casts:


Mustang article:—1966-mustang

Challenger article:

The Oldsmobile Hydromatic:

Falcon wagon article:

Cool video of a blacksmith making an axe,handle, and cover:

I’ve made some more updates to the Tool Rescue blog:

Bricklin story:

Corvette fix up:

Cool collection of videos:

Bolero Camaro hmmmm:

Rusty Lincoln’s:

Chevy jumping:

Bullit tribute:

Revision doing a burnout:

Interesting pics of people and their cars:

Shelby ouch…

Had a great day at the Comox Swap meet, here are a few pics:

Rotting classics:

Portland swap meet coverage in Hot Rod magazine:

Sick Pontiac Tempest 4 banger (Watch the video):

Steering wheel makeover:

Drag Racing story, Thanks Todd!:

Big Caddy garage, must of been a bummer to have to redo the concrete floor…..

His garage at the house:

My kind of garage:

My car on roids…

Paper models turn into job(Watch the video):

BC built kit cars:

Interesting that they are using the car to sell condo’s………

Rudy the Gull wing man has a new website:

This is a cool poster:

See where they rust:

Nice garage tour “Kelowna Kustoms tour”:

Cheers, Darryl.

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Stuff from D. March. 15th, 2014


That’s an interesting way to store your projects.


J.F. Launier wins the Ridler Award! Congrats to JF and his team!

RIP Tom Medley:

His 40 Ford had a fire a few years back. Here is a link to the rebuild. (Thanks Todd.)

And a link to the story about the fire.

I’ve started a vintage tool blog called “Tool Rescue”, check it out here:

Cool Lego display at the Sidney Museum, pics here:

The Northwest Cruise Calendar for 2014 is now online at (Thanks to all those involved for putting it together!):

Cool place to go shopping for vintage tools etc. in Calgary (Mantiques):

Now that’s my kind of Goat Farmer!:

Rods N’ Wheels, new show on Discovery:

Cool Garage:

Brake Line bending a flaring article:

I want to go to school here:

St. Albert car show gets new venue:

Garage scene Pennsylvania Gold Mine(Thanks Todd!):

Gas pump find:

Tim Allen’s Camaro COPO clone:

Van Isle Drags vintage footage:

Camaro Z28 Enduro:

1952 MG article:

1958 Ford Custom article:

Garage Stable:

Oakland Racer:

1964 Chevrolet Corvair Rampside Pickup:

The King on Leading:

1913 Chevrolet article:

1960 Lincoln Continental article:

Magnetic Monza:

1937 Ford article (Cool rescue of a owners old car):

Cheers, Darryl.

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Stuff from D. Jan. 12, 2014



Nice Pontiac more door.

Moisture is in the air on the Island but were still cruising:

Cars of the Big Screen at Heritage Park in Calgary:

Where Billy Joel hangs out to work on his bikes:

Blast it, Do it yourself sandblasting in Victoria, BC.:

Cool car museum “Pioneer Auto Show”:

Slinging mud song:

Lets go mudding:

Salt Flats video:

Buick Rebuild:

Carl’s Custom Cars:

Camaro Z28 back on:,0,6219793.story#axzz2pPDXsrxN

59 Impala find:

1965 Chevrolet Chevelle 300:

Automotive artist Wayne Stadler:

Cool online magazine “Hot Rodder Journal”:

Amx article:

Old License Plates article:

New Camaro with Vinyl top:

Mercury Montclair:

Hot Rod Hill Climb:

Hot Rod Hunt:

R and R Chevy Frames:

E-Type Jaguar gets restored:

Welding website:

Reality Rides show:

I finally checked out Road Kill on Youtube:
Mercury Road Trip:

Chevy gasser build with parts pit stop at cool place:

68 Charger rebuild with Motor Home parts:

Now that guy can Drum:

Looks it would be a good flick:
Some more cool stuff:

The “Globe Foundry” on the mainland is now closed. Apparently lower mainland car clubs were scrambling to get
their car club plaque masters before the doors closed…..

Car Club plaques maker in Victoria still in business:

Garage overhaul for Guy Part 1:

Garage overhaul for Guy Part 2:

Hagerty magazine available online at:

Thanks to Murray, for this link to Old Gas station pics:

Thanks to Todd, for this link(Cool drag pics, etc):

Seems like Courtney Force has come up with a new method for reloading the dragster parachute…
(Spotted on the newstand at Superstore):

1960 Chevy video song:

Video from Moon Eyes Party.

Old Drag racing footage:

Hot Rod Films:

Interesting Mercury:
Mercury Montclair:

This guy is nuts:

Drain your compressor:

Barn Fine Classics:

Ford ads:

What’s in the Barn(Motorbike show):

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Stuff from D. Oct. 14th


Looks like fall is arriving………… Cheers, Darryl.

Rocke's Car

My friend Rocke in Calgary has his car on the road. Congrats Rocke!

Monroe October Swap Meet pics:

A few pics from my trip to the Mainland:

Halloween Spirit Store pics:

Comox Air show pics:

Torque Masters Car show 2013 pics:

Langford Car Show 2013 pics:

Langley Car Show pics:

Langley Car Show article:
Thanks from organizers article:

1968 – 1972 Buick Gran Sport article:

1966 Acadian Canso:—1966-acadian-canso

Car of the week 1934 Ford Hot Rod:

Old Ford Video:

Slant six meet:

Lambrecht Auction summary:

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Stuff from D. Aug. 11th, 2013.


Hope your cruising everyday now, Al. RIP.

The Torque Masters car show is coming up soon,
August 25th in downtown Sidney. Details here:

Cool site “Tims Car Talk”, Local Vancouver Island stuff!:

Had a great time at Deuce Day’s in Victoria B.C. (Thanks to Al C. and all the volunteers for putting on a great show!!):

Duesenberg article:

Some cool pics here “STIFFSPEED”:

Looking for a book about Route 66 (Here you go):

1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda:

Porche article:

Blackie Green tribute:

Sunday drivers for Ryan Newman:

Driveshaft info:

Honda 600 article:

Car collection in Jeopardy:

Cool Motor bike shop:

Sox and Martin story:

Car of the week “1952 Chevrolet pickup”:

Car of the week “1929 Hudson Model R Roadster”:

Car of the week “1970 Bronco”:

Petersen Museum selling of part of the collection:

Cool Flathead drawings:

Cool Race shop:

Cool VW van surfer’s:

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Stuff from D. May 6th, 2013


Summer is now in full swing! Finally made it back to the Portland swap meet. My feet are still tired…….

Pics from my Portland Swap Meet trip:

Nice tow vehicle

Nice tow vehicle

Back to the Fifties video:

Fitting Fenders:

Bruce S car song:

1966 Dodge Charger article:

Brazil car culture:

Cool Motorhomes:

Strait Axle Willys movie:

Corvette Restoration:

Tucker collector passes on:

Central Texas Tools video (Old school):

Save those old Speedometer dashes:

Tricks to make your door assembly easier:

1966 Cadillac Fleetwood:

Tom Fritz art gets stamp of approval:

Restoration Organization:

Vintage Race Car magazine:

RPM magazine (Extreme Horsepower) online at:

Studebaker Avanti article

1971 AMC Javelin article:

1966 Dodge Charger article:

1976 Firebird Esprit article:

1941 Cadillac Convertible article:

Dodge Dart Pioneer Wagon:

Cord article:

Packard out of long term storage in old fuel tank:

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Stuff from D. March 22, 2013


Still miss seeing Bob drive this out of the parking lot at the DQ in Calgary.

Still miss seeing Bob drive this out of the parking lot at the DQ in Calgary. He was a great guy!

Spring is here. Time to get out and drive or get your project going forward.

I’ve added some links to the top section of the blog. Check them out……

I built up a web site for the BC Extrication Society,
Check it out here:

The Torquemasters Monday coffee night is picking up speed,
average attendance is now around 12!

The Torquemasters Car Club has a new website(Thanks Don!),
check it out here:

Went to Toy Traders the last time I was in Langley,
cool place!

Went to a neat hobby show in the West Shore:

Some new pics from the Island here:

Sue from Fast-n-loud gives a tour of her shop(She is cool!):

Ultimate Man cave:

I’d like to go shopping at this cave:

Cool Hangar Home:

Lethbridge Swap meet review: (Thanks Dave):

Swedish Rat Rods etc: (Turn the sound up!)

Yup, Wagons are cool:

Retired photographer still cruising:

1965 Pontiac:

Classic Car Adventures:

Rear Engined Corvette:

Belgian Car graveyard:

Bruce Meyer’s garage tour:

1963 Corvette article:

1937 Ford article:

Studebaker Lark Wagonaire:

California Sundays Lowrider pics:

Cool car stamps:

Cadillac restorer:

1973 Charger restoration:

Going tow to tow:

Aldergrove enthusiast reved up:

Rolls-Royce “Look like a high roller”:

1959 Edsel ragtop:

1965 Corvair:

Tool time in Willy’s garage:

Headlight upgrades for old cars:

The Hot Rod twins:

Cheers, Darryl.

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Stuff from D. Dec. 31st, 2012.

Hope you are ready for 2013!

Nice 56 spotted at Princess Auto.

Nice 56 spotted at Princess Auto.

Barrett Jackson not coming back to California in 2013:

Garage Shots Magazine:(Based in Edmonton)
Lots of great photography, you can read the issues online! or pick them up at your local magazine shelf:

Car of the week 1939 Lincoln Zephyr:

1962 AMC Rambler:

56 chevy article:

1955 “Fast and Furious” Movie:

Bad Day at the Car Show (Thanks Paul):

Hemming’s TV:

The Hog Ring (Auto Upholstery Blog):

VOYAGER The 1969 Alfa Romeo 1300 TI :

1956 Austin on Steroids:


Barn Fine Classics(Mt. Vernon Classic cars for sale):

Knot Rods(Wooden Hot Rods):

Citroen 2CV article:

Ralph Monhay gets his old racer back:

59 Sunliner:

1953 Packard Cavalier Parallel parker:

Stefans Sketch Blog:

Texas Car Wars:

Counting Cars:

Chasing Classic Cars(Check out the clips from the show):

Here is a link to the company profiled in Chasing Classic cars show:

Classic car rescue Jaguar build:

Chop Shop London:

Holiday Errands in a Gull Wing:

Camaro Car commercials:

Vehicle identity theft on the rise:

North Island Cruisers:

Red Green Toilet powered Camaro:

You see, Math can be fun:

Snow day in Boston 1940:

Primarily Petrolina (Gas station and Auto Service Collectibles):

The race that changed everything(Henry Ford):

Wilkinson’s Automobilia (I used to go there when I lived on the mainland):

Son restores Mustang as a gift for Father:

1961 to 1963 Lincoln Continental:

Car Art “David Snyder” How its made(Car Art is cool!):

1966 Buick Convertible quick fix:

Cheers, D.

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Stuff from D. Nov. 2nd, 2012.


My favorite Fury. I want a ride next time I’m in town, Larry…

Crack open your favorite beverage and enjoy.

Monroe Swap Meet pics link (A great day looking for rusty bits):

Pics of the Auto Extrication Course day in Metchosin:

Sad story about Glen Woodcock’s Manic:

Slick Fish Barracuda:

Details about the 2012 Corvette Motor:

Restoration shop “Panelcraft”:

Panel Craft:

Inside Chrysler “The 1960 cars”:

Chysler’s move to unibody:

Ford selling 1940 bodies:

1940 Ford bodies article:

The Street peep blog:

Bridgetown blog cars:

Old parked cars Newbraska:

Car spotters Santa Monica:

2012 Drag Week(Thanks Cam):

Craig Jackson’s Garage Tour(Thanks Pete):

Ramcharger article

1969 Camaro Z28 article:

Buick Riveria:

1937 Nash:

1965 Pontiac GTO:

1948 Chysler Town and Country:

Preserving Classics, Wrinkles and All:

Citroen 2CV restorations:–sold-France-nice-little-earner.html

Sectioning a Chevy:

Welding table article:

Five steps to protect your car:

Henderson KJ Motorbike:

1969 Blazer article:

An Artist’s Truck 1972 Dodge Pickup:

1957 GMC School Bus:

Cheers, D.

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Stuff from D. Sept. 21, 2012


Here you go. Enjoy.

Eye Catcher….

Torque Masters Auto Extravaganza show and shine pics link:

Thunder in the Valley pics (Man that was a fun day!):

Found some pics in the archives!

Rockin N Red Deer 2006:

Rockin N Red Deer 2009:

Trans Canada 10 week car run:

VI Performance (Vancouver Island’s Custom Culture Connection):

Wednesday car parts in the Man Cave (I like the idea!):

1959 Mopars:

200 Mph Daytona:

Two comets:

Hook your IPOD to an AM radio with this:

1953 Glasspar G2:

Dodge vans/trucks article:

Cool site for Hot Rod info:

Restoration tips from Old Cars Weekly:

Floor pan replacement article:

Sunbeam V8:

Cool Checker Aerobus:

1957 Mopars:

1963 Chevy II (I like it!):

Overhaulin is back:

Canadian only cars:

Built from Ebay builds(Thanks Michel!):

Mustang Road Trip blog:

Chevy Body tips and tricks:

Floor pan replacement article:

A woman’s love for cars:

Kaiser Darrin article:

Ride Tech 69 Camaro:

1966 GTO ragtop:

1956 Mercury Truck:

1968 Pontiac GTO article:

1964 Plymouth Fury ragtop:


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